Get Equity in your Clients’ Business

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When I escaped the Dilbert cube a month and a day after September 11, 2001, everything in the world hand ground to a HALT. Nothin’ was going on. Everyone was in a state of suspended animation. I remember going to a trade show a few days after the towers went down and all the attendees were milling around in a daze.

But there’s always a few people who aren’t sleepwalking, and they have to keep the trains running on time. So I got a consulting gig and soon after landed a couple more.

Consulting Client #5 was a catalog company…

Thursday: Euro Economic Turnaround Teleseminar

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A lot of folks are struggling to orient themselves. Clarity, focus and courage have never been more prized than they are at this moment.

Welcome to the tunnel of chaos.

For this reason I’ve arranged to have corporate turnaround expert John Paul Mendocha join me on a teleseminar Thursday July 29 at 3:00pm London UK Time.

The most precious commodity is ATTENTION. How to get it:

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There’s nothing harder to obtain – or more valuable to possess – than a few minutes of your prospect’s exclusive focus.

To get it, you don’t have to shout or be annoying or obnoxious. All you need is ONE clever idea, one arresting hook. Then suddenly she is listening to you intently.

On Thursday July 22 I’m doing a teleseminar on how to make that happen.