A Clever Direct-Response Marketing Method

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One of the cleverest direct mail packages I ever got was from this guy named Mike Morasco and I did not know him, but we had this mutual friend named Mike Morasco, and I get this FedEx package in the mail from Mike Morasco. I open the FedEx … Boy it’s a disaster in there. I open the FedEx box and inside there’s an iPod Shuffle and there’s a little piece of paper attached to it and it says, “Instructions: Put in earphones, press play.” It’s got little ear phones neatly coiled there and I take the ear phones off and I put them in and I press play and this voice says to me, “Hello Perry. My name is Mike Morasco.” He’s from New Jersey. “My name is Mike Morasco and I am a copywriter and I write copy for Ben Altadona and Ben says that he knows you and he really has a lot of respect for your work,” and he goes into this whole talk about how he writes copy and he’s got this fax form and I can fax it back and get a quick quote. He can turn around and he can do autoresponders and he can do sales letters. He can do all this kind of stuff.

Tucked into this is a transcript of what he said to me just in case I didn’t want to read it. Also, there was a note that said the rest of the package will come in a few days. A few days later the iPod box and the charger and the little cord to plug it into the computer and all that stuff showed up with a reminder from Mike Morasco about the first package that he had sent, and that if I needed any copy writing work he’d be happy, if I’m too busy or whatever. I’m like, “Doggone it, if this isn’t the cleverest thing.” It cost him about $100 and I don’t know a half an hour of his time or something probably to sit there and record that. I bet I’ve told this story to a couple of hundred people now. Is that impressive or what. Mike is using, I don’t know if he thinks of it this way or not, but he’s using the 80/20 rule. He’s going, “Okay, I got an A list of prospects. I’ve got my best client just gave me a list of his best friends in the business and I’m going to sell them something. How do I sell them something? How do I invest time and money into this contact so that it works?”

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Is he going to send me a post card? No. Being that he’s a copy writer, he’s dealing with direct marketers, is he going to call me up on the telephone and harass me? No. That’s sort of against the rules if you’re dealing with direct marketing people. Although John Mendocha would still do it anyway. Okay? He said, “I’m going to invest in making this contact work.” Ari Galper sent out an e-mail and he talked about a guy that buys a disposable cell phone and loads some minutes into it and instructions. Turn phone one, press *1, press send and you’ll get me right away.

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Perry Marshall has launched two revolutions in sales and marketing. In Pay-Per-Click advertising, he pioneered best practices and wrote the world's best selling book on Google advertising. And he's driven the 80/20 Principle deeper than any other author, creating a new movement in business.

He is referenced across the Internet and by Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, INC and Forbes Magazine.

3 Comments on “A Clever Direct-Response Marketing Method”

    1. The lesson here is that this guy broke through Perry’s gate keepers and got 15 minutes or so of Perry’s attention. Not easy to do. I’ve been through the process. The interrogation was not too bad, but I could have done without the cavity search.

      I am curious about the results. Assuming he sent this to 10 top prospects, like Perry, he probably landed at least one client which would have been $1000 well spent.

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