Life on Earth is *NOT* all Polarization & Strife

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Everybody is wound tight as a violin string right now.

One of the most vicious elections in history, rather than being behind us, appears destined for weeks of court battles.

Yesterday my son had an hours-long conversation with his buddy about why we should not unfriend and unfollow everyone who voted for the “other” guy.

8 months into COVID, numbers are spiking again. Travel restrictions, restaurants and shops closing, diminishing options for outdoor recreation. Debates rage about how to deal.

My wife was in charge of costumes at the local student theater. She had devoted the last 12+ years of her life to making it special. She is in lament because they have shut their doors with no re-open in sight. She’s been bored for most of the year.

My acupuncture lady told me: everybody has been stressed out this week. On Saturday an Uber driver got mad at me for…

…rolling down my window. “Dude, I had the air on,” he snapped.

I argued back… the incident got under my skin, and later I realized he was probably on pins and needles. Just like everyone else.

Yeah, I know, sometimes it feels like civilization is falling apart at the seams.

And that is why I’d like you to take a peek at this video.

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It’s not a sales pitch of any sort. It’s NOT me pontificating. It’s not a motivational speech or a moral grandstand… it’s not even the tiniest bit political.

You know what it is?

It’s 10,000 (!!!) Japanese and German musicians and choir members performing the finale of Beethoven’s triumphant 9th symphony.

If you’ve been wondering if us flawed human beings can ever manage to get along and make something great together….

…this performance might restore your faith in humanity:

Do take time to listen (even if you’re multitasking) cuz by the time they get to the end you’ll be transfixed.

And…. moved.

Joy, daughter of Elysium!
Your magic once again unites
all that Fashion had sternly divided.
All men become brothers
where your gentle wings abide.

Be embraced, ye millions!
This kiss to the whole world!
Brothers–above the canopy of the stars
surely a loving father dwells.

Joy, fair divine spark,
daughter of Elysium,
Joy, fair divine spark!

Blessings to you today.

Perry Marshall


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10 Comments on “Life on Earth is *NOT* all Polarization & Strife”

  1. Personally, I feel super refreshed. I listened eyes closed more than watched; maybe classical is my thing and I never knew it.

    I’d like to have seen the conductor clapping, too. Frankly, I know nothing about the group dynamics of a choral group. I’m sure it’s not the norm but it’s also probably not the norm for the whole audience to be part of the show. What I feel like I saw saw was a group effort at harmony followed by group applause for one man that left me strangely unsatisfied.

  2. Your email came on Remembrance Day here in Canada. Made me think of a couple of stanzas from the poem, “The Brewing of Soma”

    Dear Lord and Father of mankind,
    Forgive our foolish ways.
    Re-cloth us in our rightful minds,
    In purer lives Thy service find,
    In deeper reverence, praise.

    Breathe through the heats of our desire
    Thy coolness and Thy balm;
    Let sense be dumb, let flesh retire;
    Speak through the earthquake, wind, and fire,
    O still, small voice of calm!

    Praying for calm and common sense to prevail for my neighbours to the south during these next few months of transition.

  3. I dunno, Perry. The women’s voices shrieked, No modulation of volume, a whole lotta too much goin’ on. But definitely a Beethoven masterpiece. And sorry, but bringing together two forces from Axis nations does not harmony make except among their own shared fascism. So I’m still Debbie Downer on this election and miserable. My business will be deeply, negatively impacted by this new Socialist regime. Nice try to cheer me up, though.

  4. So beautiful. Even the German is a bit recognisable.

    How do you get 71 millions of American to drink the pink coolaid? Still hoping for a peaceful and successful transition in January.

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