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Today is Martin Luther King day in the US. 236 years ago the founding fathers of the United States declared:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

MLK had a larger vision. Within those words he heard an even deeper meaning. To him they transcended race, not just social class.

One day in 1955 a certain Rosa Parks decided she’d had enough. She refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a bus, and provoked a worldwide movement.

In his book Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville said every single technological development of the last 1000 years has created more equality, not less. Whether it was intended to or not.

Tocqueville said when you make equality possible, you open the door for people (as we say in Planet Perry :^) to develop their own Unique Selling Proposition. So they can make a unique contribution to everyone else.

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In 1835 he needed a word for this, so he invented one:


Rosa Parks responded to her inner voice, took a stand by staying seated. She asserted her individualism and shifted the atmosphere of the world.

Martin Luther King responded to his inner voice, acted on his individualism. And led a nation of African Americans to freedom.

You are just as much an individual as Rosa Parks or MLK. What is YOUR inner voice calling YOU to do?

Today, just for five minutes, please, would you do this?

Close your computer.

Switch off the TV.

Turn off your cell phone.

Shut out the distractions.

For five minutes, ask:

“Inner voice, will you please speak?”

Don’t think. Don’t talk.

Just listen.

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22 Comments on “Martin Luther King – Equality – USP”

  1. Oh…
    And One Last-Final Thang…

    IF–When You do take the 5 minutes to Listen For GOD’S Voice… Whether You Do So…

    Out of habit… or…
    In response to a suggestion… or…
    Out of Sheer Desperation–

    And GOD Appears To Be Giving You HIS Silent Treatment… There IS ANOTHER WAY For You To Try To Break This Stony Silence That You Sense EXISTS Between You & GOD–

    Call ON Mary–The Mother Most Holy…and place Your hopes – dreams – thoughts – needs With Her To Bring To Her Son.

    I know that there are only a couple/few stories of Jesus & Mary’s interactions in the Gospels…but in two instances–In Particular:

    1. The Finding of Jesus in the Temple… and…

    2. The Wedding at Cana…

    It’s made clear that… Jesus Might Question His Mother &/or Give Her Some “Sass”–However–He Never Failed To Do What She’d Asked of Him…Even IF He Fulfilled The Request At A Time That Some People Considered To Be…Somewhat Late In The Day. AND–Even IF “Late”… His “Response” STILL Exceeded All The usual Expectations.

    What’s ALSO Made Clear IN The Gospel Messages IS That–From The Cross–CHRIST Gave HIS MOTHER To US All… And We Have Her IN Our Lives–

    To Honor…
    To Care For…
    To Heed…And–
    With Whom To ALSO Place Our Hearts’ Deepest Longings–as well as–Our Most Urgent Requests… ESPECIALLY At Those Times When GOD Seems To Have Put US ON– Hold.

  2. Just want to say thanks Perry. You have become a voice for both the scared and the secular and I am glad you don’t keep these two worlds apart. It takes courage and conviction to bring “God’s word & principles” into the market place. Just want to say that your words & emails are inspiring. Keep giving courage.

  3. Hi Perry,

    Thank you once again for your words of wisdom and inspiration. Great leaders and teachers lead from the heart and you are certainly one of those.

    I did the exercise as you said and got a beautiful reminder of the dream and that I have always known is there but often lose site of. What a powerful reminder of how important it is to connect to our inner voice/ the voice of god, call it what you will.

    As you say, this is truly the source of rocket fuel for our endeavours!

    Thank you,


    1. Michael,

      I wondered what percentage of people receiving the email would actually take 5 minutes and do that.

      Bravo for taking the time..

  4. >She asserted her individualism and shifted the atmosphere of the world.<

    Maybe in the USA, not the world – most other countries weren't treating a significant portion of their citizens that badly at the time!

  5. Perry
    I wonder what “individialism” means? I may certanly underline “dualism” i.e. two but dualism of what mind and ego, soul and spirit,etc? Easy way to go Wiki but I don’t feel it gives fullfill understanding of it.I asked many people around none really knows the meaning beyond that.

    1. Individualism has nothing to do with dualism. Individualism is a word for something you already associate with Americans: A high level of confidence in the ability of a single person to make a difference, to achieve what they want to achieve, that sometimes 1 person can win against 1000 or a million It’s the belief that you have a right and even a responsibility to pursue the passions that are uniquely yours, to have a USP.

  6. “Martin Luther King responded to his inner voice…”

    Yes this is what is missing from the masses. If people would only listen with the heart and not the conditioned brain then life on planet earth would be a much better place.

    The question is who is living from the heart?
    (Certainly not many political members of the governments of this world)

    Peace to all!

  7. Thanks for the read Perry and I have a question for you. I have this deep feeling to learn copy writing..

    What do you think? I do a lot online but this always come back to me….learn copy writing!

    What should i do?

    Your answer and suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

  8. Perry- Thank You for these thoughts and Good Advice…

    It might lead to a Listeners’ Equivalent to that All-Time — #1— MOST Effective Means-To-Block-The-Flow-of-Thought EVER Devised…

    The…proverbial— Blank Page Staring You Right IN Yo Face.

    If You Do Find Yourself With— Listener’s Block…
    I recommend… asking a question—
    Sourced From The Lord’s Prayer…

    Our Father—Who Art IN Heaven…
    What do YOU Mean By “Heaven” ??

    Hallowed Be THY Name…
    How Do I Best Do This ??

    THY Kingdom Come…
    Into My Heart ??
    Into My Mind ??
    Into My Deeds ??
    Into My Time Taken For Others ??

    THY Will Be Done ON Earth As IT IS IN Heaven…
    What—LORD—IS My Job 1 ??
    What ELSE IS ON My List ??
    Who ELSE IS ON My List ??

    Give US This Day Our Daily Bread…
    What IS My “Bread” Today ??

    And Forgive US Our Trespasses…
    What Did I Step ON That Was Hurt ??
    Who Did I Step ON Who Was Hurt ??

    As We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against US…
    Who Must I Forgive ??
    Who Have I Failed To Forgive ??
    What Sticking Point(s)Remain(s
    Unforgiveable To Me ??

    And Lead US NOT Into Temptation…
    What Are My Temptations ??
    Who Are My Tempters ??

    But Deliver US From Evil…
    ESPECIALLY From The Evil That I Have NOT YET Purged From—
    My Own Heart.

    Help Me To Find & Remove This Stumbling Block To YOUR Kingdom.

    I Always Found IT Helpful To…
    Open The Bible & With My Eyes Closed…
    Let My Finger Point To A Line of Scripture & START READING.

    Praying Like THIS Has “Worked” For Me…
    ESPECIALLY When I Was “Running ON Empty” & Feeling Drained Down To The Very Bottom of My Being With ONLY GOD To Turn To.


    I found that ANYTHING Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Wisdom, Sirach or Everything NEW Testament… were ESPECIALLY Happy Hunting Grounds.

  9. Thanks, Perry. That was a short homily, yet meaningful. This is from a fair skinned individual from the inner city of Boston.
    God bless.

  10. Dave Dee

    How does God speak to you?? Is there a special microphone from God set up next to your bed, or on some altar, or in some building? NO. You hear “God’s” voice, you access the Divine and Divine Plan, from within you.

    Of course you have to learn to distinguish this true inner voice from what you have been forced to believe by all kinds of insitutions of power that demanded your allegiance and servitude, in the past sometimes at the pain of death. You have to learn how to distuinguish your true inner voice, your guidance, from your mental conditionings and societal beliefs–and that is your first big challenge in reconnecting to your higher self.

  11. Brilliant I loved the “Rosa Parks responded to her inner voice, took a stand by staying seated.” Good copy always gets praise from me: it costs nothing after all and praise usually makes people happier. I find it strange that some people think that praising someone else might make them look smaller.

    I had my own take on how to take a little time out of the day for yourself. Not thinking is actually an immensely powerful tool – like listening with your ears, things occur to you when you listen with your mind.

  12. Don’t you mean – the voice of God?

    (yesterday’s sermon was about hearing God’s calling for our lives… just as Dr. King heard his calling – no doubt from God… rather than from within.)

    Thx Perry!

    Dave Duke
    Port Royal, VA

  13. Thank you Perry, I believe in synchronicity, its 5.30pm UK and I decided to open your email. Perfect! what a lovely email and question to end my day.

    Reminds me of this quote;
    I think, I am, I will. Ayn Rand :-)

  14. Here’s what I heard while doing this exercise Perry:

    It’s a matter of the heart.

    If you want to get to the next level, if you want to take your business to the next level, if you want to take your money to the next level, the key is found hidden in your heart.

    It’s not in your mind.

    It’s not in your marketing.

    It’s not in your strategy or vision or business.

    It’s a heart issue.

    And when you deal with your heart, it unlocks your mind, and your business, and your money.

    Going to the “next level” is not always about going “UP” as we might perceive it in our mind.

    It’s also about traveling deeper and further within ourselves; perhaps even getting “LOWER.”

  15. Great post, Perry!

    What you just wrote about is what I believe this whole “2012” change in the world is all about–people discovering their unique contribution that will create a world that works for everyone through accessing God/Source directly through their inner voice, their “higher self.” (And this will help the manipulation, lies and dogma of the powers that be to be exposed.)

    It’s much easier said than done, though. To go against the status quo, to even question that one was lied to, takes a lot of courage. Especially since we don’t have a whole lot of confidence in our inner voice and we’ve been conditioned to ignore it. It’s a process, but one can take huge leaps when one understands why it was desinged this way and what steps to take to cultivate a clear, deep relationship with your higher self. This is actually my USP and I have a really interesting story about it, accessed at my website.

    Have a great MLK day!

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