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Got this note from a frustrated customer this morning:


I have bought yours and others info on how to make money with Google Adwords. I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on all kind of products that supposed to show how to make money with Google Adwords. I have followed thru on all the products, but in the end, they all did the same, nothing.

My family lost our beautiful daughter very suddenly and unexpected. She was only 31 years young. Since her loss, I have been trying to make a living with Google Adwords, but with no luck.

I know you are referred to as a Adwords expert. I have about come to the conclusion that the only ones who are making money are the ones selling these plans. I was told by another very successful internet marketer to contact you.

My family owns and runs a retail music store and have been for over 34 years. Since our daughter’s death, I have been trying to use Google Adwords to make money so I can find more time to spend with my family.

Family is so important. Can you make any suggestions as to what I can do to get started making money with Adwords? I look forward to hearing from you.

Sam L

Dear Sam:

First I want to express my condolences to you and your family. There is nothing more unthinkable to a parent than to lose a child. I’m sorry this has happened to you.

Before I get into specific advice, a couple of thoughts about your situation. I could be totally off on this so you’ll need to judge for yourself and decide if my advice makes sense for you.

Because of recent tragedies, you have all this pent up energy and frustration and that needs somewhere to go. If pouring that energy into an online business is the channel for you, then more power to you.

I want you to be careful to not go into this and swing wildly at different things out of sadness, frustration and RAGE. Your energy needs to be channeled and harnessed in a definite direction.

People do this in all kinds of ways, by the way. MANY times people embark on the entrepreneurial journey as a reaction to some wound or bad event. Often it’s a desire to ESCAPE by whatever means possible.

I remember one guy who came to an event whose turning point had been a debilitating car accident. It seemed like that wound had become part of his identity, I think in an unhealthy way.

google scorecard How to make money with Google AdWordsYou don’t want life’s tragedies to set you adrift in some random direction. There is great energy here but just like exploding gasoline it needs to be harnessed. Gasoline exploding in a car engine pushes the cylinders down and moves your forward. Gasoline exploding at a storefront in Tehran just kills people.

It would be good if you can find someone who can talk this out with you (a counselor would be a GREAT thing for you right now) – and a couple of close friends. And: I encourage you to find someone who has a successful online business who can track your progress. Just talking this stuff out with other people can help a LOT.

Now to the business part of your question:

  • Understand that AdWords is not itself a business. It is for Google, but for you it’s an advertising medium. Google did not design AdWords to be the Great Refuge for everybody who hates their job. Google designed AdWords to deliver the very best commercial offerings to people who search Google.

You must directly acknowledge going into this that Google doesn’t owe you a thing. I can only imagine some gal in Google’s AdWords department who just put down the phone this morning, rolling her eyes, saying to her co-worker, “Just got done talking to Stupid Bloke #1,531 who thinks Google owes him 2 square inches on the world’s biggest search engine just cuz he’s got room on his credit card.”

  • Thus your #1 job right now is to pick some niche in the world where you can deliver some product, service, or information that’s truly worthwhile. You may experiment with 5 or 10 or 20 different things at once, but you’re looking for a place where you can stake your claim. You MUST find a Unique Selling Proposition. That is the golden key to all of this.
  • You need to find or create something that DESERVES to occupy space on Google. The fundamental question you must ask yourself is, “What can I GIVE to the world that has great value, so that I will truly DESERVE to paid for it?” Any lower aspiration than that falls short.

My advice to ANYONE like you who is casting about – and frankly to everyone who’s making less than $25,000/year online – is to scour my blog post “Memo to a Pink Koolaid Drinker”. Read through it carefully and do EVERY exercise.

This applies whether you’re doing affiliate marketing, building your own micro-empire or finding clients to consult. Your success zone is wherever a genuine desire in some market intersects with your unique abilities and passions.

Again I express my condolences to you and your family, and my prayers and best wishes for re-inventing yourself and your career as you heal.

Perry Marshall

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  • Hi Perry,

    First I would like to say thank you that you are one that shows compassion. I would also like t send my condolences and blessings to the family and to say that I will keep you al in my prayers.

    Perry, I have had my google adwords account for a time now and I am thinking about just letting it go but wanted to see if it could bring in anything before I do. I have not been trying to be a millionaire but mt current situation is drastic.

    Is there anything that you could tell me or can you direct me to a link?

    GOD Bless, thank you and it is so nice to meet you.

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