Replay: When Christmas Makes You Sad

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If Christmas does not make you sad, this message may not be for you. Feel free to move on to whatever’s next in your day. However if you DO relate – if you’re one of those people who struggles with the Holidays because of tough family situations, loneliness or losses, this is for you. On Christmas Eve, I hosted a very special … Read More

What Joe Polish Taught Me about Lead Generation

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Joe Polish is a legend in the marketing world. He’s a former carpet cleaner turned marketing guru He’s pals with the likes of Richard Branson and Paula Abdul. The running joke about Joe is, he always says “Let me introduce you to my good friend ____” because EVERYBODY is Joe’s good friend.

"Google AdWords for Dummies" book review

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A few years ago at an airport, I got a call from Howie Jacobson. “Hey Perry, the people who write the ‘Dummies’ books asked me to write an AdWords book and I said yes. Um, I hope that’s okay.”

I’d taught him AdWords early on, and he didn’t wanna tick me off by competing with my own books.

“No problem, Howie. I just want to make sure all the people in the AdWords cartel are my friends.”