It doesn't get more international than this!

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At today’s 4-Man Intensive in Hong Kong, I had a Malaysian from London living in Australia; a German, a Scotsman and guy from Liverpool living in Thailand; an American living in Barcelona; a Japanese guy from Japan and 2 red-blooded Aussies. Our meeting room overlooked Hong Kong Harbor. Nobody was from Hong Kong :^>

Every 4-Man Intensive is totally unique. This was the first one I've done anywhere besides my home in Chicago, and the first to have observers. A total blast!

It’s the first 4-Man that wasn’t at my home in Chicago; my adoption trip to China brought me here. Gotta pay for this adoption excursion, so a 4-Man in Hong Kong was perfect.

My attendees:

  • Thomas the German designs and manufactures electronics in Thailand
  • The Australians, Steve and Kelley, run a specialized Shipping Business
  • Nobuji, the attendee from Japan, is a marketing consultant
  • Lucas, the American in Barcelona, is a seminar promoter and info-marketer who sells in three different niches

This was also the first time I’ve had people enroll as observers (they came but didn’t get a hot seat).

We tear each business apart and re-assemble it, and everyone chimes in, each person offering a different perspective. We save people months, even years of struggle because there’s such a high level of intelligence and experience in the room.

Hong Kong City Lights from our dinner boat in the harbor

Oh, and we also took a dinner cruise on Hong Kong Harbor to see the city lights at night.

Hong Kong is an incredibly impressive place – a thoroughly modern city, the New York City of Asia.

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Hong Kong’s success is surely one of the reasons Chinese Prime Minister Deng Xiaopeng said, referring to capitalism vs. communism, “No matter if it is a white cat or a black cat; as long as it can catch mice, it is a good cat.” In other words, if capitalism is as prosperous as Hong Kong, it can’t be all bad.

It’s so successful that when the British relinquished control in 1997, in keeping with their agreement with Mainland China, the Chinese government didn’t dare mess with it. While Hong Kong officially belongs to China, it enjoys economic autonomy. It has its own currency and banking system – and freedom of speech.

4 Man Intensive in Hong Kong last weekend: Victor Lamont (Liverpool via Thailand), Thomas Zimpfer (Germany via Thailand), Steve White (Australia), me, Nobuji Kanai (Japan), Adam Sugihto (London via Australia), Jimmy Crangle (Scotland via Thailand), Johannes Klupfel (Germany via Australia). Not pictured: Kelley Johnson (Australia) and Lucas Rockwood (US via Barcelona)

One of the attendees, who was in his 60’s, remembers when Christian organizations were sending relief supplies to Hong Kong after WWII. Hong Kong now rivals Shanghai as the financial capital of Asia.

Every 4-Man event is totally unique, because discussion is a full-contact sport and the chemistry of the personalities and industries never happens twice. We recorded the sessions and everybody gets an MP3 of the entire event.

I can’t predict when I’ll do another international 4-Man Intensive but the ones we do in Chicago are a blast!

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7 Comments on “It doesn't get more international than this!”

  1. Hi Perry
    Good to hear your four man intensive in Hong Kong went so well. I would love to do a four man intensive with you in Chicargo. I am in England but hope to be in Boston in June 2012 to open an exhibition. Will you hold a four man around that time?
    best wishes to you and your family over Christmas


    1. David,

      We’ll be doing intensives this summer but dates are not set yet. I’ll have Matt get in touch with you re: dates.


      PS Your new book is awesome. I’ve thumbed through it several times, great photography.

  2. Hi Perry, this must have been great stuff. As a German, which has lived abroad for the last 15 years, I can sympathies with this greatly.

    As a German who has lived abroad for the last 15 years i do know, that there is nothing more wonderful than meeting people with a wide horizon.

    Btw, thanks for your always very entertaining newsletters and Blog entries. Love’em ;)

    Best from Oslo (Norway), Sven

  3. Hi Perry,

    It must have been a great experience holding your 4-Man in Asia for the first time. Being an Asian living in China, I certainly hope you’ll be holding more of it in Asia in the future.

    Btw, HK’s population is just about 7 million, not 22 million. The total area is about 400+ sq miles so it’s impossible to accommodate 22 million people.



  4. The 4 man intensive is a great idea. I can see how powerful this could be. Hopefully I can join in on one some day…

    Perry – I want to thank you – I enjoy your heartfelt updates, your intelligent business advice, and your interesting stories.

    Do you ever feel it is limiting to have your company and website based after your name rather than a more specific company name?

    1. Definitely pros and cons to building a business around one person. Easier to start up and enter, harder to sell and exit out of.

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