The 2 Year Business Startup Shortcut: LIVE Chicago Saturday August 4

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On Saturday August 4 at Dream Chicago I’m giving a 3 hour mini-seminar. It’s a talk I’ve never had a chance to give before: “What I really want say to my artist and technician friends who dream of starting a business.”

It’s an advanced seminar for beginners. AKA “How to bypass your first 2 years of pain, suffering and misery in a startup.”

It is going to be extra unusual because….

Tribute to MamaLaura

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A few months ago I sent a CD to Renaissance Club members, where Jack and Matt interviewed my wife Laura. Got more feedback from that than any other interview I’ve put out in years. Peoples’ favorite part was when she said,

What to do when your entire industry suddenly crumbles

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Imagine this: You’ve dominated the world market for centuries. Leaders in your business enjoy secure incomes and workers earn admirable wages. You’ve created a tradition of dignity, respect and superiority.

Then, unexpected foreign competition swarms in like carrion fowl. Within 24 months they crater your market share, destroy your margins and drive the major players into bankruptcy. Morale plummets, panic ensues. Wholesale economic destruction is imminent.

What will you do now? The future dangles delicately in the balance.

Google Adwords Videos

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Win Of The Week Some friends of ours put together a really clever site called It’s a crowdsourcing site for improving your Google ads. Ad writers compete with each other to increase your Click Thru Rate. You only pay when there’s a winner. Or if you love the art of micro-copywriting you can cash in on that, by improving … Read More