Self Sabotage, Inner Head Trash & Christmas

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Just this morning a guy told me how adding a simple upsell would have easily put tens of thousands of dollars in his pocket with 30 minutes of work. But he sat frozen in front of his computer, utterly unable to follow through on it.

It’s funny how many conversations I’ve had lately about “Inner Head Trash,” especially around Christmas.

He asked me, “How do you deal with this?…

Dysfunctions, Addictions & the Financial Burning Bus – Part 3

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In parts 1 and 2 I told you about Kevin: A guy who implements even simple marketing assignments with difficulty, not because they’re hard, not because he doesn’t ‘get it’, but because somehow his shame and inner ick get in the way.

He wrote me a candid email about his battles with gambling and porn addictions. He said,