Shame, Curiosity, "RH" and the Best Estudiante Ever

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I was in a meeting somewhere, a mastermind group. With a bunch of different guys who teach and coach. Someone mentioned a guy named Kevin. Said something like “He does everything I tell him to do.”

“You mean Kevin Thompson? Hey, I know him. He does everything I tell him to do too.”

Someone else said, “Me too.”

Sometimes, business success is about bigger things than business.

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Thanks to what I’ve learned from you and Perry, we’ve been able to do just that. Our first stop this summer was Boston, where he was able to get scoped by one of the world’s leading pediatric gastroenterologists, and now we’re down in Florida doing IV treatments at a cost of more than $1K per week.
Even if we had health insurance in this country (which we don’t), they deny coverage for these sorts of treatments as a matter of course. All told, the cost of this trip is likely to exceed $20K.

Facebook Ads Success Story: 90% Cost Savings

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Thomas Meloche of sells a software tool for accelerated learning. He budgeted $20,000 for advertising on Facebook and getting beta testers. But it only took $2,000 to get the results he wanted – 90% less than he thought.

In this interview, he gives away his $5,000 “Spaghetti Sauce” principle (and yes I agree, it really will turn into a $5,000 tip for some folks!) and talks about the difference between Google advertising and Facebook advertising:

A Quality Score Checklist, Mastering Motivation in 2009, a Photographer's USP, and "Goodnight Mrs. Calabash."

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There will be no ongoing story about Google or AdWords that generates more angst and frustration than Quality Score. That is a fact and will continue to be so. And this is too important for Perry and me underemphasize in 2009. On Tuesday evening this last week I did a 60-minute Bootcamp teleseminar with new buyers of our Definitive Guide … Read More