Bitcoin Bubble & The Dot Com Crash

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12 Comments on “Bitcoin Bubble & The Dot Com Crash”

  1. What’s amazing is that you shot this video 2 days before the BTC all-time high. (As of Jan 11, 2020)

    The price chart of BTC looks maybe/sorta/kinda like your drawing of the tech boom & Structure of an Epic Story.

    Here’s my question for you Perry – A year ago, in the 1st quarter 2019, BTC was down from nearly 20,000 to around 3,000 – 4,000…

    but is that really a disaster, and is it time to start dollar cost averaging back in?
    (It certainly was a disaster for myself… I played the role of “the hog”, and even worse, fell into one of the scams right in the peak of the early victory.)

    I realize the best time may have been a year ago… I was still trying to recover and wasn’t even watching crypto for most of 2018 as I had to hyper focus on my bread & butter – marketing & creating money.

    The 2nd best time could be today… IF that was truly the step 5 / Disaster part of this story called bitcoin/crypto.

    I’m not asking you for financial advice or looking to hold you accountable. Your advice has guided me so well since 2006…
    and I further realize you don’t have a crystal ball:

    HA! You’ll love this… as I’ve been thinking about this very deeply the past few days… and while writing this reply to you…

    I’ve decided that I’m just going to take a percentage of income and dollar cost average it back into BTC.

    If we truly haven’t hit the disaster yet… it’s all good and won’t wipe me out.

    If we have… it’s also all good and will just amplify it over the coming years.

    and if somehow BTC loses it’s network effect to something else… well… maybe I’ll have a few of those ones too… but ever since you introduced network effect to me…

    I’ve been a firm believer and see it everywhere.

    Here’s to the journey & the game!

    — Jason

    1. Jason,

      For what it’s worth, I sold a pretty decent fraction of my BTC before the crash and started buying back in during 2019.

  2. Using your historical analogy, I think cryptocurrency in general, not bitcoin, is like the internet of the 90’s.
    Bitcoin is the
    We are in or entering a crypto not just bitcoin bubble.
    After the crash, crypto will rise up, but it might not be bitcoin- too many technical issues right now.
    It could be one of the others already present, but it might be a brand new crypto.
    Whichever one Zambia and the first few countries grab onto will have true first mover advantage.
    That’s my two-bits, in Canadian Dollars.

  3. Thanks for this enlightening video Mr Marshall – love Pareto’s Priciple and own your 80/20 book. Are you putting together some type of Cryptocoin program? Trading? Investing? I feel every ounce of what you’re saying and want to focus on serving the community somehow #1 to make money and #2 to hedge any investing I may do in the cryptocoins. No doubt most of the early money in this market will be made by the very few at the top for awhile, but what do you suggest for us small-timers? Start accumulating and holding? Wait and watch? Thanks!

  4. There are more dead pigs than fat hogs. A new tech crypto will replace BTC eventually so you are half right. Thanks for your insight & I share your visionary.

    1. Bitcoin has first mover advantage and it is here to stay. Star Principle. Other cryptos will not replace Bitcoin any more than .net, .cc, .us, .name are going to replace .com for domain names.

      1. That’s just because .net .cc and .us are actually the same as .com.

        It’s a whole different ballgame in crypto. There are a handfull of crypto’s which have a technology that is far more superior than Bitcoin.

        1. Part of what makes Bitcoin so strong compared to the other cryptos is the positive media coverage from the first mover advantage. Even if other cryptos create better technologies, they are ultimately fighting against Bitcoin being very well known and recognized with positive benefits, which creates the emotional attachment that generates feelings of security and confidence.

          I imagine there could easily come a time where another crypto currency tries to take on Bitcoin like another car manufacturer (I believe it was GM or Chrysler) tried to take on Mercedes. They showed with years of statistical evidence that their cars kept their value better than Mercedes did. The general public just didn’t believe it was true and it actually hurt the other car manufacturer and helped Mercedes.

          Currently, the vast majority of humanity makes decisions solely based on their feelings, especially their initial feelings, and anything that feels safe and secure rushes to the top of the pile. This is what makes network effect the fusion reactor for businesses at this time. Bitcoin currently possesses the majority of the positive emotional capital towards crypto currencies, and that is what fuels its current market dominance and will likely keep it ahead of its competitors.

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