Why Obama Won

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HOW did Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney?

SHALLOW ANSWER: Obama’s talking points were more astute, his ads better, his campaign better organized. Democrats raised & spent more money than the Republicans.


How a good man died because of bad marketing

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My wife Laura is is by no means a “Marketing Maniac,” but she’s learned a thing or two from years of sleeping with a guy who is.

Laura is heavily involved with relief agencies that serve the poorest of the poor in India and Africa. Last winter she went to a conference in St. Louis where hundreds of charities were recruiting workers and raising funds.

Her comment to me upon arriving home:

“It’s incredibly depressing that the same people who are doing some of the most important work in the entire world are the most abysmally horrible marketers.” And she plunks down a stack of brochures to prove the point.

Money / Success / Adwords vs Your Critter Brain

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My team brought my attention to R.C. Peck, an independent investment advisor. I loved his analysis of the “Critter Brain” which I myself often refer to as “Lizard Brain.” It’s the part of us that’s tempted to act like an animal when we need to think clearly and act rationally.