How much is that library worth?

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A fellow came for a consult. He had a booming import/export business. Before that, he’d earned his bread going to estate sales, buying books for ten cents and selling them on Amazon for ten bucks.

He strolled through my library surveyed my 1,000+ books. He examined some of the titles and saw they weren’t your typical collection of Tom Clancy novels. He said, “Your library is valuable. It’s probably worth five thousand, maybe even ten thousand dollars!”

He wasn’t a “Planet Perry” guy, he had been referred by a friend. He wasn’t a reader. So to him, books were things you bought and sold by the pound.

“Sam,” I said, “The value of my library isn’t its resale value on Amazon. The value is in how much of that information makes it from the books to my brain. It’s not worth ten thousand bucks – it’s worth ten million.”

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I don’t know whether he truly ‘got’ what I was saying. But I have a suspicion that YOU do.

If you merely skim a book, absorb 5% of it and get one great idea, it’s not worth $20, it’s worth a thousand.

If you go to a 3-day seminar, get ONE seriously actionable strategy out of it, it’s not worth $2,000, it’s worth $200,000.

The most valuable thing you can ever possess in business is WISDOM. The amazing thing is, people pour out lifetimes of wisdom in books and courses. Why do they do that? Often it’s just so they can feel they’ve made a contribution. Then you can buy their wisdom for 1/100th their actual value.

No matter what problem you currently face, some person, some book, some presentation, some gathering of people holds the answer you seek. Never forget that.

Perry Marshall


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