How to Sell ANYTHING with the Power Triangle: Traffic, Conversion, and Economics

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7 How to Sell ANYTHING with the Power TriangleUse these marketing tips of the Power Triangle to boost sales.

The first step is getting traffic: You gotta get human bodies, eyes, and ears, to sell to—without raising their defenses, if at all humanly possible.

The next step on the list of marketing tips is conversion: You have to convince the person that what you have is going to solve their problem.

The final step is economics: You have to give them something that’s valuable and get their money.

Traffic, conversion, and economics form a Power Triangle that governs everything that happens in sales and marketing. Use these marketing tips to your advantage and watch your business grow.


Figure 6-1: The Power Triangle and 80/20. Warning: Don’t let the simplicity of the triangle deceive you. You can do many things with this tool. (Illustration by Danielle Flanagan)

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