Charles Tillman + Forcing Fumbles + Uncertain 2013

Charles Tillman is a cornerback for the Chicago Bears. My colleague Pat Donohue pointed out that Tillman has a very interesting claim to fame:

**He’s forced more of his opponents to fumble the football than almost anyone. 36 in his career and as many as FOUR in a single game.**

Every football fan knows, one fumble can shift the momentum of the entire game. 36 is off the charts.

What’s his secret? He gave it away just the other day on TV:

“It’s always on my mind. I am very conscious of it. I speak it. I believe it. I practice it. It happens.”

But there’s another secret behind the secret:

The REAL secret is what “IT” is.

For most players, “IT” is simply winning the game. Yes, it’s always on their mind, they’re conscious of it, they believe it, they practice it. And sometimes it happens.

But forcing fumbles is 100X more effective than just trying to win games.

Yeah, you wanna sell more this year.

Yeah, you wanna expand your market share.

Yeah, you wanna make a bigger profit.

So what. Everybody does. There is NOTHING easier to do than dissipate your precious energy on well-intended goals that are too broad. Especially when the entire planet is churning with uncertainty.

The question is, what kind of fumbles are you going to force?

What N-A-R-R-O-W, laser focused strategy are you going to perfect in 2013?

Last year, 80/20 Productivity Express was a smash and it was all about focus.

This year we’re doing 80/20 Force Multiplier. It’s 30% the same as last year and 70% different. It’s about focusing multiple resources and team members on a very tiny number of blazingly important leverage points – and finally busting through.

It’s the business equivalent of forcing four fumbles against Tennessee in one game.

It starts Tuesday January 15. Are you in?

Perry Marshall


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