Content Czar Update: The Test

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Ten outstanding applicants for my position of Content Czar received the following message from me this morning: “Half of the 20 applicants for Content Czar have been eliminated. The ones that remain are all strong contenders. Congratulations: You have passed the first round of applications for the position of Content Czar! Now it’s time to run you through the maze…”

Tannah's plea: Saving Santa's Elves from Ourselves

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My daughter’s humanitarian concerns are currently directed towards├ó…. Elves.

She asked me to forward this to everyone I know.

I decided to put it on my blog and let the world decide. So – here goes:

Did you know that elves work 18 hours a day! And they get paid PENNIES per hour.

Observations & Predictions about Google, as of late December 2008

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If Google lowers the quality threshold to get more exposures and clicks, they win and you lose – by getting lower quality traffic to your site. monitors millions of search engine results and they are noting a 54% growth in Google’s “first page advertisers”. Google very well may be poised for a record quarter for Q4 2008. That’s what I’m predicting.

7 Interesting Things, Including 2 Offbeat Christmas Gift Ideas….

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-One of this year’s best business books
-The “gearhead version” of Internet history (you’ve heard the jock and prom queen version enough already)
-15 minutes with me and the guys at my office
-The Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot in West Point, Kentucky
-Microloans for Bolivia and orphans in India no longer homeless
-The coolest online service I’ve run across in quite some