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There’s a vast initiation ritual, akin to fraternity hazing, in which entrepreneur wannabe’s are stripped of their wallets and ID’s and forced to drink pints of vodka while spinning on merry-go-rounds. They’re fed sandwiches made of spam and fantasy lunch meat, and stripped of their self-respect and self-confidence one dollar at a time, before finally being released to re-learn everything they thought they knew in the school of hard knocks.

The name of this ritual is “Business Opportunity.” Marketing insiders refer to it as “Bizop.” A multi-billion dollar industry.

Perpetrators of this scheme rationalize it this way: “Somebody’s going to separate all those cattle from their money, it might as well be me.”

(I’ve heard all kinds of variations of exactly that.)

Citizens of Planet Perry, almost to a person, are folks who’ve somehow managed to survive all this with their sanity and marriages intact, and who are finally ready to learn how business REALLY works.

Did you know that in copywriting, “WORK” is a four letter word? “LEARN” is a four-letter too. I probably shouldn’t have used it.

The word “learn” is only appealing to people who’ve finished drinking the pink koolaid, vomited up the poison, recovered from their near-death experience, mopped the puke off floor and decided there’s still got to be a way to make a business successful. They’re now prepared to find out what it is.

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People who are NOT ready for a real business are enamored with words like these:

just follow the system
4-hour work week
minimal investment

People who’ve made the switch are much more interested in words like these:


When you’re finally sick and tired of blowing $2000 on courses that are purported to spit $100 bills onto your living room floor like a magic ATM machine, “with just a few simple steps” . . .

. . . when you accept that work is a joy and a calling and not something to be avoided . . .

That’s when the real discovery starts.

My “Four hour work week” reference isn’t a dig at Tim Ferris, by the way. Tim works 100 hours a week :^> Leading by example, I tell ya. The title of the book simply reflects the fantasy that book buyers prefer to buy into.

To all those who’ve made the switch and are still in the game, welcome. This is where the adventure begins.

Perry Marshall

I love your comments, below.

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Perry Marshall has launched two revolutions in sales and marketing. In Pay-Per-Click advertising, he pioneered best practices and wrote the world's best selling book on Google advertising. And he's driven the 80/20 Principle deeper than any other author, creating a new movement in business.

He is referenced across the Internet and by Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, INC and Forbes Magazine.

85 Comments on “Who likes Planet Perry & who doesn't”

  1. Few more days and I am joining!!

    I read emails from you Perry, like I eat my lunch: every day.
    I’ve been marching on my foot for two years in my coaching business. during these times I have met some great coaches who gave me ton of value that helped me learn more. One of them kind adapted me in some way and became my mentor. He was also the person who strongly recommended me to read Perry’s 80/20 , and when I was blessed to have my first client. I new this is life for me!

    Perry’s books and emails helped me understand so much about the world of business and now I am ready to join New Renaissance! I believe that few individuals can start changing the world I want to be one of those individuals.

    See you soon!

  2. Hi Perry, I’m new to your blog and enjoyed this post. I guess there’ll always be people who prefer the snake-oil but at least on the web I have a sense that people are growing up as there is an increasing realisation that hard work, intelligent focus and collaboration get better results consistently.


  3. I have suffered through the “vast initiation ritual” you speak of, Perry. Lots of “fantasy lunch meat” out there!

    Took me awhile to figure out on my own, which word list above, leads to success. Wish I had read your blog, years ago – would’ve saved me a lot of pain!

  4. Perry,

    As an entrepreneur wannabe, who was stripped of her wallet more than once, I really appreciate this post!

    And I love your literary way of identifying who is ready to make the switch. My interest words definitely include: elegance, insight, uniqueness and relationships!


  5. Perry,
    Thanks for the candor and genuine concern for others.
    I always read your information closely,and I find something I need each time.
    Because of you, I have unsubscribed to many online gurus,and have stopped trying to figure out how some software or code is supposed to work; as a result, the fog is clearing.
    Is it possible for me to visit your office in downtown Oak Park, Illinois? I can walk there in no time from where I live.
    Thank you for keeping me in the online game because of your transparency,success and willingness to help others.
    Barbara J.

  6. Perry, My first exposure to affiliate marketing was your book “ULTIMATE GUIDE TO GOOGLE ADWORDS” and your writing inspired me to take my first step into online income. thank you. I thought the book was so informative and easy to understand that i knew everything there was to know. That was three years ago and your still blowing my mind with outstanding information. Thank You

  7. Dear Perry,
    You may not wish to publish this because it shows you to be wrong. I should say you have helped me in the past and I bought one of your books. After more than a year of applying you practices and loosing thousands because there was no internet market for what I do (and no competition) I concerntrated on Social Media. We did more in the last quarter than we did in the last 2 years, and we are doing very well. A Rocket Click consultation put me on to the fact that there are some businesses which don’t have an internet market and one clue is that you have no competition. Perry Marshall never mentioned this and distinctly left the impression that if you are not making money with PPC you are doing something wrong!
    Just to help you, because you have helped me, there is at least one person who has made money on social media besides social media consultants – me. Should you be interested on how I did it just ask me -and thank you for your help.
    Very Sincerely,
    David Stanley Epstein

    1. I’m always happy to hear where we’re falling short. We’d love to hear more about what you’re doing if you’re willing to share.

  8. Yes a friend actually did the 4-hour per week thing and let her employees run her business. Profits dropped. Recently she phoned – desperate for help. She is just about to close down. For some reason her clients are staying away…

  9. Perry,
    I have been an avid and excited follower of your book and your publications. Needless to say I am sold on them. I have made very conceivable error of staying too long in the Dilbert cubicles and looking for quick win programs. None has worked. Your story springs hope just at a time I was turning cynical and dismissing every story as mere hype.

    I tried to create a Tim Feris model of E architecture P. 185 but failed. Enrolled myself for a Google on line marketing program for 13 weeks but could snot complete it despite my best effort, did not even get 1 respectable Click.

    I will faithfully go through the nine marketing steps.
    My dream is to have a thriving on line marketing campaign for my consulting services. If it Perry’s magic can work on me, I will evangelize your methods to no end. Cheers.

  10. Your article pretty well sums up why I am 49, very sceptical and have no money and work around the clock.

    After taking the wrong path and advice and losing all our money, my wife and I started a new business from scratch over 7 years ago to try and get us out of the crappy mess. The business is doing very well and if we did not have so much debt to pay off we would be doing ok. So we need to ramp it up and take it to another level to get ourselves ahead, this is why I have been very cautiously looking at planet perry.

    Have been passively watching and reading Perry’s stuff for many years and now feel this could be the path we need to take to help successfully implement the plans we have. But the fear born by the past is quite overwhelming. Shall keep reading and working on this fear:)

  11. You da man. I have a cache filled with 500+ websites from so called “gurus” selling various “systems.” None with the courage to tell it like it is. Looking forward to exploring your work.

  12. Perry you seem to be moving away from Adwords towards providing guidance on how to be an internet consultant. Perhaps due to dramatic increases in Adwords competition this route appears appealing. In the UK we’re a more direct and many of the recent emails appear more as entertaining examples of US sales pitches than useful information. I’ve taken the time out to read your new Adwords guide and it like the emails often lacks a root in the real word of Adwords competition. Simple issues like how do I effective compete on terms like sledges, make up brands, air tools or any of the thousands of mainstream terms appear not be addressed with a satisfactory solution. Telling us to try position 5 to 8 will not get the volume to pay staff salaries yet positions 1 to 3 can consume one’s gross profit. You have built yourself as the ‘Go to guy’ and I’d like to believe you have answers but the emails give the impression that you’re the guy sliding towards being yet another me too guru. People have real problems and require emails with some real answers. The danger for you is that you might start believing your own fans and in the process surround yourself with too many ‘Yes’ men and women. I appreciate as David Sandler said you’re not an unpaid consultant. This is intended as a constructive criticism not as a bash Perry Day.

    1. John,

      If I send out an email with detailed instructions on how to solve AdWords problems, I get 5 or 10 comments.

      If I send out an email like this one, I get 60.

      Which speaks people more about where they live?

      Does my AdWords book really not tell you how to compete against 100 other advertisers with real-world keywords? If not, I’d be happy to hear where we fell short and we’ll make amendments.

      It is my belief that in our range of courses, from bookstore books to coaching programs to the our seminars, we address such questions thoroughly and from numerous angles. Meanwhile, I pay very close attention to what actually generates conversations and sales from my audience. That is what determines what I write about.

      I freely report that Bryan Todd has his finger on the pulse of AdWords better than I (which is why he’s in charge of our Mastermind calls) and that PPC is such a huge topic that no one person can stay on top of it all. That is why I have 10 different speakers in Maui.

      Thank you for your feedback and I welcome customers speaking their mind here, and with our customer service people.

  13. You have great insight and your willingness to share will always serve you well. My site is about self healing but I have sold medical products for many years. I think the ideal sale is about a balanced exchange where both parties gain. Anytime it is painted as easy or effortless I move on. It is not that there is not a sweet spot where things happen better and faster but even there the ingredients must come together just right. Just like self healing right knowledge and right actions will in time produce the right results.

  14. Perry,

    What a wit! It’s not that often that I laugh out loud at a blog post. Thank you for that.

    I also suspect that many of us feel like you are describing our life story. (Except for that last item in the first list, thank you very much.)

    The sad reality is that dreamy, wet-behind-the-ears wannabe internet marketers are regularly taken to the cleaners. I read a heart breaking blog comment yesterday where someone confessed he was going to lose his house because of all the money he had wasted trying to master internet marketing… and failing. It is really hard to sort through all the self-proclaimed gurus to find quality leadership.

    Thanks for being the silver lining!

    It must be nice to have a planet named after you, too. :^)


  15. Tedel, I have people like you on my list, lurking in the background. Waiting to pounce on something they dont like or disagree with or something they can pick fault with.

    Mainly it’s because they are struggling with themselves, need to pick fault and fire the blame bomb.

    They click on all my free stuff, read every word, click on every link and never buy a thing.

    And if they do buy something (which is rare as hens teeth) they expect it to gush money by default.

    Sorry son, thats not how the REAL world works.

    If I sell you a hammer and chisel – it doesn’t make you a sculpter.

    Anyhow, you carry on sitting on the side lines…

    …learnin (7 letter word)

  16. Perry,

    I agree that is a great snap shot on who digs you and who doesn’t.

    But, I gotta disagree with you on the “porn”.

    I’m sure there are plenty of round table and master minders who love them their porn.

    Now, I think what you mean is the “instant gratification” marks non-perry planet people, and I’m ok with that.

    But please, have a little mercy for those “porn” loving small biz owners.

    We love you, too!

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