The Biggest “Axis Shift” in *all* of Business

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Axis shift pulls the rug out from under your rivals – by changing the rules.

You’re in a televised debate. Hot lights. Sweat. Pressure. You hope you eviscerate him before he feeds your flesh to the birds.

Moderator throws out a question. Your opponent replies. His answer is predictable; you’ve heard it all before.

So then you say, “Moderator, that’s completely the wrong question. The RIGHT question is…” and you turn the tables on everyone.

When you do this in the marketplace, you create a new market that did not exist before. I did this with 80/20.

Before I popularized “Fractal 80/20”, 80/20 wasn’t even a “niche.” It was just an idea floating around somewhere. Today it’s a micro industry – and now tens of thousands of people talk about 80/20 in NEW language.

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You can do this too. When you do this in your own corner of the world, YOU set the standards. Presto, you’re the leader by default.

There are two parts to pulling this off:

  1. The technical part, which I explain in the 2nd half of the video
  2. The strategic part, which I point out in the 1st half

Watch it now:

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