Why You Should Only Implement 10%

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A lot of people feel GUILTY. All the time.


Because they have all these courses, books and training, and have gone to a bunch of seminars and haven’t hardly implemented any of it.

Guilt. Blame. Self condemnation.

Well, if you’ve done NONE of it, you *should* feel guilty, and get your hind end in gear.

But if you’re like most successful people, you’ve…

Setting goals when your business bores you

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Yesterday I was talking to a Roundtable member, Bill, from Colorado. His goal at the beginning of 2011 was 30% growth. He finished the year yesterday at 30.1% growth. He’s in a market where everyone else has lost ground this year, so BRAVO!

He mentioned that he wanted 2012 to bring him some new adventures; a repeat of 2011 wouldn’t be all that inspiring for him. He asked what I thought his 2011 goal should be.

I thought of my current project, the 2012 Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords – editing the 2nd edition to make the 3rd edition.

When I began, I was bored with it. “Gotta go through this thing and fix the stuff that’s out of date. B-o-r-i-n-g.”