"Please Do Not Reply" – Here's Why

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Got this question from Tony, about the notice on the bottom of our email messages:

“All of your communication seems so cozy and personal etc but all your Infusionsoft messages have this statement at the bottom of them. I can’t help but think how “impersonal” and automated it looks and sounds especially when I know you have gone to great effort to get personal.

Just wondering….am I missing something here?”


Dear Tony:

Great question. When you send out 50,000 emails at a time, you’ll find out real fast, why we do this.

Once upon a time, the email address all those broadcasts come from was manned, and we answered messages that merited an answer. However when you let people indiscriminately send emails, you get all sorts of spam and nonsense and bitching and irrelevant remarks, along with “out of office replies.”

Less than 10% of that noise deserves a reply, and worse, inevitably we miss stuff that’s important. People send the occasional message like “please cancel my subscription” and we miss it…. then a month later they’re mad because we have “lousy customer service” and are “ripping them off.”

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One of the problems with the Internet is it’s sooo eeeaaasssy to communicate that people communicate when they have nothing to say.

So, in Planet Perry, if you have something you need to say, open a support ticket and say it.

Along the same lines – ever walk into a retail store and have to wait while the clerk ignores you and answers the phone? And all the while you know that a breathing human being physically inside their store is worth a lot more money than a phone call? Annoying, isn’t it?

We give our best customer service to people who jump through the hoops, buy things, join memberships, come to meetings. We try to ignore spammers. So should you.

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2 Comments on “"Please Do Not Reply" – Here's Why”

  1. amen perry! since going through your productivity course we’ve added zendesk as our support ticket system and its working really well. for example, our receptionist used to email me problems clients had. but the problem with email is you forget about once it goes to page two, and just like you mentioned, some issues are from VIP clients and others are shopping for an accountant, and each needs to be answered in a pripority level based on some type of value system.

  2. “ever walk into a retail store and have to wait while the clerk ignores you and answers the phone?”

    That one irritates me at stores with lots of employees. If its a ma and pa shop I’ll cut them some slack, but for big business…heck no! Have one of those employees that was following me around bugging me answer the phones, not the cashier!

    And in the same line…I will hang up on anyone that puts me on hold for call waiting. I get the call back with “Oh we must have been disconnected.” I tell them I hung up.

    Other than that I’m generally quite pleasant. :)

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