Dave Frees: Selling to the Reptilian Brain

LAW david frees Dave Frees: Selling to the Reptilian BrainMost people drastically underestimate what it takes to calm their prospects’ fear — especially when it’s something they REALLY WANT. If you’re wondering why your customers don’t buy when your offer is so delicious, this audio will give you a big clue.

I held a 4-Man Intensive last week. In attendance was a certain Dave Frees, a Pennsylvania attorney who’s also expert in communication and persuasion. A marketing ninja in his own right.

Dave was talking to another member of the 4-man about selling and he went into this awesome rip about “selling to the reptilian brain.”

Enjoy this! 4 minutes long:

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Note: After the next 4-Man Intensive, which is being held August 1-2, 4-Man is being pulled off the market and will be revamped, upgraded and re-introduced later at a higher price. If you’d like 4-Man at the current price of $7500, grab your seat now.



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