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This week I received a desperate letter from a 27 year old guy, a long-time customer who’s “circling the drain,” pleading for help.

I took it to my Roundtable meeting yesterday and read everyone the letter, omitting his personal details.

This triggered a wide-ranging 25 minute conversation among my Roundtable members, spanning tactical moves he should make to all kinds of “inner head trash” stuff. Pure gold.

This is well worth a listen:

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Also: Susan Kruger, who teaches Study Skills and specializes in ADHD, picked up on a couple of specific issues he mentioned that are ADHD-like. Later that day she handed me a piece of paper with a page of tips for building confidence and climbing out when the the deep dark pit seems endless.

"So many options for growing my business, but what should I do NOW?" Tell me your most pressing business problems and I'll show you your BEST next step.

My assistant typed it up – great stuff. Here’s Susan’s Building Confidence document in PDF.

By the way, feel free to post your own advice to this young man in the comments below.

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Perry Marshall has launched two revolutions in sales and marketing. In Pay-Per-Click advertising, he pioneered best practices and wrote the world's best selling book on Google advertising. And he's driven the 80/20 Principle deeper than any other author, creating a new movement in business.

He is referenced across the Internet and by Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, INC and Forbes Magazine.

42 Comments on “Letter of Desperation”

  1. To quote one of my favorite movies:

    “There is no Good Life Wyatt, there is only Life.”

    It has taken me years to fully understand the full power of that statement. And now that I have, my entire life is different.

    I no longer see situations as “good” or “bad,” I simply see them as results.

    My life is turning out EXACTLY as it’s suppose to based on the “input” I have provided it with. The results I have gotten (though not what I desired) are mine. I own them. There are exactly the results that I should be getting.

    Your life is only influenced in the present time.

    If the results are not what you desire, change a behavior. It really is that simple.

    Is it easy? No. But it is simple.

    I constantly remind my son that the “hardest” thing he will ever do…

    is be disciplined.

    Habits are a replacement for discipline.

    To change your life, change your habits.

    It has worked for me, and as I’ve really allowed this fact to become part of my DNA, it’s becoming more effective!

    Sending Encouragement to those who need it!



  2. Mr. V’s position is both very tough and good at the same time. He’s only 27. So his slate is somewhat still clean.
    I listened to the podcast, thanks for this valuable nugget Perry from your expensive Round Table. it is a great gift to Planet Perry. Abraham Lincoln quoted once:
    “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” Will this resonate with Mr. V.? Yes, but easier said than done, but doing something about it now, or not doing anything, still determines one’s future. Right now, Mr. V. Should think that his only direction is is Up!
    Not down. I’m an architect. To fix some buildings, one must demolish them first before building anew. Mr. V. must salvage his business right now, cut losses, and rebuild.
    I know, easier said than done……..but Prayer is of the essence first. I’m sure he has reached out to other folks, including his parents, if they have a good relationship. A mentor, a Mastermind. As I write, I’m thinking. I have been in such a situation as Mr. V. before. I’m past my 50s now, and still figuring stuff out. I’m trying to continue an architectural business, in addition to starting other businesses, like real estate, joint venture with construction companies and developers, still fiddling around. But I have some direction. Hope I’m not kidding myself. We all must stay focused on a daily basis, whether in dire straights or not.

    But Mr. V. should begin with prayer, being in dire straights has a way with us humans, atheist or theist, resorting to prayer. Prayer grants courage, strength, thought and comfort in the midst of fear and weakness. Mr. V. has reached out to you Perry, because he is in a desperate situation, where his adrenaline is pushing him to reach out for help, everywhere, and some of the suggestions here I find are very practical.

    He has the advantage of age on his side, and I hope health. I just told a business friend of mine last night, who was in a car accident, but thank God, recovering and can walk, that health is wealth.

    Mr. V. has all the tools required to do well. Back to me. I live in 2 US States right now, and have made a decision, to cut the rental loose, because finances are stretching between a rental and a mortgage. Double payments. For Mr. V. my situation is a cakewalk. Hopefully, when he is successful, he can use this pivot of dire straights in his life story to motivate others. He might become a consultant in a unique niche. Don’t know. Back to me – The rental. Instant savings of almost 2k. per month and part savings to invest further to propel my business. I tend to be creative, but I must convince my wife of my creative choices sometimes. Or most of the time. Deep debt has also accumulated, trying to get out now. So I have a fixed income coming in. Not enough, so I must cut some losses and invest in selecting the right niche.
    Mr. V. has to bite the bullet now at 27, with that young age and that wisdom, yes, he probably thinks he is already old. At that age, I thought I was old. Everyone here I’m sure thought so. There are many people his age, without that maturity and and wisdom he has, I’m sure through some experience. He has a powerful tool. There might not be any money right now, and allot of debt. But he has to face it, take stock of all he has. The food, the clothing, the shelter. and be spartan for 6 months. Even one year. Have a 2 year plan, broken up in 3 month and 1 month snippets. Hunker down and focus on his goals, with Planet Perry help in his back office. Hey. Even the emails received from Perry when not in any program, one could capture many golden nuggets.
    I want to know that he will succeed.
    God bless the Round Table and Planet Perry.


  3. Well, this came through just in time! I am now going through a process of seeing my small retirement funds dissipate as I fight yet another post-divorce case in the busiest family court in the U.S. . Through this and other Planet Perry advice via New Renaissance, the paradigm shift has defineity come through reframing my life journey in similar ways to the advice in this podcast. In the past i would have been frantic trying to do whatever I needed to do and locate all documents, and figure out a strategy and wonder what might happen. Today I have a process in place to work on my business daily, via Productivity Express, Rosetta Stone and other input from really smart and successful businesses via the forums. And most of all I have so many people on Planet Perry who have failed epically before succeeding. I am working around the abuse coming back at me and defying it by saying “I will choose how to live my life” I am celebrating the Christmas season with traditions and continuing to create my business. I refuse to be a willing participant in the destruction of my understanding of life, of success, of my own capacity and worth. Thanks Perry et al.

  4. I agree 100% to what Perry said:

    “That said, I completely, wholeheartedly disagree that nobody will give away a truly good idea for 50 bucks. My books are full of great ideas and so is my website. I’ve got million dollar ideas floating around all over the place. If you dig really hard you can get a bunch of them for FREE.”

    Early 2016 I was broke. I did not know what to do. But with God’s power, using Perry as an instrument, I found myself travelling to Viet Nam, Thailand and Italy as as an international consultant of the United Nations later that year.

    Thanks so much Perry. God bless you always.


      1. Thanks Perry.

        I am happy to supply more details.

        From 2006 to 2016 I was floundering in network marketing and internet marketing. I experienced being broke thrice. Early 2016 was my third time to be broke. I did not know what to do.

        I prayed and scoured the internet for an answer. And this one post from you forced me to throw the towel on unproductive activities:


        Later that year, my friend in United Nations suggested that I send my CV. I was reluctant because I never dreamed of becoming an international development consultant. I was simply scared. But I did send my CV. To make the long story short I landed a job as an international development consultant of UN.

        I am now sharing this simple breakthrough formula to struggling Christian entrepreneurs who care to listen:

        Step 1: Trust God alone.
        Step 2: Stop competing in red ocean.
        Step 3. Start creating in blue ocean.

        During the time I was waiting for God’s miracle, I was always reminding myself of your advice in your book 80/20 Sales and Marketing: care for the poorest of the poor and ask God’s wisdom.

        God bless you always Perry.


          1. Thanks Perry.

            Right now I am doing an audit on what 10 governments are doing in a particular industry. I observe that they are doing so many things…and that is the problem :) not 80/20…I intend to introduce to them 80/20. Again I learned it from you Perry.

          2. Hi Perry, what I am learning from you lately is not just how to create a new business but a new industry. I talked earlier today with my friends who are more experienced than myself. I asked them to tell me if my ideas are right since they have more experience in business. They said my ideas are sound. Our mission is to help eradicate poverty in our home province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines by creating a new rice industry. We’ll keep you posted. God bless.


          3. Hi Perry,

            I wonder if this is helpful to some of your readers.

            In early 2016 I was broke and did not know what to do.

            But later that year I found myself travelling to Vietnam, Thailand and Italy as an international consultant of the United Nations.

            I thank you for that breakthrough.

            Since Janury 2020, I have been trying to transition to a new field. But it took me one year to figure out how to do it. My progress was slow because of overthinking.

            I’m planning to share what I have learned in a free 5 day “Overcoming Overthinking Challenge”.


  5. Dear Depressed,

    1). Understand that Perry is very bright, very persistent and has participated in a wide variety of engagements that have brought him to this point. He is an expert with capital e on IT. He is also quite formally and self educated in many venues including advanced math, science, philosophy and more!

    2) He understands business and human nature and how to develop community. This came through a variety of formative experiences that gave confidence and know how.

    3). Perry focuses on facilitating action based on a paradigm that has much value but may also not be the optimal primary reference for everyone at any given interval in their lives. It may be essential and life changing for some in critical periods where they are ripe for transition and transformation.

    4). There is not a lot of information about yourself in terms of basis of internal drive, motivation, etc. You are confined to a given context a given set of references – many external. I believe you need more authentic self knowledge and purposeful means such as effective journaling to get there. A method that also includes the potential to hear what God is saying to you also essential in my view. Be focused on internal development and self knowledge as well as compassion for yourself which you showed in writing to Perry.

    5). AD words is just one of many marketing tools in a world that is constantly changing, I sense your frame of reference to be narrow. I suggest listening to podcasts to enrich yourself while exercising and also a music service to help overcome ADD while you work – I.E. Focus at Will. Also meet people in your area – and make sure you can be found online in sources like LinkedIn. Update your profile often and write down who you think you are becoming and who you would like to become and the kinds of projects you would like to be involved in. When you review, improve and update. Try to know your strengths and let others see them.

    6). My hunch is you should attempt to get full time employment in some juncture that interfaces IT and marketing – your self knowledge and available opportunities will determine the direction. You can be self employed later with more foundation –

    7). Have conversations with your spouse and ask God to bless your relationship. Spend time with your kids. Avoid evil influences of any kind from the internet!!!! Pray a lot and stay focused. Read up a little on ADD and listen to top podcasts on it but not to excess for it can also be an excuse..

    I wish you the best!

  6. Megan Macedo in a recent blog cited Erik Erikson’s version of tragedy that says it is to live a life wherein others see us differently than we see ourselves. I wrote her a note divulging that only in more recent years did I become aware of the profound truth therein. For the remainder of my stay on this rock I will work on fulfilling that all important missing component in my life. That’s my “spiritual” side to the question what shall I do. How can I remain true to myself while being in service to others?

    Those who earn a living doing something they disdain often have personal beat down speech in their heads. Realize this especially when you’re away from the work place and try to distance yourself from the negative talk that can dominate your life . Otherwise it will preempt that thing you’re trying to cultivate.

    Perry’s DNA marketing test might indeed be a good way for anyone searching for what will fulfill them/make them joyful.

    Now to the “practical” side of things. He’s got a family and he’s struggling to pay the rent. “Don’t be afraid to fail” sounds like happy talk, even utter B.S. For him the consequences of failure will not be pretty. That’s why he’s in fears grip and why failure is not an option. Failing is entirely different for someone who doesn’t have a safety net.

    Clarity and perseverance are what I lacked in my life and naturally one stems from the other. Clarity of purpose/goals both short and long term are crucial and what was lacking in my life. With perseverance learning Talor Zamir’s Adwords conversion specialist method is, I believe, a good way to get back on one’s financial feet. With reduced financial pressure they can decide whether to stay with Adwords or move on. Meanwhile it will give him time and the income boost to decide whether he wants to continue or move on to the things that most suits his true-to-himself long term objective.

  7. Great show Perry, I had to listen twice in a row.

    First of all, these kind of “crawling on my knees”, begging you to fix my problems, “I know you can help” approaches violate the first rule of good advertising: focusing on your customer’s needs.

    Here’s why: Everyone’s selfish. In advertising that’s a good thing because it makes reactions predictable. If you offer someone something they want for less than they are willing to pay for it… then they might take your offer.

    A desperate plea for help is wrongly focused on the seller… not the customer.

    Instead, why not offer Perry something he might want?

    Think about it: If you’re not willing to get yourself over the first big hurdles only you can master… then having lunch with Perry, however enjoyable, won’t solve your problems.

    It’s true… Before you can expect to get things, first, you have to give them. Create value for the other person… How about offer to write Perry a report he can sell to his list… How about write him some bonus material he can use for his next launch… Or how about offer to pay him for his expertise. Free advice is almost always useless.

    But, being the savvy marketers they are, Perry and his round table were nice enough to give their combined focus, time and wisdom to this guy for free… knowing the natural law of reciprocity will repay them ten fold.

    And hopefully he takes your all’s good advice it to heart.

    To me, this approach is pathetic. Are you the master of your own destiny? Are you the captain of your own soul?

    Well then… start acting like it, don’t sell yourself short and create some value for other people. Think about solving other people’s problems for a change.

    Like the master salesmen Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything you want in this world if you simply help others get what they want.”

    Am I being too harsh?

  8. Thanks for sharing that session. I think too many times I get caught up in the end result and try to fast forward and forget to enjoy the process. Many thanks for sharing and I look forward to receiving your next email.

  9. I wanted to jump in here with a quick response. I am in the hardest point in my life, ever, as I work daily hours and hours to ramp up my business. I won’t go into detail; all of you know what I am talking about.

    But I sure as hell understand the pain part. The deserts. The lonliness. As I have two ivy-league degrees, many question why the hell I’m not full-time faculty member somewhere. They are mystified and sometimes frustrated with the path that I’ve chosen. Expectations are sky high, and I get really tired of trying to explain to people where I’m headed…it’s painful feeling that people do not understand you.

    But for me, the pain of entrepreneurship (and I think some alluded to this in the recording)is like climbing mount everest.

    It’s desperately difficult on myriad levels. preparation is costly and takes years. Once you get there you must have lots of time (decompression, etc). Before you start climbing you have to wait for the right weather. Once you’re on the mountain, you are in danger of frostbite, unexpected weather, slipping off of a precipice into a 300 ft crevice–and DYING — and any number of other problems. In other words, it’s ALL ON THE LINE.We all know some of the most famous mountain climbers and we know of their passion, they’re determination. ..

    But here’s the thing: Those guys have this euphoric determination and ferocity in the midst of all that shit they deal with. And it’s not just “inspiring” to me. It ..IS ME. Why? Because I get the idea of the euphoric moment when you reach summit. Byt I ALSO get the euphoric feeling in the midst of the torturous prepapration, the long waits, and the dangerous climb.

    I wake up in the morning every day and when I look in the mirror, I see a guy who is one day going to make a shit-ton of money. But really, and all of you know this, it is NOT about the money.

    It’s about when I wake up, and I look at the whiteboard I nailed to my wall from Home depot for $13 that has the gameplan partially mapped out. I think– IT’s GAME TIME!!! I jump out of bed –or I should say in the interest of honesty, off of my mat on the floor!– and I freshen up a bit, and I’m instantly at continuing to strategize, tweak my valued 80/20 offering, make it even more focused, useful, and something that my target market CANNOT IGNORE.

    This is my euphoric moment of preparation and scaling a mountain, folks. This is my basecamp perched on on a little cropping of rock, high up the north face of K2, the wind is snarling outside my precarious little tent, I”m all alone. I don’t know if I’ll live to make it to the top. Unexpected storms brew all around.

    But it’s euphoric sometimes. I love the adventure of starting something from nothing. It’s what I was made for. I feel it inside. And even if I never reach the summit, I would have died inside many times over a long time ago had I not TRIED.

    As it stands, I”M ALIVE. I’m excited. I can’t wait to get started every day. Is it painful? HELL YES. There are times when I just break down momentarily and have a good cry. It’s that bad sometimes.

    Will I make the 50K/month that I’m planning at some point? I really believe so. But in the end, it doesn’t really matter. The most important thing is that I’m ALIVE. I’m excited, and I LOVE the challenge of doing this thing we call “entrepreneurship.”

    Anyway, sorry to ramble. Hope that might help someone who is still very much still perched precariously on the side of a mountain somewhere, waiting, and preparing,,, and sometimes scard as shit.

  10. Perry,
    You are a lot more successful than the media says …. This group you call your Roundtable members are the ultimate measure of your accomplishments – truly outstanding.
    The wisdom has repeated itself on many comments to this desperation letter: wise to ask questions at age 27, enjoy the ride, seek spiritual balance, pressure on marriage and humility – enjoy yourself in the process you´re in, so you can love others in the process they are in.
    You all have reached that stage where you live that. Some do not verbalize as eloquently as our friend who lost his dad at age 13. (will refer to him as Mr. 13 going forward).
    At age 56, I´m not a guy in a dinner about business. In 20 years, started and run 3 successful companies, in the most hostile business environment in the world, 100% import duties, terribly unqualified labor force, 50% sales taxes, three digit annual interest rates and some…
    I have built millions in assets over the years and but lost everything – for not having the humility of understanding that I had to enjoy myself in the process and love others in the process they are in. This is a condition for success – I know now.
    The business is doing better than ever, but the assets built overtime are gone and the pressure on cash flow is tremendous forcing me into outrageous amount of working hours. I no longer see my kids everyday, I spend hours in attorney´s offices and gathering information for divorce and labor suits and recently lost the only woman I truly loved I my life.
    The circle of people I relate to or have intelligent and useful conversations with is reduced to three. And shows I still have a long way to go to bring that understanding to a the level of the DNA or better yet the spirit, the soul.
    I kind of envy that 27 year old kid who has a long time ahead of him to discover the bridge to enjoying the process he is in, as Mr. 13 said.
    And the point of this letter is to share two things; firstly, that it is so difficult to enjoy the process when we perceive that things are going “wrong”. You guys have already helped him with that, and luckly he will believe it. Though he must be expecting more of a cake recipe type of response. Yet if he does believe it, he´s gained 20 years out his letter to you.
    And the reason it is so difficult is that, as human beings, we are wired to project our inner world.
    The world we see is made by us. It is the witness to our state of mind; an outside picture of an inward condition. As man thinketh, so he does perceive. Perception is a result and not the cause of anything. And we are wired to seek ways to change the world, the people, the environment – when the changing of our mind about the world is the way out.
    This change takes humility to its extreme. Takes enjoying the process we are in with the conviction that we are not alone and that the power bestowed upon us to create is fueled by humility to accept and love the world and everything in it in the process everything is in.
    How do we do that?, when we are constantly projecting thoughts about others who fail to do things the way “they should”, the obvious way, the right way, the efficient way, or the honest way with integrity….
    Secondly, if we do not enjoy the ride or the process, the only certain thing in this world is that the ride will end. Therefore, regardless of the greatness, nobility or altruism of our goals they will require many cycles of 24 hours to reach the point that our mind can conceive, generally our lifetime if we are endowed with dreaming high enough.
    Thus postponing the enjoyment of our process believing things will get better and all deserts of life will turn green, to use the analogy of another one of your inspired RT members, is shear arrogance. Shows we value our thoughts projected onto the world, more than life itself. Its insisting that we know better and that no other forces, quantum or macro, play a role in the course of life as we see it.
    It also shows lack of gratitude for all that life has given us for the taking, not even for the asking. Its all there while we do not enjoy the process we believe we should not be in; the beautiful loving woman who wants to kiss and hug you all the time, the wonderful kids who want to spend time with you, some inexperienced people who would love to learn from you, the dog wagging his tail when you go by stressed out about life…….
    And it takes patience and it takes space-time as we understand it from Stephen Hawking. And it takes accepting that somethings may never happen the way we project. Sometimes it gets better than we project. One way or other we have to let go of our attachment to what we think. Enjoying the process we are in is a condition to success.
    It took me 56 years to learn that. May God help me to incorporate this into my DNA and my spirit. Truthfully I have know the concept for many years, in theory, and thanks to you guys I and the moment I´m in, I now see this condition has to be taken to the heart.
    Thanks for you work.

    Sorry it got to long.

  11. Awesome!

    Perry, I just think you’re a GREAT guy. What you’ve shared – and what all your roundtable members have shared is priceless.

    Thank you all – so much!

    I’m successful. But I started depressed.

    It’s extremely interesting to me how people react to good advice – some love it – some hate it.

    We just live in an incredible world!

    My suggestions to Mr. V are:

    Mr. V, please consider these:

    1. Where is your focus? Do you focus on the simple things you’re doing or on the grandiose things you’re not doing?
    2. Do you love what you’re doing or do you love the money that it could potentially bring you?

    And in closing…

    What do I do when I’m hungry?

    I do the simple things that feed me. I don’t allow my brain to think that it’s too simple, that it’s not glorious, that I’m not great, because feeding is too simple. I focus on what I need, I go get it, I eat, and I’m happy.

    I like it this way!

    Alex Popov

  12. A life without challenge has little overall value and that has been the lesson from all the spiritual teachers. But knowing how you operate determines how you manage those challenges.

    We react to what we think. We call those reactions emotions. The emotions are our teachers. If you are in a place where you now spend your time thinking of circumstances where there is no way out and only pain in the choices you see it would be healthy to feel down.

    There are times when you must release those ideas and think differently. Most people want someone else to step in and solve the problem removing the pain. If they do but you do not change your patterns you will end up there again because the emotions are our teachers.

    The answer is to change the pattern and hope plus expect help not knowing when and where it will come. Begin with simple things, just give thanks or ponder how wonderful it is to do something simple like eat an ice cream, a treat, a hug or a walk in the park. Just open yourself to any one of the many marvels that fills your world. Smile and understand you can be your own sunshine.

    As you push forward seeing the good in smaller things you create a shift that now attracts larger good things that bring bigger opportunities.

  13. Hi Val,

    I agree that the plan I outlined above seems rather simplistic. It is. In fact, I would have spent the rest of my life thinking that my success was a “fluke” if it hadn’t been for the book I cited, “Constructive Living,” by David K. Reynolds. He explains this exact process with different words, and shares many examples from his clinical practice about how it was helpful for a variety of situations, including: depression, grief, anxiety, debilitating self-esteem,trauma, etc. The approach is based on Morita Therapy, from Japan. I’ve also uncovered a wealth of research supporting the impact of physical exercise for improving emotional/brain health, as well.

    This plan will work for anyone if the person taking action believes it will help. However, there’s an important caveat; be sure you are also working to identify the *root* cause of your depression. (This is mentioned in the document, but tucked away at the bottom.)

    It probably goes without saying, but if you don’t understand the cause, you’ll never eradicate the pain. Once you do understand the source of your pain, or even as your understanding evolves, you’ll be in a better physical state to constructively move forward in your life. Obviously, this process would require the assistance of a trusted loved one or therapist who *does* understand the severity of the challenges you are facing.

    This Action Plan should not replace professional therapy, when professional therapy is needed. Instead, it should be used in *conjunction* with professional assistance. The idea is to continue the healing process in between visits and assume a proactive approach to healing.

    I hope this clarifies that critical caveat. And yes, this process is almost too simple. But, the price is right and no one will argue with the value of exercise, gratitude, or doing something positive for ourselves. So, what’s to lose? :)

  14. I listened with great interest to your Round Table discussion.
    However, I do not believe that there is a ‘one plan fits all’ solution to gaining confidence or overcoming depression. In my humble opinion the solution depends very much on the cause & that may go much deeper than the mere situation at hand, as your series on Dysfunctions,Addictions etc has ascertained, Perry.
    I too was unknowingly depressed for half a lifetime & like many other people had to hit rock bottom before I knew I could no longer continue on the same course & I simply HAD to make some serious changes.
    Susan’s plan obviously worked in her case, but if someone had suggested that to me, I would have become very angry & even MORE depressed, feeling it was far too simplistic & I wasn’t being understood at all. It took me 6 years of therapy & then more time to allow the changes to settle. But you, Perry, found a different course of action again, which worked for you. So horses for courses I guess!

  15. I’m 21, just quit university, and burning to get something going. My problem is I don’t have a passion for something that I can turn into a business – but desperate to get something going that I can build – it’s just finding that “something”. I was thinking of learning about Adwords, and offer services, since I have Perry’s book, (I subscribed to renaissance club for the the welcome package and cancelled soon after since I knew I couldn’t afford it, though I want to return once I can afford it.) I think the main stumbling point for me is where to go from there. Things like the most effective way to get people to offer services to etc. It’s the specifics I get stuck on. Though I haven’t made it a concrete goal to learn Adwords and offer Adwords management, it is an option. I don’t have an idea to start a niche business in that I have a passion for. But is passion a requisite?

    Just confused yet raring ready to go…

      1. Thanks Perry. I took the test and my top 2 likes were analytics and words – which is accurate. Since at this point I have nothing but time I’m going to devour your Adwords book multiple times and some of the other material in the welcome package. The Consulting Accelerator course looks like a proposition I’d want to snap up, though I can’t afford it right now, I know that if my mum was kidnapped and the terrorists asked for 2.5k I’d manage to find it…so I’ma approach the challenge with this mindset and see what I can come up with!

  16. @Susan, physical exercise certainly does increase serotonin levels, but it is definitely NOT the only way to balance “brain chemicals and electrical activity.”

    I think that you may want to take a look at this website and read a few of the articles on the blog:


    Thanks for the great info.

  17. Thanks so much for sharing. A friend in my Vistage group made a comment that I think fits really well here:

    “We are all fabulous. We are all flawed. Embrace them both.”

  18. Thanks for making this MP3 available. The point that hit home for me the most was, “Enjoy the process.”

    We’ve had our successes, as well as a number of setbacks along the way. Rather than viewing setbacks as “Wrong Way” signs, I’ve started viewing them as hurdles, sprinkled along a race track. If one seems just too high, sometimes the best solution is to smash headlong through it, get up, keep on going, and utter a prayer of thanks that we’re still moving forward.

  19. Some old book says this:

    Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides. You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors. So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way.

  20. I am heartened that these audios are getting to the very rarely stated truth of ” You’re just going to have to do it by yourself!” NOBODY will give away a truly good idea for 50 bucks. I have fought this for 20 years, and am finally finding peace in just doing what I love. Financial success may or may not happen. For ideas to become massively successful, they need to be well timed, have the right amount of market acceptance and not too much competition.
    I ONLY listen to your good stuff Mr Marshall
    Thank you.

    1. Marco,

      A guy posted a very rude, profanity-ridden comment yesterday that basically said “You guys are cruel and heartless, you are laughing at this guy!!!” There’s certainly some laughter in the conversation but nobody’s laughing *AT* him. We’ve ALL been there.

      I feel for the guy. It’s not a fun situation to be in.

      That said, I completely, wholeheartedly disagree that nobody will give away a truly good idea for 50 bucks. My books are full of great ideas and so is my website. I’ve got million dollar ideas floating around all over the place. If you dig really hard you can get a bunch of them for FREE. But you have to be discerning enough to recognize the good ideas when someone shows them to you. If you believe coming into the situation that nobody’s going to help you, you have created a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      And if you want someone to take those ideas and help you put them together, join a coaching program that comes with personal assistance.

      1+ year ago I talked to this guy on the phone and I gave him numerous ideas for his existing business. I don’t know how many of them he’s implemented. If he has and it’s still not working, he should get into a different business.

      I believe I also gave him input on getting into a different business where he can more easily have a better USP.

      If he came to Chicago and I met with him, I don’t know what I’d tell him that I haven’t already told him.

      He doesn’t consider himself creative. Maybe he’s not. If that’s true, he can team up with a creative person and contribute the systematic parts. People who aren’t creative are often good at systems and procedures. He definitely has something to contribute. I think he’s a bright guy and I think he can make it through this and come out on the other side just fine.

      Lastly, you don’t have to do it by yourself. We’ve got a Mastermind Forum where for $100 a month you have easy access to hundreds of VERY smart people. Don’t believe for a minute that you’re all alone. $100 a month is not free but it’s really cheap considering what’s at stake.

      Even Roundtable at $16,000 per year is fairly cheap in the context of a typical member who runs a $1 million+ revenue business. The time commitment costs more than the tuition and the number and size of mistakes it’ll save you from makes it a very inexpensive investment.

      Nobody needs to do this alone and nobody should.

  21. Thanks for sharing this. It reminds me of a lesson that I learned when I was younger. At one time I had the illusion that somehow everybody else had figured out the secrets of success but it was lost on me. I just couldn’t seem to figure out how to make all of the pieces come together and thus was some sort of loser that was just never going to make it. But my comparing myself to this illusion that other people were always better and more capable than me I often set myself up for continued disappointment.

    What I eventually learned was that this level of toxic thinking is often the real barrier to entry. And while a lot of people aren’t wearing their fear and anxiety on their sleeves, most of us face every day with the wind in our face. In fact, my experience has shown me time and time again that the people who most seem to have ‘made it’ are the people who were most willing to experience the greatest amount of fear. Fear is an emotional growing pain. You feel it and it molds you but you still keep going. In spite of what you might think about your personal shortcomings at the end of the day it’s still you that’s driving the bus. Be willing to not be perfect, to learn from your mistakes and to find the lesson hidden in every defeat and in time you will be top of your game and, if you’re willing to believe in yourself, you really can accomplish anything to set out to accomplish. It isn’t always easy and rarely down right the first time but confidence and persistence together can get you through the toughest times.



  22. First off, thanks for posting the audio Perry. Perhaps the most helpful aspect of the whole thing was hearing one of the round-table members say what essentially amounts to: “if there’s no pain there’s no gain.” Hearing that from someone who’s successful means a lot more than you think.

    I’m the same age as this guy, and in a somewhat similar situation. However, I don’t have a family to support while digging myself out. Anyway here are some things that have helped me.

    1. Don’t try to chase the money and instead deliver value to the marketplace. Sounds like a cliche, but it’s true.

    2. As a top performing affiliate prior to being knocked down, I approached one of the companies I promote and asked them to fund an SEO campaign. I’ve talked to the right people at the company and it looks extremely promising.

    3. Perhaps find someone who’s not in the same niche as you and ask to partner in a profit sharing agreement. I did this and am working with some good people as a result. It’s most certainly not going to guarantee success, but at least someone else is there with you.

    4. ACTIVELY look for other niche possibilities. I recently visited some relatives and a rather pleasant, unforeseen outcome, is that I’m now pursuing another excellent niche where the competition isn’t as IM savvy as elsewhere.

    5. There are many other people worse off. This may not always seem like a help, I know for myself, but it helps keep the boat more stable.

    There’s more, but these are things you can do right now.

  23. Hi Susan,

    From one R.C. to another, thanks for adding that qualifier about prayer and gratitude.

    Often, the concept of gratitude that’s espoused nowadays, particularly in new age material, is a self-serving one.

    The expression of genuine gratitude asks for nothing in return.

    Good luck!

  24. Hey Perry,

    A couple of things I thought I should mention about the PDF above:

    I realized that it may seem like I left prayer/spirituality out of the equation. For me, the focus on gratitude was my prayer. Otherwise, I’d lose my train of thought and/or wasn’t sure what to to pray for… (After all, I’m Catholic…we are only taught what *not* to pray for and how to repeat the priest’s prayers.) So, the gratitude was a clear, simple way for me to develop a spiritual connection.

    Secondly, it’s probably pretty significant to mention that this is how I cured myself of rheumatoid arthritis/lupus. The only trace left of my illness is the handicap parking permit I was prescribed at age 19 when I could only walk with crutches. Since my condition was considered “permanent,” I will have the permit for life, but I haven’t had symptoms in years. It was this path of action towards health and wellness that pulled me out of it.

    On one hand, this kind of seems easy for me to overlook now that I’m healthy. I didn’t wake up one day realizing I was “cured;” the positive changes were very gradual and natural. On the other hand, when I think back to the sheer sense of hopelessness I felt thinking I was going to be handicapped for life, it’s too overwhelming for me to comprehend. Lord only knows why I suddenly decided to to do those three things every day; it was seriously a visceral response when I realized one day that I was plain pissed off about being sick and decided I wasn’t going to take it anymore.

    Anyway, these things might be helpful “add-ons” to share. Thanks for the shout-out. I sincerely hope my experience may be helpful to others.

    – Susan

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