How to Plan for the Future when the Future is Uncertain

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In chaotic economic times, entrepreneurs like us usually make the wrong moves. We do the opposite of what we should do. And the consequences are often catastrophic.


Because most entrepreneurs don’t really get how economic cycles WORK and how to take advantage of them…and avoid making foolish decisions that can tank our business.

You are the mercy of the boom bust cycle. Typically most business owners make big decisions close to market peaks when optimism is high and funding is easily available.

But the typical fall in the US stock market at the end of the cycle is 50%; these are major periods of recession/depression. If business owners do not understand these cycles, they cannot possibly make the best strategic decisions about how and when to grow their business.

That’s why I did a webinar with a world-class economics expert to talk about how Planet Perry entrepreneurs like you can “read” these cycles and make better decisions.

Advanced Mastery Network member, Damien Deighan introduced me to Akhil Patel.

Akhil has been researching and writing about economic cycles for a decade and has tracked the present one since 2012, making a number of prescient calls for readers of his newsletter.

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Akhil is Director of Property for Sharemarket Economics and Editor of Cycles, Trends and Forecasts, a financial newsletter published in London. His work has been featured in MoneyWeek (the UK’s largest financial publication), and he is a regular commentator on business news on BBC Radio and investor channels such as IGTV.

On this session, Akhil showed us…

  • where we are in the current cycle
  • how it has been affected by the COVID crisis
  • the impact of the US election on the cycle
  • what’s coming next in this decade

Don’t let your business sway in the turbulent winds of economic whim.

Watch this video and get the knowledge you need to make the wisest decisions you can in this time of chaos.



Seize the day,


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