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When I was 21 I had a decent warehouse job working for a very large wholesale company, W.W. Grainger. I played a practical joke and sent a rogue fax to another branch.

It was a funny joke until my boss, who was actually a good friend, was forced by his superiors to dismiss me.

I went home thoroughly dejected. I felt like a massive failure. I endured a phone call to Laura’s parents, telling my father-in-law of 10 months the story of how I’d just gotten ousted from my perfectly respectable job.

Firing #1.

I bought a newspaper every day, hunting the classifieds for openings. I interviewed for dumb jobs that paid half what the previous job had paid. At every interview, I had to tell my prospective employer about the little joke I’d played and the lesson I learned.

I was in summer school taking a fast-paced engineering class with an intimidating professor (he was literally a drill sergeant from the military) and I felt so horrible about losing that job, I started flunking my quizzes and tests. I had to drop the class and forfeit my tuition.

Up to this point I’d defined success as (1) never getting fired from a job, and (2) never flunking a class. I’m totally serious. I remember in high school thinking, “As long as I don’t flunk a class or get canned, I can always consider myself a good guy.”

Dodging bullets – that’s the ticket.

I got a temporary job delivering coupon books around town, which were being sold to people via a fly-by-night telemarketing operation. The hook was that proceeds were given to charity.

I asked the manager, a dodgy sort of guy, what percentage was given to charity. He said, “We won’t know until we close the books.” A few days later I looked at a customer just a little bit funny (literally, no more than that) and he fired me.

Firing #2.

I got another job at an instrumentation manufacturing company, working in their warehouse. Their warehouse was an organizational nightmare and I wanted to make a proposal to the manager about how to save time. Before I talked to her I checked with the IT manager to see if a certain field could be added to the inventory reports.

When she found out I’d talked to a guy cross-department without her permission, she fired me.

Firing #3.

Dang – three firings and a failed class, all in 2 months.

Ain’t it great?

The firings exploded major craters in my picture of the world. Had life gone a little differently, I might have squeezed myself into some boring corporate mold. But around the end of the summer, my friends Lauren and Bill recruit me into a ‘business opportunity’ instead. I was barely halfway through college.

No self-respecting biz-op pitch is complete without the litany of horrors that will happen to you if you work for The Man: Someone absconds with your retirement funds; you get your legs get cut off in a forklift accident; by age sixty-five 95% of us are dead or else unable to pay for our colostomy bags. Most people die 18 months after retirement cuz they have no purpose.

Somebody else runs your life, they tell you when you can eat lunch, you have to ask them permission to defecate and they tell you how many weeks of vacation you get.

What is "80" and what is "20" for your business right now? Take my 2-minute quiz and I'll show you where you'll get the highest compound interest on your time and money!

Then one week before your pension matures, they hand you the pink slip and shove you into the street.


Back then I didn’t really consider myself an entrepreneur. I’d sustained myself through most of high school building stereo equipment for my friends, but that was a glorified hobby more than a real business.

Those firings were p-a-i-n-f-u-l and I loathed the feeling that somebody could drop the hammer on me at any time. It just totally sucked.

Eventually Bill and Lauren sign me up. No sooner was the ink dry on our application than I said something to my wife Laura about helping me call some of our friends on the phone.

She looks at me sternly and says, “I’m going the paperwork. YOU are calling people, not me. Sorry.”


A few days later I timidly invite my friend Vince over. Vince is one of my speaker customers. Somewhere in the middle of our conversation I muster up the courage to show him this “business opportunity.”

I show him the version where you recruit 1 person a month and they get one person every month and by month 24 you have six billion people in your downline.

Vince gapes at me: “Perry, You didn’t fall for this, did you??? Churches give pitches like this when they want to raise tons of money to build a new building. This is crazy. No, I ain’t doing this and you shouldn’t either. Why don’t you go back to building speakers? You’re good at that.”

I mumble something back to him and change the subject and he leaves. And there I am with a giant hole blown in my chest. Uh, I think my aorta might be squirting blood. I had no freaking idea it could be so hard to show somebody a ‘business idea.’

This had to be just about the most miserable feeling in the whole world. I felt like he had taken a big baseball bat and smashed in my skull. Pain.

I desperately, fiercely wanted to quit, right there on the spot, and retreat to my familiar comfortable world of engineering classes and speaker designs.

Thus began my battle against the opponent: FEAR.

I’m not exaggerating, either. Those first months as a young new sales guy were agonizing. Every afternoon at about 2 o’clock I would feel that sickening black feeling creeping into my stomach. Pure dread: Oh no, tonight I have to go home and make ‘phone calls.’

One day I realized:

Fear is a bad habit. It can be conquered, the same way you conquer any other bad habit. You replace it with something better.

And that, my friend, is one of the greatest truths you can ever discover: Do what you fear and you control fear.

I don’t know what you fear right now. Maybe it’s obvious and you’re sitting in your seat dreading it every day.

Or maybe it’s out on the edges of your subconscious, silently holding you back from the life you secretly desire.

Whatever it is, turn and face it. Grab that thing by the roots and pull it out.

I, and all the assorted rogues and misfits in Planet Perry are cheering for you. Seize the day.

Perry Marshall

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Perry Marshall has launched two revolutions in sales and marketing. In Pay-Per-Click advertising, he pioneered best practices and wrote the world's best selling book on Google advertising. And he's driven the 80/20 Principle deeper than any other author, creating a new movement in business.

He is referenced across the Internet and by Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, INC and Forbes Magazine.

65 Comments on “You're Fired – You're Fired – You're Fired!”

  1. An one-minute search has revealed that my idea has almost *zero* activity on Google adwords – in four pages there was one ad. Okay, maybe it ain’t a market at all, but you never know …

  2. Dear Mary,
    thankyou for your extremely long reply. Whilst being impressive and extremely erudite, it missed the point of my argument entirely.

    Actually as I wrote his name, I knew that I had spelled it incorrectly, but I had not expected a reply – let alone such a spirited one! (And 2.42 PM is actually a quarter to eleven at night for me :-)

    [Perry – you are moderating this and we two are now way off-topic; could you send us to one of your Spiritual blogs where we can find a corner and argue off stage, please

    I do agree with most of what you say, but I would still like to give it a twist. But that can wait, for I wish to make my point, which was that freedom is a necessity for love to be possible. I would value your thoughts on this point.

    I want to add that I had another inspiration this morning – which as you liken with Mark Twain’s penseé not entirely new to my life, but it did have the character of being new in my life and it – more importantly – *felt* new and gave my early morning a real phillip (and I have spelled that wrong too :-).

    There is no intellectual argument that can prove or disprove love – you have to go beyond to philosophy which can encompass more than the merely intellectual realm. Rudolf Steiner was very clear on that point.

    I hope that we will speak again sometime soon. Gem

    (PS Perry, I did re-click to get your nine lies: I need a brush up :-)

      1. Thanks Perry, I think that is a better idea!

        It seems that internet activity is remarkably low here in the Netherlands; I guess that most people look up the English sites and use them rather than home-grown Dutch-speaking ones.

        BTW your support staff – Abby, Danielle are fantastic, helpful and quick to respond. I think that comes from your hands-on chattiness!

        Thanks for everything, Gem

    1. Gemma- I’ll answer Your post to this forum…before we possibly adjourn to another…

      You claim that I “…missed the point of [your] argument entirely…”…

      So–Let’s back up to the beginning of our respective posts:

      I stated (5/18/[email protected]:38pm): “Only GOD can create ‘Something Out of Nothing’…The Rest of US take the GOD-Given Raw Materials…To Live & Move & Have Our Being…SEE Acts 17:24-29. [NOTE: Acts 17:24-29 Reiterates & Expands upon the opening lines of The Gospel According to John]

      Christian’s Should Understand That We Are All ‘Children of God’…Furthermore—We Should Know ALSO That OUR “New&True” IDEAS Are “GOD’S OFFSPRING”—As Well !!”

      To which You responded (5/18/[email protected]:42pm): “I would however question your assertion that all of our ideas are God’s children…[and then–after making the comments about Bishop “Barclay”/Berkeley…You wrote]…

      Humankind is free, free to think…etc…”

      NOW–You write to me that…”I do agree with most of what you say, but I would still like to give it a twist…”

      Gemma–You’ve twisted the lines of analysis into quite the tangled mess ALREADY…Just HOW MUCH MORE Do You Plan To Twist–Sistah ??

      Reread The OPENING Statement of My 5/19/[email protected]:17pm response to YOU: “Gem- You are right—We members of the Human Family ARE free in the Many Important Ways that You listed…to think…”

      …So–Let’s think about it…

      “God is love” (1John 4:8) was revealed Well Over 1000 years AFTER God’s Rules were revealed…and in between there were Many Stories of Jews who truly lived their lives in accordance with God’s Commandments…Jews who did NOT…and others who were…more like the Rest of US–They had been raised to embrace & follow The Commandments…and Most of The Time They Did…while other times they succumbed to temptation…broke a Commandment(s)…but did so by ways&means to hide what they’d done…which God has DEMONSTRATED To US Over&Over&Over Again That–Even If You Manage To “Fool” Your Fellow ManKind…For A LOOOOONG Time–God IS Neither “Fooled” NOR Mocked. (Galatians 6:7)

      Christ IS THE LIFE That IS “the light of the human race; the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:4-5)…AND…

      Christ “was in the beginning with God. All things came to be through him, and without him nothing came to be.” (John 1:2-3)…

      …AND the translation of This Statement into the language of mathematics and much of science is:

      Big Bang = Jesus Christ

      So–Christ IS “the light of the human race” IS TO BE UNDERSTOOD On Multiple Levels…

      Christ’s Life Illuminates US By His Example of What A TRULY Human Life “Looks Like”…AND…

      Christ IS Light ITSELF–The Electromagnetic/Wave/Particle Sources of Heat&Light& Numerous Other Types&Forms of Radiation…of which we are still only dimly aware…The Dominant Source of Energy That Comes To Earth From Our Closest Star–The Sun–And Upon Which All Earthly Life Depends.

      Whether We Understand All The Connections…or NOT…Our Lives–Never-the-less–ARE Dependent Upon The Sun…And We All Receive & Interact With & Reflect IN MANY WAYS The Sun’s Radiation.

      The…so called…Age of “Enlightenment”…a.k.a. The Age of Reason…was a time of Many Movements of Many Minds & Voices (Bishop Berkeley’s among them) Across “Russia, France, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the colonies on the Western Hemisphere…that culminated in the success of the American Revolution.”
      [Robert R. Palmer, “The Age of the Democratic Revolution”]

      We KNOW That–For ALL That Our Founding Fathers Got RIGHT–Our Nation’s Constitution Contradicted Itself & Our Declaration of Independence By Granting Authorization To The Institution of Slavery In The USA.

      Furthermore–There Was Great Conflict In The Minds of These (for the most part) Men That–“Great Thinkers” Demanded Freedoms For Themselves–AND–At The Same Time Held That God’s Laws Were ABSOLUTE But Discoverable…which led them to think of themselves as Absolute Lords & Masters of Their Domains…In God’s Image…and they weren’t being “brutes” so long as they had a Reason Why they beat you.

      So–Gemma–Getting back to Your question to Me…”I wish to make my point, which was that freedom is a necessity for love to be possible. I would value your thoughts on this point…”

      “Freedom”–As We KNOW–Is A Slippery Word…Much As Other Such–Large Words–As “Love” & “Peace”…etc.

      How many of us have spoken of…

      “Love” when what we really meant was “lust”…

      “Actions of Peace” when what we really wanted was a “piece of the action”…

      “Freedom” when what we really wanted was to be “freed” from…

      Suffering the logical consequences of our actions
      and/or from…
      Having to shoulder responsibilities.

      In Christ There IS Freedom…
      As Well As Love & Peace…
      As Well As Living & Learning–

      And “Learning” Means That There Must Be Freedom To Experiment & Make Mistakes & Learn From The Errors…Otherwise–we are simply programmed Robots–Which We Are NOT…”God created man in his image; in the divine image he created him; male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1:27)…And The Fact That God Created The Divine Image Across 2 Beings–Male & Female–A Complimentary Pair WHO ARE OFTEN ANYTHING BUT “complimentary of” Each Other…MEANS That–At Our Get-Go–“A World of Hurt” Was Built INTO Those of US Made In The Divine Image…AND That We Have God-Given Freedoms To Explore Mysterious “Others” & Ask Questions & Try Out New Ideas & HOPEFULLY…Continuously Learn How To Be Better People Ourselves…Which Leads US To Unlock The Love & Peace In Our Lives…which was always there.

        1. Not at all–Gem–You haven’t upset me…so please don’t operate under this misapprehension. I am a retired teacher…Writing “lessons” comes naturally to me now…Tho’–I have NO DOUBT that to Anyone NOT accustomed to a Teacher’s Load…This MUST Seem Like An “Alarming” Quantity of Writing.

          The REAL Issue IS That…You Asked Me A Question–And I Answered You…Do You Have Another Question–or Do You Have Your Answer ??


  3. Hi Perry,
    I’ve recently experienced something very similar to what you’re talking about – but your email really helped my crystalize my experience into a single statement.

    “Face Your Fears or They’ll Control You”

    So thank you !

    This is what happened ..

    I’ve always hated public speaking and doing direct sales. My 1st business was in MLM and I absolutely hated making the pitch – I’d physically break out in a cold sweat!

    I’m online now with my 4th business and run it from the background – no client facing, no public speaking – really comfortable.

    BUT I’ve recently put togeather a website to help raise funds for a charity through charitable auctions.

    Unfortunately for it to work I would have to do a lot of public speaking, reach out to people I don’t know, make appeals via video on the site … in other words REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE, LOTS OF FEAR.

    I kept putting off the launch of it … and the fear kept growing.

    I kept coming up with reasons why it should be launched next week and not today … and the fear kept growing.

    It was always at the back of my mind and it started to affect my mood and productivity.

    I finally launched it this week – and it was actually a relief !

    The fear is still there but its now manageable and no longer controlling my actions.

    I’m also in a much better state of mind and my productivity in other areas has also shot up.

    So your email came at a good time and helped my reflect on my experience.

    If I learned one thing from it, it was –

    “Face Your Fears or They’ll Control You”

    thanks again,

    1. Well told–Suneel–Can I Ever Relate !!

      The fact that Your work was for charity and not for Yourself may have played a part in helping You to overcome Your fears and just … “Git-R-Done.”

      I found that the same was true for Me…

      IF–I was trying to put on a “Performance”…

      THEN–I was extremely self-conscious and suffered all those nervous symptoms … cold sweats & stammering because every word that I tried to find to say was being interrupted by those million “critics” voices echoing in my head telling me what a rotten job I was doing.

      IF–I was trying to “Minister” to the needs of Others…

      THEN–The focus was NOT so much on-or-about Me as … My Trained & Practiced Skills That Could Serve As Instruments of Greater Good…

      AND–The Goal Is Then … To Conduct One’s Entire Life’s Work–All Private & Professional Moments & Efforts–As Ministry…

  4. What a wonderful piece of writing. This is something we all need Perry. We needed it as much as (if not more than) you needed to deliver it to us. Thank you so much.

    We have an opportunity every single moment to create a world of our very own. I forget that way too often. And for some strange reason, you’re always the person to bring that thought back to the forefront for me. Thanks again Perry.

    Carpe Diem

  5. Hi Perry,
    Your post brought back when I got fired at my first real job when I was 19 years old. I was devastated. Somehow the trauma of rejection creates a fear of not being good enough at anything. However, when I see the big picture, it was a blessing. I really was unhappy and didn’t like the atmosphere or job anyway.

    I agree with how to have victory over your fears. You have to go back and pull out the roots and meet your fears head on. Example: if you fall down ice skating, just get back up and keep skating. It’s not that fear completely goes away, you just learn to manage it. You control your fears and not let your fears control you.

  6. P.S.
    Worry is FEAR’s 1st Cousin … And It–Too–Can Either Paralyze One’s Thought Processes &/or Cause Us To Avoid Thinking About Important Money Matters That DO–IN FACT–Require On-Going Attention.

    Money Is A Lot Like Teenagers.

    IF–We Think That Because We Have Already Invested So Much Good Effort Into Raising THEM [Money&Teenagers] To This High Level So That NOW–When They Give All Appearances of Being QUITE GROWN UP–We Can Turn Our Attention To Other Interests & Pursuits…

    THEN–We Are In For Some Very Rude & Painful Awakenings … As Many of America’s Investors Learned THE HARD WAY As A Result of This Most Recent Market Crash … At Least We’ve Been Largely Cured of Our National Epidemic of Affluenza.

  7. Wow, that’s a great story. Napoleon Hill said :have the courage to face the truth” That’s what you did. I read somewhere that most problems in life are caused by people being in denial and not facing the truth. You faced the truth and kicked its butt and now you are free. I guess I did too. It reminds me of a line from a pink floyd song: “did you exchange a walk on part in a war for a lead role in a cage?”

    I’m glad that I did my walk on part in a war. You must be so glad too. Gee it was hard, but now its done and now I don’t ever have to have a lead role in a cage. Like working at a desk for a boss or anything.

    Gee it was hard though, even though I would do it all again. A poem in a book by Felix Dennis sums up the struggle you must go through to get rich. It describes exactly how I felt at the time: “Here we are in no mans land with the lame and the cursed, the sick and the dammed, tunelling dirt and shovelling sand, he we are in no mans land

    Spot on!

    But it’s still worth doing it, then it will be over and done with and you won’t have to worry about money.

    1. The worlds in JRR Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings trilogy were in constant states of war … preparing for war … engaging in war … recovering from war … preparing for the next war … Sound Familiar ??

      One of the Stunning & Game-Changing Moments of the 3rd & Final Book/Movie is when–in the heat of battle–one of the Witch-King Death-Riders boasts to his assailant of a 1000 year of prophesy that “No man can kill me!” … Whereupon the soldier–Eowyn–pulls off her helmet & says to him “I am no man!” and kills him.

      In the final analysis women have always been Game-Changers as we are the ones who bear & MOST OFTEN do the Lion’s Share of raising GenNEXT up to face the New World–Bravely–And It IS Doing THIS WORK That–In Turn–Raises Our Own Personal Bars As Well … To Know That–While A Person Needs A Certain Amount of Money To Live–A Truly Enriched Life Is NOT One That Is Spent Narrowly Focused On The Getting & Spending of LOTS of Money.

  8. Perry,

    Thank you for that thought provoking and humorous mail.

    Man..I was laughing all the way. Fantastic copy.

    I have been reading you ever since I paid for your adwords book.

    I have never been fired. But I think, it is because of staying in SAFE jobs and not really going outside my safety wall. That too I guess is because of FEAR.

    Love your emails.

  9. Got fired this last time, last june. One of very many, still looking for my next job. Not many out there to be had thanks to our wonderful senators and congressmen, and they seem to be looking to make it harder. Someday i’ll have a new job, to get fired from. Ha Ha.. jim.

    1. RE: “Not many [jobs] out there to be had thanks to our wonderful senators and congressmen”…

      James–Don’t Stop There … When There Are So MANY More Playas Who ALL Played Parts–Large&small–In The Most Recent & Most Colossal Economic Collapse of Our Lifetime.

      In The FINAL ANALYSIS … Which Won’t Come For Another 50-150 Years … We Were ALL PART of THE PROBLEMS & So–Must ALL BECOME PART of THE SOLUTIONS … Anything Short of THAT GOAL Will Fail To Be REAL&LASTING ECONOMIC REFORM & Will Simply Fold Back Upon Itself Into Some Slightly Modified Version of Same Ol’ Same Ol’.

      Keep The Faith.

      Keep Your Eyes & Ears & Heart & Mind OPEN.

      Keep Working The Incredible Variety of Options Available Today To Connect With Goods & Good People Working To Make Livings AND Make This World A Better Place To Live–NOT Just For Themselves & Their Defined Family/Social Circles … BUT FOR ALL…

      AND … Remember To NOT OVER-RELY On The Latest & So-Called “Greatest” Gadgets & Gimmicks–As Too Many of Their Claims Are LARGELY Hyped-Up Advertising That Fall Way-Short When Put To REALITY CHECKS. This World STILL TURNS On Ancient Ways&Means of Meeting Human Needs (and wants) … FACILITATED–NOT REPLACED–With Today’s Ever Cha-Cha-Cha-CHANGING!… Technology.

      Cheers -Mary

  10. Perry,

    What an awesome email. The stories were great. I started to chuckle at your line: “I think my aorta might be squirting blood”, morbid but great copy writing.

    I’ve been a customer for about 1.5 years now and continue to get value from your motivational messages and like that you mix it up with your sales messages. Definitely keeps me interested and paying attention between purchases.



  11. Hi Perry,
    I agree with all you said in your post. You have an active mind – which is not very clever when dealing with management. In fact, I would like to turn your story on its head, if you will allow me: you were fired three times for doing things that showed boldness and initiative – and a sense of humour too.

    What was the reaction of your managers? You guessed it! They were afraid of you. So they sacked you because it was within their power to do so.

    You had showed in your actions, which in normal human circumstances would be little more than crossing the street to say hello to someone, that you were prepared to act bravely. Given that the management would not know how to spell the word let alone understand its meaning means that they would be scared of you.

    I think you have read enough of my posts to know tht I can walk where Angels fear to tread. But from my experiences I would like to add that doing it by little steps helps: it builds your self confidence gently without puffing you up, and the results have better foundations thereby. Take what it is that you are afraid of, tear it into bite sized chunks and work on each one at a time. It works, believe me!

    Wishing you well, and I am glad you got sacked for it shows initiative. Gemma

    1. Gemma, you are right. Getting fired for sending that fax, perfectly understandable.

      The 2nd company was really kind of shady and it was not a fit.

      The 3rd company was an organizational NIGHTMARE. The gyrations a person had to go thru just to find something in that warehouse were unbelievable. The department was poorly run and the whole company was a “walking on eggshells” kind of culture.

      I did not belong there.

      And yes, employees who can actually think are disturbing to management. Thanks for your kind remarks.

      1. Hi Perry,
        actually I don’t agree that sending that fax was a sackable offence: given a good manager (ha ha) they would have seen that you had ideas and the courage to see them through. Couldn’t he see a joke?

        But it is all history, and you were too bubbly to hang around and take all the messing around. That and most managers don’t listen, even when the siren on the ship has blown seven blasts for an emergency.

        To put it simply, you had too much “get up and go” – so you got up and went ;-)


  12. If properly understood FEAR is really more of a friend than an enemy. Without FEAR you couldn’t accomplish much — guaranteed. It is the FEAR of not making it in life that makes us get up and suit up every morning. It is the very same FEAR of failure that makes one try harder and go the extra mile. And yes Perry you hit the nail right on its head when you said that you MUST turn around and face FEAR itself. All of our motivation and ambition of doing good, succeeding, achieving, etc in one way or another is the mirror image of the FEAR of not succeeding, achieving and making happen in life.

    Its a bit like the old saying: “Show me a fearful soldier and I will show you a live soldier.” For the wise soldier knows that without FEAR he/she will commit a foolish move that will eventually cost him/her life itself.

    So “FEAR” acts as a catalyst to success when honestly assessed and properly understood. I will also venture to say that the greater the FEAR the greater the potential for success and vise-versa.

    All high achievers are constantly facing their FEAR whether it is climbing a steep mountain to set a new record, walking on fire or broken glass, or venturing out in the “less-secure” entrepreneurial world and leaving that “guaranteed” 401(k) and retirement plan…The so called Golden Handcuff.

    So in closing remember that FEAR is an acronym that stands for: False Emotion Appearing Real. Once you face it, it won’t disappear but it becomes more of a fuel to empower your dreams rather than a disabling handicap.

    So here’s to FEAR…Celebrate it and Bring it on because it is only thru it that I feel that I AM ALIVE!!

    1. Youcef- I follow your line of reasoning and while I don’t wish to squelch your enthusiasm … I certainly do challenge your Bottom Line assertion that “it is only thru it [FEAR] that I feel that I AM ALIVE !!”

      There are MANY Emotional/Intellectual forces & effects of which we are capable and They All–In Common AND Unique Ways–Help Us To NOT Only FEEL ALIVE–But STAY ALIVE As Well.

      For example–My husband & I have done a lot of white water canoeing and kayaking … and let me tell you–There Are NO OTHER EXPERIENCES I’ve Found This Side of Heaven That Delivers The Adrenaline Rush of Thrills & Chills & Fear & Exhilaration & Sheer JOYS of Being Alive As Whitewater Paddling !!

      Furthermore–Navigating rivers with rapids in your own solo craft IS Excellent Exercise of The Sets of Problem-Solving SKILLS Delivered In REAL/RAPID Time Frames Necessary To Save You & Your Craft From Capsize. The parallels between Whitewater Paddling & Business/Life should be obvious.

      However–Because of the Obvious Risks also involved in This Activity–our families questioned our sanity at perusing this Extreme Sport.

      Life lived at “Amusement Park” type venues … where Teams of Professionals have designed & constructed your entire day’s experiences for you and all that’s left for you to do is to buy a ticket, choose a ride, stand in line until it’s your turn & then get your 2 minutes of engineered-to-be-safe-thrills … Doesn’t Really Prepare You For How The Real World Operates.

      My husband & I weren’t Dare-Devils … We first paddled lots of lakes and Class I rivers before trying out hands at … Class II … and later … Class III–Where I Drew THE LINE. I’m too old & arthritic now for anything much friskier than the Hiwassee River in Tennessee … My Better Paddling-Half can go over to the Ocoee–He’s more of a glutton for Peak-Yet-Punishing Experiences than I am.

      Cheers -Mary

  13. Speaking of painful firing – I graduated in a recession year and couldn’t get a job in my profession for a year. Then a guy I was dating recommended me for a job at his company, in the same department. I got fired a few months later for arguing with the manager. Job was gone. Boyfriend was gone. Boy, did that hurt!

    That was a long time ago. I kept building my career no matter what came my way (and there was a lot more) and eventually flourished. Guess you just have to keep at it to get to where you want to go.


  14. I love Planet Perry – the air is so much easier to breath, its population so kind, friendly and willing to share, and its King is wiser than his years.

    “Fear knocked on the door and when courage answered, there was no one there…”.

    Mike Oldroyd, Melbourne, Austrlaia.

  15. My comment on February 9, 2011.

    Perry, I have been “fired” or “let go” or “forced out” at least 5 times in my life. None of these were fun exits but years later there are some funny sections to each.

    One of my firings was for missing a meeting that I attended. One woman hated my guts and wanted to get rid of me. She was a junior-programmer, average person who was ambitious but not smart. The boss called a meeting and I was there about 10 minutes early. Only about three of us showed up and the boss was absent. I was working on a contract and went back to my cubicle about 5 minutes after the meeting time.

    Several minutes later the woman told me the boss was there and the meeting had started. I quickly arranged a few things and went to the meeting. I attended the meeting and things went OK.

    A few days later my contact at the job shop told me my contract with the company had been terminated. Why? He said I had missed an important meeting. I told him the true story. It did not matter. The bitch had political power, and I did not even get to talk with the boss or a higher boss. End of contract and no appeal.

  16. Perry Hi.

    I don’t open most of my mails since I get so many of them every day, but as chance has it… (I don’t believe in chance), I decided to open this one.

    I LOVED what you wrote, and while our circumstances are very different, you touched a chord in my heart.

    For most of my adult life I’ve pretty much gone my own rebellious way, been outspoken and non-conforming, blazed my own trail rather than following the beaten track and so on, but you touched upon something that I feel still needs work in my life.

    While growing up it was relatively easy for me to know what I’m against (which was most of what I saw going on in the world). As I developed, I got clearer on what I did believe in, and I began living my life accordingly. In my mid thirties I created a more “normative” life, went back to college and eventually completed a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

    For the past twenty five years or so I’ve had an independent practice doing psychotherapy, as well as consulting to organizations and non-profits and applying my knowledge of conflict management and cross-cultural relations.

    Thus far I’ve led a very rich and interesting – though at times pretty tumultuous life.

    So what struck me in your story?

    I have been thinking of writing a book recently, and the process has brought home to me the embarrassing fact that my many years as as a psychologist have “trained” me to listen and be empathic, but not necessarily to say what is on my mind.

    I have somehow gotten out of the habit of spontaneous self-expression which I had in the past, and writing (not academic – personal) seems like I’m going out on a limb.

    In other words – it evokes a feeling of apprehension in me(hey, the hell with fancy words – plain fear!)

    I know that I’m very effective at helping people deal with their fears and their obstacles, internal and external obstacles. I pretty much always help them go beyond their “comfort zone”. However, now it’s my turn to push my own limits and venture out into the unknown. And what I come up against is my own barrier of fear.

    I reluctantly have to own up to how scary it is for me to think of exposing my inner self to the outer world, but if I don’t do it, I will not feel I have completed my mission and purpose on earth. I’m not fully sure why, but that is what I feel, and I have learned to trust myself, so there must be something inside me, some knowledge, inspiration or guidance that can be of assistance or value to others. It seems that I owe it to myself (at least) to start writing.

    Your blogpost gave me the encouragement to push myself further than I felt comfortable doing before reading it, and that fact that I wrote this response to your post is already the fruits of that, so thank you for leading the way by putting yourself out there.


  17. Hi Perry

    This hits home with me right now stuck in a job and it’s
    choking the life out of me it’s not a bad job I use to like it a lot but since I read Robert Kiyasaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad about 4 years ago it just haven’t been the same, I’ve been in a few MLMs buying one program after another trying to figure this thing out I’m making a few hundred a month but obviously that’s not enough to quit my job but until then I’ll just keep grinding and building sites. Thanks for the post Perry.


    1. Alexis

      At least you are aware of the choices. You are unstoppable when you have had your eyes opened. Robert Kiyosaki is one of the leaders who pushed through his fears and pursued his passion to be an entrepreneur who teaches others. MLM is a great place to learn, seek out a MLM that turns your emotional power on and a leader who will help you keep your fire ignited.


  18. Hi Perry,
    My favorite part of your story is the end, when you say you’re all cheering for us. Thanks, there’s not alot of people cheering us on, too many just try to drag us down. Thanks for everything you do!

  19. It is interesting that one of the therapies for fear is to ask the question what really happens if I …..? Often when people once realize or see past their fear they often get free. I also found it valuable to know that in acupuncture it is taught that if you hold your fears you will weaken your kidneys and cause kidney or bladder illness. You have become fearless in your sharing. Good article.

  20. Wow…. I’m sitting here a little numb. But then again, I’ve been numb so long now, I don’t even know what “success” feels like anymore.

    I used to be a “successful” guy, at pretty much everything I did…

    Got married, got laid off that same month (suprise, suprise), my wife had her CPA parntership dissolve (the partner was jealous of her being married…good grief, he was married!) but she had a job offer in a totally different field from some people she knew..she loved it and really enjoyed working, so I decided to try and “find myself” professionally.

    I had always been a marketing that wherever I worked, I ended up running their marketing, or at least advertising in addition to whatever my regular job was.

    So I started studying copywriting… I think I even contacted Perry back in 1998 or 1999 about one of his courses (before I was even married, while i was working for someone).

    I ended up getting a job offer from a company selling MLM opportunites to write their web site copy… they wanted it fresh all the time so they offered me $10k/mo. plus bonuses on conversions over a certain limit.

    I was so happy, then I started doing what any copywriter would do…studying thier product, market, competition…etc.. I realized they were just scaming people into buying sign-up packs… so I turned the whole thing down.

    But worse, it got me thinking too deeply about writing ad copy…was it morally acceptable… (I’m a bible believing Christian and I don’t push it on anyone, but I do try to live in obedience to the best of my ability)… I’ve struggled with legalism and grace ever since I became a believer…I was just thinking too deeply about it, but it was enough to make me turn away from it all together… I know, strange, wierd, psycho, whatever you want to call me. I just have a need to be true to my beliefs and sometimes it causes me a lot of pain, especially in grey areas.

    So I thought I would learn computer programming, since I always wanted to know how to do that… I got pretty good, became an Adobe Certified Flex Developer, got some clients, made some good money…then got bored, and at the same time all of the sudden felt really inadequate. I hate all the legal paperwork and administration of business. I like to shake hands and it’s a deal.

    That dried up, since I stopped really pursuing it..

    So I figured I’d really go for Internet Marketing as it has a little bit of everything I like…

    Oh in the mean time, we had a baby boy and since I was the one with no “job”, I took care of our baby for the first three years all day, every day… Women have a HARD job! I’d rather work any day of the week.

    But I made it through (barely and almost lost sanity) all the while trying to learn IM…

    Well, my son is now 5 yrs old and the best I ever did was $1500/mo for maybe 6 months from a weight loss book I wrote. I had zero SEO knowledge, zero PPC knowledge…MSN just listed it #1 for the keyword and instant sales were made…well, I must admit, I had a nice 4% conversion from my sales letter on the web site.

    Then that all went away and thought I’ve read Perry’s PPC book and spent literally $1000’s on IM courses over the last 3 years… I’ve gotten no where.

    I keep questioning where I went wrong in life…. I used to be successful…then ever since I got laid off and took care of my son, I’ve never really been the same.

    If I’m afraid, I don’t know what about… I think now, maybe I’m just afraid of drifting through life, not helping anyone, not being a good role model for my son, not really having my life count for anything meaningful… and yet, I have no clear direction. I don’t know what I want…

    I’ve been a star salesman (hated it)
    I’ve been a personal trainer (therapist really)
    I’ve been a helicopter pilot
    I’ve been a research technician
    I’ve been an insurance brokerage owner
    I’ve been a web development company owner / programmer
    I’ve done a little copywriting
    I’ve studied Jiu Jitsu
    I’ve learned how to make my own ammunition for my rifles (got the bullet presses and everything)

    I feel like I “could” do anything…but nothing makes me feel passionate. I used to be passionate about everything…now I’m just numb.

    Sorry for the downer response… I know most people overcome and I used to be one of those people… but after 5 years now…. I can’t even figure out what I want…

    Before you say I need a kick in the backside… that’s what I would have said years ago to someone sounding like me now… but at 47 yrs old, I already kick my own backside so much, maybe that’s why I’m numb…I just don’t think it would help..

    1. As Stay-At-Home Mom for whom Motherhood was My 2nd Career … I can relate … and it was certainly more common for Me as–Mom–to be the one to raise our Kids.

      As You Already Indicated That You … Know–You Are RIGHT NOW Doing THE MOST Difficult&Demanding&Important Job EVER. Your Wife & Son ARE SO LUCKY … Now–If Only You Would Realize It.

      My suggestion for a New&Helpful Direction is to start learning how to cook up GOOD FOOD … in addition to Ammo:

      1. It ain’t the 1950’s anymore–Cooking Is NOW–Muy Macho…

      2. In NO TIME Your Son Will Want His School Buddies To Come Over & What Better Magnets Can There Be Than Offering Nutritious Food & Dad’s Supervision…

      AND 3. Home Cooking IS SIMPLY THE BEST Aromatherapy THERE IS !!

    2. Dear K,
      I usually never read blog postings. But for some reason today I read Perry’s email and decided to check out his blog. I don’t believe in luck or accidents.

      Your posting touched me because though the circumstances were all different in my life, the ‘feeling’ of numbness and going nowhere was the same. I read on, but felt compelled to come back and reply to your posting. The answer to your dilemma might lie in your own words. You are a Christian. Christians live on faith. “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see

      For so long I didn’t “get it.” I didn’t understand that we all design our lives with our thoughts and that the bible tells us EXACTLY how to go about it.

      I can relate to how you’re feeling and what it’s like to languish in uncertain neutrality, to feel like there is something you SHOULD be doing but can’t figure out what it is. How feeling numb seems like a better alternative to feeling anything because you’re sure if you felt something it would be painful. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY! Honestly, it doesn’t and I am proof of it.

      This is a subject I’ve studied at length and even wrote an adult bible study course about. I’d be very happy to share the information with you (or anyone else who is interested, Christian or not.) I encourage you to email me at [email protected].

      Perry, thanks for communicating with so many folks, encouraging them in their endeavors and sharing your life experiences. I love your writing style and content. Thank goodness you were fired so many times or you might not have ended up blogging :-)

    3. K,

      You don’t need a kick in the backside — you need a brainwashing — as in with soap and water. :-)

      It’s easy to get down on yourself, and it can be worse for a man who’s been staying at home with children (a very tough job — I know. We raised nine of ’em) while his wife was out “bringing home the bacon”.

      I suggest some good books for you to read: “Life is Tremendous” by Charles E. “Tremendous” Jones. “How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success” by Frank Boettger (pronounced “betcher”), “Move Ahead With Possibility Thinking” by Robert Schuller, “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz, then learn the art of clearing head trash by writing down in vivid terms how your (future) life (will be) *is* as if it’s already accomplished. Put it on a card, and read it out loud to yourself three times daily, while vividly imagining its reality in your mind as if it’s already accomplished.

      God don’t make no junk. And you do not have the right to put you down — EVER. So start seeing yourself as already accomplished. If you can’t figure out what you’re passionate about, get passionate about your wife and son, and your responsibility to care for them. God told Adam he’d meat bread by the sweat of his face all the days of his life (no retirement at 76 here — he lived to more than 800).
      There was no directive for Eve to get a job. So see yourself as the responsible man who enjoys the task of providing for his own.

      I’m not suggesting it’ll be easy, but it must be done.

      I was talking to a woman a few days ago in the local supermarket, and she spoke of her well-educated husband who simply refused to get up out of the chair and go make a living. I hope my wife isn’t thinking that because she’s bringing home the bacon (above our social security checks) that carries a lot of freight while I get a business going.

      Last: Never give up. Never quit. Keep telling yourself you’re a winner until you actually believe it. The greatest reward just might be hearing others tell you they didn’t think you could do it.


  21. Perry

    Love your story. I have been fired at least 4 times.

    I realized that working for unethical corporations caused conflicts with me and the middle managers who were very good at playing the corporate politics to save their butts because I would call them out on their BS. Well you can imagine that this did not go well for my career.

    FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.

    FEAR is used to program people into behaving and not protesting and thinking for themselves. However, people will eventually see through this and they begin to protest at some level.

    When FEAR is no longer the emotion that controls what you can do and people begin to “think” and they do think of creative solutions to solving problems.

    Your solution to become a Online Expert Marketer has gone on to inspire and teach others who in-turn have created their own solutions harnessing the Internets ability to connect people.

    When we see that FEAR is not real. Then we can move forward to achieving, creating, inspiring, teaching, connecting, and living a life that leaves a legacy of change.

    Thank you for pushing through your FEARS and creating the legacy of Planet Perry !!

  22. I have been fired/laid off from 11 jobs in my 25 years working career so far. Its hard being unemployed and it can really hurt you mentally. Its also a great opportunity for self improvement.

    Lessons I have learned:

    1. A positive realistic attitude will solve most problems. Keep on going forward.

    2. Always be learning and improving. I learned a huge amount from bosses/companies I worked for. Both by what they did right, and what they did wrong.

    3. People Skills matter.

    4. You are replaceable. Somewhere I read cemeteries are full of irreplaceable people. That is so true.

    5. Age discrimination is a fact of life. You need to have your own business to insure a good future for your family.

    End Result – Running my own business full time that is finally at break even and about to hire my first paid employee in the US. Each of my job experiences has been a stepping stone to get me where I am now running my own business.

  23. Funny How It Turns Out That So Many of Our Most Painful & Agonizing Experiences Were … In The Final Analysis … The Times of Our Most Important&Helpful Lessons Learned.

    btw … My Dad–Another Successful Salesman Who–Like Yourself–Learned His Most Valuable Lessons THE HARD WAY … Taught Me Early On That–We’re ALL In SALES–Whether We Realize IT or NOT.

    Skills & Connections Are ALSO Important … I’m NOT Saying That They Aren’t … But There’s NO SHORTAGE of Highly Skilled &/or Well-Connected People In This World–And Those Who Think That Their Skills&Connections ALONE Will Guarantee Them A Paycheck Are In For SOME PAINFUL Reality Checks … As Your Personal History Lessons Illustrate SO WELL.

  24. At age 21, I was chief engineer and announcer at an AM radio station while attending school. Couldn’t afford the university so I got a physics degree from the local state college. The station changed managers and the new mgr jumped me for something without having the facts. I quit. Lesson: Don’t jump your engineer when you’re off the air (a problem developed that took days for them to bring someone in to fix and get back on).

    A few weeks later I got married at 22, and set up an electronic service business in our apartment — sound contracting, building speaker systems for commercial PA. The next year I bought a TV service/sales shop and 2 cable TV systems. Scrapped the systems 8 months later, and shut the business 2 years after take-over because there wasn’t enough market for me — much less me and 8 competitors!

    Moved and took a job at HP as assembly-line technician on 5-digit digital voltmeter. Took turn-on and test from about 8 hours per machine to 90 minutes in 9 months.

    15 months after hiring on, I started grad school at Colorado State University. 2 years after that I was a technical staff engineer designing computer systems to test chips (5000 trasistors on a chip — now they put 5,000,000,000 in essentially the same space!)

    7 yrs of that and I wanted out. The R&D lab manager didn’t like me, I didn’t like him, I wanted out, he wanted me out, so I went to marketing as a senior tech writer on a lower pay curve. Dropped work hours by a third and in 3-1/2 years my salary went up 55%.

    During the last 4 years of engineering, I built my own home (6000 square feet at the time, now about 8300 with garage). The month I started writing (Jan 1979) is the month I got my state license as a registered professional engineer. Why? I got tired of dealing with building inspectors who couldn’t understand the code book.

    In 1985, I had a boss trying to fire me. They reorg’ed the department and I got a new boss. When he showed me what my earlier boss was doing, that was bad news. Not long after, I caught my old boss hoarding personnel that could be better used elsewhere (lesson: never hire a former business owner into the corporate cubicle club), blew the whistle to the marketing manager and my old boss was no longer a manager.

    During those years I was also a “circle-drawing machine”. Things were looking good until upline got stupid and destroyed it all (another (cousin) part of the organization Joshua was in).

    1985 I started working on Unix. Had the HP Unix reference manual for 4 years. Kept it up to date and improved working 30 hours per week. They moved it to
    CA and replaced me with 10 full-time people who couldn’t make schedule (the last edition I produced was 3000 pages, 3 volumes, bigger than a Grainger catalog).

    I made a stink — publicly about it. The manager of the 10 was very unhappy and tried a harrassment action against me. Didn’t work. I’d put up so much heat they moved her to a different job.

    Then to online help for Unix system admin software for most of 7 years. Then I got into the face of the successor of the previous manager of 10 and she wanted me “punished for being a poor team player”.

    I was supporting 22 staff engineers and working about 3-4 hrs/day, holding down a chair the rest of the time. I could have done a job in a week that needed to be done, but they wouldn’t let me do it. I had to cripple features in the help that customers needed, adn it took longer to break the system than it would take to fix it. Thus the “in her face” approach that was so un-PC.

    30 years was enough. I retired (quit, actually). It took an MIT grad with an MS in computer science and 2 others to replace me. A year later they were asking if I’d like to come back. Another six months and my old boss of 10 years from 1985-95 was asking, “You’ve got a price — what it would cost us to get me back in here?”

    Yet, with all that success and productivity, and never having been fired from a job, and consistently winning essentially every battle I’ve been in (didn’t always get *everything* I wanted, but still on top), I took on what I thought would be an “easy gig” — until I found myself being taught by people named Masterson, Makepeace, Levis, Marshall, Boswell, Carlton, Slaunwhite, Stelzner, and a bunch of others.

    What an abrupt eye-opener. A top-ranked senior writer meets Direct Response. What a smack in the head with a baseball bat!

    Still, with all that, I face a dragon. The one you revealed…


    It’s real. It can be a brick wall. Its roots run very deep. Years of critics predicting failure while I took 4 years to build my home and raise nine kids with a lot of commitment to my bride of nearly 45 years. I’m ever thankful the Good Lord blessed me with enough sense to marry her.

    Still that 4-letter ogre stands before me and I have to attack it every day. I know it’s a phantom, but it still must be overcome.

    And that’s why I so value your willingness to expose yourself the way you do. It gives the rest of us hope as we fight our dragons.

    Thanks for being there. You’re an inspiration!


  25. Always good to read your posts Perry and a privledge to follow you. Guess this just hit my pc at the right time as I’m grabbing at any opportunity which lands to my inbox in the hope of success. Having grown up with a silver spoon and always being my own boss when I sold out I looked forward to a luxurious lifestyle BUT Recession errupted around the world and my investments plummeted to zero. So what you say makes a lot of sense as I really suspect I’m in fear right now and need to conquer it and become positive looking to better times.

  26. I normally just pass on the emails that are not directly related to what I am working on. But I read this one and laughed all the way threw it. It was me in a way. In and out of jobs and mlm’s. I have a hard time working for others that are stupid self centered and scared they are going to be out done by me. So when I was in my early 20’s married two kids, dog, new cars, house and did not make enough to pay all the bills. I quit my job and started my own business. Design drafting and parting out cars. Sold the business a few years later. I still work for myself from home. I have been able to spend nearly every day with my wife and kids. It has been grand! Thanks to the ones that was horrible to work with that drove me to quit my J.O.B.

  27. Thanks, Perry. I had the largest smile on my face reading this. The angst you feel when you screw up badly is almost terrifying. However, I actually learned pretty early how to face my fears. As a really young boy, really have no idea how old I was, I used to have nightmares.(maybe it was living in the inner-city)
    But one night after waking up white as a ghost I managed to calm myself down and go back to sleep; and back to the same nightmare. When I woke up again and realized it was still a nightmare, I thought, let’s see where this goes. Wow, it went nowhere.

    Well I found out not all fears wind up the same way; but, the great majority of them become manageable.

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  28. Perry, I have to admit I fell for a similar pyramid type when I was in college, then one of my friends told me that he fell for it too before he figured out what it was. Oww!

    Same with sales – I used to be very shy until I started doing telephone sales for DSL when I was in college (even though it was only for a few months) and that really helped my communication.

    But really all this experience prepared me to start my own web design business. This year we’ll be celebrating 4th year anniversary. 5 years since I was fired from what at the time seemed like the perfect dream job (having never been fired before).

    – Sam

  29. Perry,

    Great story. I remember when I was sucked into mlm…they painted a pretty picture, and I did make a little money. But I never knew a phone could weigh 2 tons. Although I’m still putting the pieces to my puzzle together, I guess we always are, I learned a great deal from my mlm experiences(even made a little money). And the exposure to self growth in that industry really put me on the right track.

    I had to comment on this one, because I related to it so well. I’m still going to be a diamond someday, just not with A*way

  30. How true. It sounds like typical “self help” B.S. but when you live it and go beyond understanding to attaining the state beyond fear you know it is true.

    I spent the first 34 years of my life doing whatever I wanted to do. There were no bosses to fire me. I worked independently as a craftsperson and mini entrepreneur.

    Then at age 35 I changed my life hoping to find a more stable and secure life. I became an employee…..worse yet ….a salesperson!

    I can remember cutting my hair and buying acceptable clothing like ties and sportcaots…..picking out an actual briefcase and reading books on sales success.

    In the beginning fear was my mentor. I didn’t know myself anymore. Fortunately I had someone who kept telling me that I was better than so and so, the leading salesperson in the country for the company I worked for,,a nationwide firm.

    Her truth finally sank in and fear was replaced with determination and “true grit”.

    For the next 25 years I was in the top 3 in sales in the country and at one time was the top producer beating out my old nemesis.

    Fear vanished and has never returned. It is definitely true what Perry says.

  31. Perry, I have to admit that I don’t read all the emails you send out–I tend to cherry pick based on the title. Today, I am trying to get my act together to work on a project that is overdue and read your email as a delay tactic. The joke was on me. Your story has spurred me on to dive head first into the project. Thanks!

  32. Great story today, Perry. Here’s one of my conquering-fear stories: All my life I have been afraid of spiders. I got it from my mom, though she always denied being afraid of them. Then last year I told myself that I was about 500 times bigger than any spider and we could co-exist. The only rules I put on it were that they can’t come into my bedroom or near my computer. If they do, they’re toast.

    So now if I see one on the ceiling, I talk to it, tell it my rules and also mention that I have cats who just might want to eat it. It usually stays right up on the ceiling. But what I have noticed about me is that I can look at them, talk to them and not be repulsed or fearful.

    This may seem like a silly fear compared to speaking in front of millions or singing at the Super Bowl, but it was a huge shift for me.



  33. Great sounds familiar…was fired several times myself…in every prayers were answered..sooner than I you follow a step by step process for eliminating FEAR?..the unconscious kind?

      1. Perry-

        RE: “For me it’s a prayer: ‘What lie am I believing about this?’

        The answer will come.”

        THE LIE: “Alchemy – the creation of something from nothing – is reality. A very liberating reality, once you truly understand it.” [This Assertion was the topic of 3 of Your Marketing Newsletters: May 16-17-18, 2011]

        THE ANSWER: Only GOD can create “Something Out of Nothing”…The Rest of US take the GOD-Given Raw Materials…To Live & Move & Have Our Being…SEE Acts 17:24-29.

        Christian’s Should Understand That We Are All “Children of God”…Furthermore–We Should Know ALSO That OUR “New&True” IDEAS Are “GOD’S OFFSPRING”–As Well !!

        Isaac Newton said: “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” EVERYBODY Needs To Recognize That The TRUTH of This Statement Applies TO US All. Everything…right on down to the words that we have to help us form our thoughts…has been given to us through centuries of Hard Work at attempts to TRULY Understand & Describe & Test & Apply & Produce Goods To Trade & Share (or maybe “pull a fast one”)…Through Jesus Christ–Whether We Knew Our Host’s Name–or NOT…And Whether We Followed His House Rules–or NOT.

        The “very liberating reality” that We are capable of “Alchemy – the creation of something from nothing” is the Atheist’s Liberation…From Any Acknowledgment of INTELLIGENCE BEYOND Their “Own Ideas”… 8 /

        1. Dear Mary,
          I am a Christian, but like so many of us I have ideas that diverge from the mainstream at times.

          I would however question your assertion that all of our ideas are God’s children: this is a little like Bishop Barclay who philosophized that something only existed because it was beheld by someone, when riposted that there were things that existed without having been seen, he said that it existed because God had seen it.

          Humankind is free, free to think, procreate, make things and invent things out of thin air if we so choose or have the said ability. You may ask why! In all of Creation, the human is the only spiritual being that has this ability – an Angel that defies God cannot remain an Angel. A human that defies God can ask forgiveness through Christ. We have to be free, it is a necessity, because if we were not free to choose, we could not love God from our own selves. Love cannot be bought nor sold, caught or tamed. It is of its own and that is the job of the human to learn.

          There are many things that come out of thin air – just look at clouds! Rain? Thoughts even. I have had sufficient number of original thoughts in my lifetime to know that they were new – now this is where I ask for your indulgence: these thoughts could have been provoked by God, or one of his messengers … or something less salubrious perhaps?

          As to Alchemy being a liberation for Atheists, it may well be; but it is also an ancient and very Christian tradition. We as humans are allowed to use science for both good and bad. It is our choice.

          With love, Gem

          1. Gem-

            You are right–We members of the Human Family ARE free in the Many Important Ways that You listed…to think…to procreate…to make things…and to invent things out of thin air…

            IMPORTANT NOTES: We Are ALSO Free To…Make Mistakes…To Think Things That Are Wrong Ideas—even tho’ they’re our “fav” ideas…To Destroy Our Ability To Procreate…To Choose To Neglect &/or Abuse What We’ve Procreated…To Tear Down What We or Others Have Made…To Invent Things Out of Thin Air–BUT NOT OUT of NOTHING.

            For example…You wrote…

            “I would however question your assertion that all of our ideas are God’s children: this is a little like Bishop Barclay who philosophized that something only existed because it was beheld by someone, when riposted that there were things that existed without having been seen, he said that it existed because God had seen it.”

            The Bishop You cited is NOT Bishop Barclay but…“Bishop [George] Berkeley (12 March 1685 – 14 January 1753 Bishop of Cloyne), an Anglo-Irish philosopher whose primary achievement was the advancement of a theory he called immaterialism. This theory denies the existence of material substance and contends instead that familiar objects like tables and chairs are only ideas in the minds of perceivers, and as a result cannot exist without being perceived. Thus, as Berkeley famously put it, for physical objects “esse est percipi” (“to be is to be perceived”)…Berkeley argued against Sir Isaac Newton’s doctrine of absolute space, time and motion in De Motu (on Motion), published 1721. His arguments were a precursor to the views of Mach and Einstein.

            Let’s get the old jokes that this Philosophy of Immaterialism gave rise to out of the way first…

            If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it fall–did it make a sound?

            If a man speaks in the forest and no woman is there to hear his words–is he still wrong?

            Bishop Berkeley was born roughly a century after the invention of the microscope and 3/4ths century after the invention of the telescope. Galileo Galilei–in Italy–and Antony van Leeuwenhoek–in Holland–started to Really Rock The World with discoveries of previously unsuspected worlds of planetary satellites and microbes. Galileo’s AND Leeuwenhoek’s lives & works are examples of Best Uses of Human Freedom of Thought–for which Galileo–like Christ Himself–was persecuted at the hands of Church & Govt Authorities…tho’ to NOWHERE NEAR the physical tortures to which Christ was subjected. The Catholic Church later recanted its original suspicions of heresy on Galileo’s part and in 1737 moved his remains from the small room next to the novices’ chapel at the end of a corridor from the southern transept of the sacristy to the Basilica of Santa Croce…to the main body of the basilica after a monument had been erected there in Galileo’s honor.

            Anywho–Suddenly–Religion AND Philosophy NOT Only had to start to account for all these–Previously Unseen/Unknown Phenomena…They suddenly found themselves in the Eye of a Hurricane as Ideas first formally stated by Aristotle and that had held sway for 2000 years…

            The Geocentric (Earth-Centered) View That The Sun & The Stars & Planets of The Universe Orbit US–Here On Earth…And…

            Spontaneous Generation (a.k.a., abiogenesis) Views That Life is formed–SPONTANEOUSLY & ALL THE TIME–from inanimate raw materials…mud along riverbanks spontaneously generates frogs…milk allowed to sit in a container for a few days will spontaneously generate those “newly discovered” microbes…And—As Aristotle himself put it…[edited] “instances of spontaneous generation come from putrefying earth or vegetable matter [as] a number of insects are spontaneously generated in the inside of animals out of the secretions of their several organs. —Aristotle, History of Animals, Book V, Part 1”…

            Were SUDDENLY Giving Way To NEW Views…

            The “Universe” is NOT Geocentric–but is actually Heliocentric (Sun-centered) as first formally proposed by Copernicus and supported by Galileo…And later we learned that even our sun is NOT “The Center of The Universe” but a star (among an estimated 100-400 billion) positioned about 2/3rds of the way out in an arm of a spiral galaxy that we call the Milky Way (our galaxy among a known 200 billion galaxies)…And…

            Life does NOT “Spontaneously Generate” but arises from fertilized eggs, spores &/or cell divisions that…prior to the invention of the microscope…were simply too small to be seen with the unaided eye.

            Any Religious Leader & Philosopher worth their salt NOW had to start to allow for Unknown & Unseen Worlds Too Small For Our Strongest Microscopes To Magnify AND Worlds Too Large For Our Strongest Telescopes To Bring Into A Focus—For Our Human Eyes To Perceive…As Well As Sounds & All Manner of OTHER Sensations That Are “BEYOND The Scope of Our Sensibilities To Perceive”…But Which—Never-the-less—Exist & Have Profound Effects Upon Our World Which We’ve Either Failed To NOTICE…or…Accurately Account For.

            Ergo…The reason for Bishop Berkeley’s statement that You included that…“when riposted that there were things that existed without having been seen, he said that it existed because God had seen it.”

            Gemma–THIS Philosophical Statement is necessary to counter Other Prevailing Views–That to be “The First” to “Discover” Something…Confers Rights & Title of First Claim Ownership. THIS IS The Heat At The Heart of Much of The Debate Storming Around The Various Genetic & Genome Projects…Namely–IF Your Lab Is The First To Decode A Gene–Does This Confer Legal Rights To Patent This Info That You “Discovered” ?? We KNOW What “Self-Proclaimed” Atheists Would Say.

            You stated that…“There are many things that come out of thin air – just look at clouds! Rain?” Rain–as we know–precipitates as part of The Water Cycle…It FIRST had to evaporate from the Earth to the Sky (specifically–the Troposphere layer of the Earth’s Atmosphere) BEFORE it could collect into Clouds & Rain Down…as conditions of temperature & wind speed & air density allow.

            You stated that…“I have had sufficient number of original thoughts in my lifetime to know that they were new” Really ??…I suspect that it is FAR MORE LIKELY That–The Combinations of Your Experiences and Your Ever-Maturing Mind & Body Generated–New To You–Thoughts…That…As You Look & Listen Around At What Others Are Saying & Doing–You Will See These Same Ideas Reflected The World Over By Others Who Couldn’t POSSIBLY Have Learned Your “Original Thoughts” From You.

            THIS IS “The REAL Alchemy”…Alchemy means to…Separate and Join Together…dissolve and coagulate…evaporate and precipitate.

            We–Individually & With & Through Others & Our World–Raise Our Thoughts To Higher Levels & Deeper Dimensions That We Had Previously NOT Known…Where We Find Our “New” Selves With “New” Others. Some of These “New” Others Are–Like Ourselves–Recently Raised & Promoted…While Others Are More Like The “New” Father In The Famous Joke From Mark Twain…

            “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”

            …The Father Is A “New” Man To His Son–NOT Because The Father Has CHANGED! So Much…

            Getting back to Bishop Berkeley–one more time…“Bishop Berkeley argued against Sir Isaac Newton’s doctrine of absolute space, time and motion in De Motu (on Motion), published 1721. His arguments were a precursor to the views of Ernst Mach and Albert Einstein.”

            So–A century BEFORE these two Great Physicists were born–Bishop Berkeley served to course correct what Sir Isaac Newton had gotten wrong…And help the efforts to lead the world to take the Next Step from it’s ideas that were setting scientists on quests to discover the Absolute Laws That Govern The Universe to…Today’s Ideas of Relativity.

            Remember those first jokes that were…kinda-sorta…about Bishop Berkeley’s theories…

            If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it fall–did it make a sound?

            If a man speaks in the forest and no woman is there to hear his words–is he still wrong?

            A 3rd variation on this theme could be added…

            If a Catholic Bishop speaks in the forest and no Protestant is there to hear his words–is he still wrong?

            Think about it–Gem–BUT…IT IS YOUR CHOICE TO…
            Think About IT–or NOT.


      2. Forgive Me if I’m repeating Myself…

        It doesn’t look as if I EVER got around to stating the main response that I meant to give concerning Your Statement to art–as to how You eliminate FEAR…

        Perry–You Wrote:
        “‘For me it’s a prayer: “What lie am I believing about this?’

        The answer will come.”

        For Me–It’s also a prayer:

        Lord–You Have The Words of Everlasting Life…
        Please… give them to Me that I might share…

  34. Wow Perry! Thanks for that kick in the pants. I was reading your email procrastinating an area I am unsure how to do and don’t want to mess up! This is another one of many times something you have said has changed things for me. Thanks your emails are always worth reading.

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