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Financial Headtrash Removal LIVE – Sozo session with Dr. Margaret Nagib

Sozo is a unique inner healing method that resolves core identity issues at a spiritual level. With a healed connection, you can walk in your full capacity and destiny. A Sozo session is a time for the Sozo facilitator(s) to sit down with you and, in a safe environment ideal for receiving “memos from the head office,” deliver insight from heaven on what’s holding you back. Sozo is not a counseling session; nobody will sit you down and ask, “So tell me about your mother.” Rather it is a time of listening to God in pursuit of the truth of who you are.

I (Perry) am trained in Sozo. One time when I was co-facilitating a session, the participant said, “WOW, when I pray, usually all I hear back is static, but today it is crystal clear!” It is an uncanny experience. Sozo is created and delivered on an explicitly Christian foundation. However, people of all faiths are welcome. Clients from nearly every religion and worldview have reported big breakthroughs. The scriptures repeatedly show that God can talk to anyone – from Cyrus king of Persia, to the wise men of the East, to even Balaam’s Donkey – and Sozo is likewise effective with anyone who is simply open to hearing.

Sozo is safe. The facilitator will not take you anywhere you do not want to go. I’ve found that even the most traumatic past experiences can be resolved with surprisingly little discomfort.

Financial Sozo, Margaret and My Mom

Where to get a Sozo session: We used to recommend a list of local facilitators (mostly through churches) but we found our customers’ experiences were very inconsistent. Non-Christians would sometimes have confrontational experiences. Furthermore, very very few Sozo people are properly trained to work on financial stuff. Thus we no longer recommend an a la carte list. We recommend that you use the people we recommend below. Those people do not compensate us for our recommendation; we just have learned that if we don’t make strict recommendations, the results are all over the place.

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The people we do recommend are superb and we consistently get people gushing about their experience.

Note to people of non-Christian faiths: The specific individuals I recommend below are trained to ask you about and respect whatever spiritual boundaries you set. They will not take you anywhere you don’t want to go. I can’t speak for others that you may find on the Bethel Sozo Network website etc.

In-person is ideal but these facilitators do sessions via Skype and our experience is that they work very well. I have hand-picked these facilitators, knowing ALL of them personally. I have done sessions myself with all of them. They are all extremely experienced as well as additionally familiar with Financial dimensions of Sozo.

Notice to people of Christian faith: All you have to do is a Google search and you will find an abundance of people saying that Sozo is some sort of new-age, non-Biblical, anti-Christian heresy. As a Biblically literate person who has been around theology debates most of my life, I can assure you this is not true.

Please also notice that most people slamming Sozo usually have little to offer people who struggle with head trash, addictions, etc.. Other than “read your Bible and pray more and exercise more self control.” (How’s that working for ya?) Some articles that address common criticisms of prayer counseling ministry:

Here is the list of qualified Sozo facilitators we recommend who conduct sessions via Skype:

Stephen De Silva
CPA (retired), Prosperous Soul
Founder of Financial Sozo
Speaker from my Financial Sozo event

Susan Anderson
Redding Bethel Financial Sozo

Ray Leight
Redding Bethel Financial Sozo

Margaret Nagib. Psy.D
Dunamis Counseling

Stephanie Richter
Prosperous Soul

Gail Spooner
Redding Bethel Financial Sozo

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