Life is a gift…and an investment

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When you’re broke and struggling for every gasp of oxygen, you say to yourself: If only I could pay off these bills… if only I had a car that could drive across Iowa without dribbling transmission fluid down Interstate 80… if I could only take a freaking vacation with my wife and family, and have a little time without all … Read More

Why Most Marketers are Still Lost in 2022

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  Click here to register for Star Principle: Activate Most “gurus” are loath to tell you this. They want you to keep thinking it’s 2004 or 2010. It ain’t. If you’re still thinking like that (and most people are), you’re doomed. In the above video, I tell how you SHOULD be thinking. Seize the day, Perry

Two “Levers” I Want You to See EVERYWHERE

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Click here to register for Star Principle: Activate One of the things I love most about being the “80/20 Guy” is when people come up to me and say “I see 80/20 EVERYWHERE now!” It is everywhere and it can transform your business if you apply it. In fact, I was on a plane to Antarctica a couple of weeks … Read More

The Million-Dollar Lesson of Breathtaking Incompetence

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Click here to register for Star Principle: Activate My wife Laura went to the bank the other day to buy some Euros. The lady behind the counter told her, “Oh, I’m sorry, Carol’s not here. We can’t do that today.” The breathtaking incompetence, the utter disregard for anything even remotely resembling customer service… You want to scream, “You have ONE … Read More

The Real Anthony Fauci Book Review

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I sent some clients an email *cautiously* recommending they investigate the book The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., as it raises issues concerning the US government that need to be discussed. My copy arrived 2 days ago. I had a chance to look at it closely last night. Yes… is presents issues that need to be discussed … Read More

The 20th anniversary of leaving my j-o-b

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  Last week, I gave a presentation to my Roundtable Europe mastermind group. The talk marked the 20th anniversary (to the day) of leaving my last – and final – j-o-b, as the marketing manager at Synergetic Micro Systems, Inc. (I left Synergetic to hang up my shingle as a direct marketing consultant, laying the foundation of what would become … Read More