Best way to stop stupidity spasms?

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Being in a high-level mastermind group where you are NOT the smartest person in the room, is the best way to avoid stupidity spasms.

We all have stupidity spasms. I have them too.

That’s why I wouldn’t be caught dead NOT in a high-level mastermind group. They call you on your spasms and hold you accountable.

Not only am I in a mastermind group where I’m NOT the leader…and the guys kick my butt every meeting…I also RUN four very high-level mastermind groups…

  1. Roundtable Europe
  2. Roundtable USA
  3. Advanced Mastery Network
  4. Evolution 2.0 (where the net worth in the room exceeds a billion dollars)

If you want to go deep with me…if you want to get the most out of Planet Perry, you need to be in Roundtable.

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I shot a short video recently to tell you all about how Roundtable is different from any mastermind group you’ve ever experienced:


Yes! I want to apply to join Roundtable!

Perry Marshall

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