When Ninja Marketers send out a Christmas Gift

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Wanna knock your clients’ socks off with a Christmas gift next year?

Travis Miller and Jimmy Vee of www.gravitationalmarketing.com send out Christmas Boxes like nobody else I’ve ever seen.

They are the founders of Rich Dealers www.richdealers.com.

They sent me this gorgeous and immensely creative package, which was built with great care.

In the video, I invite my son Cuyler Marshall to open the box on camera, since Cuyler is an aficionado of mixed drinks.

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Watch as we open the box. The companion video to the package is online at www.ESPholiday.com. ESP stands for Enjoyable – Simple – Prosperous.



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3 Comments on “When Ninja Marketers send out a Christmas Gift”

  1. Great gift idea to top clients. Arises many offshoots. Chess game with stylized figures with a book or 2 thrown in and lemonade with recipies for 50 drinks, and bobble head(s) of you the owner.

    Books on funny marketing but also serious stuff.
    Maybe a book you as CEO wrote. And cds of great music, and or talks……..hey brings allot to the imagination! Cooooooll.

  2. I love it! Cuyler is the classic “let’s dig right into this” and then Perry is the “hold-on-look-at-these-details” guy.

    Great marketing by Travis and Jimmy!

    The only negative was Cuyler rubbing the styrofoam packaging together by accident. That’s like nails on a chalkboard for me!

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