The man who 4X'd his business since 2011

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One of my Roundtable members is a fine gentleman named Ben. He came to a 4-Man Intensive last spring.

Ben is a typical Planet Perry guy: *Extremely* competent at what he does, and on top of that bends over backwards to help a customer. He’s very empathetic, so he’s eternally susceptible to “Well, I can’t really engage with you as a full client but if you could just help me with this little problem here…”

And he gets on a $0 or $2,000 distraction that…

Letter of Desperation

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This week I received a desperate letter from a 27 year old guy, a long-time customer who’s “circling the drain,” pleading for help.

I took it to my Roundtable meeting yesterday and read everyone the letter, omitting his personal details.

This triggered a wide-ranging 25 minute conversation among my Roundtable members, spanning…

Thursday: Euro Economic Turnaround Teleseminar

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A lot of folks are struggling to orient themselves. Clarity, focus and courage have never been more prized than they are at this moment.

Welcome to the tunnel of chaos.

For this reason I’ve arranged to have corporate turnaround expert John Paul Mendocha join me on a teleseminar Thursday July 29 at 3:00pm London UK Time.