Obama's Social Media Strategy, De-Constructed

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In the last 24 months, Facebook and Twitter have gone Supernova. We now have a “Social Media Expert” almost literally on every street corner.

While everyone else was tweeting and jumping up and down and yelling about it, David Bullock went DEEP. He exhaustively catalogued of Barack Obama’s social media campaign on his hard drive. While it was happening, in real time, before it disappeared forever.

Federal Regulations and Full Disclosure about Advertising

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Yesterday at lunch someone told me that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is introducing new rules about the use of testimonials.

The gist is: From now on you can’t just quote the happiest and most successful testimonials, you have to disclose how “everybody” does and what “average” is.

Some people are very, very concerned about this.

I happily confess that when I get emails with glowing success stories I ask for permission to use them and post them on the website.

When we get bitter complaints and gripes I do not ask for permission to use those complaints and we do not post them on our website.

I have never taken a survey to find out what my customers’ average increase in Click Thru Rate is; I do not know what the “average result” is. But I can give you a pretty darn accurate estimate, based on some 80/20 math.