The levers were NOT where you thought

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I can’t count how many Private Client consults and Intensives where people thought they were coming to get their Google campaigns fixed up… and they went home in a different business than the one they came in.

17 years ago, a struggling software developer Clate Mask was hustling for clients. He came to me for help.

I told him what he was really selling is “money at a discount” – “I’ll solve your $50,000 problem and it will only cost you ten grand.”

I said, “When one company has a problem, there’s usually a thousand more firms with the exact same problem. We can find a way for you to create one solution that has been funded by your initial client, then scale it into a profitable product.”

I’d just come from a tech company that had done exactly that, parlaying custom development into a product line and then to a chip. We sold that company for $18 million. It was only natural to steer him down the exact same path.

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A few months later, a mortgage guy named Reed Hoisington needed a custom CRM system. He hired Clate to build it. It became InfusionSoft.

Clate’s company was recently valued at $967 million. Why? Because he switched from selling software to selling money.

The problem everybody thinks they have isn’t the problem.

If everybody’s asking a question… it’s never the real question.

In this video I show you an elegant way of visualizing marketing problems, and switching to the superior question. Axis shift:

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