Why Do Entrepreneurs Have A Chip On Their Shoulder? [VIDEO]

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Most entrepreneurs come into whatever they do with what I like to call a chip on their shoulder. John Mendocha and I have had really interesting conversations about the whole JPDK model, which is become a marketing guru in a certain niche and sell them stuff and teach them how to be a carpet cleaner, teach them how to be a printer or teach them how to be a real estate agent and everything. We have always noticed there were some niches there was much more responsive than others. Like carpet cleaning, Joe Polish is a carpet cleaning guy. He has been really, really successful and there are other niches that have never really done well under anybody. Mendocha put his finger on what is the defining thing that makes these niches work.

So, like dentistry and chiropractic have always done well. Medical doctors and lawyers have generally done poorly. What is the difference? It is because dentists, chiropractors and carpet cleaners have the chip on their shoulder. They have the nine insecurity because like a chiropractor or dentist is a doctor but the world does not consider them a doctor doctor. They are struggling against that. Furthermore, the establishment supports the MDs. They are all part of the big bureaucratic insurance thing. They are on the gravy train whereas a chiropractor or a dentist is a real entrepreneur. They have to get patients to come to them. They do not have the world just eating out of their hands. Mendocha put it this way, the typical carpet cleaner is a guy who has been fired from three jobs and then he gets this carpet cleaning truck and his father-in-law says you cannot graduate from high school and you cannot keep three jobs and you are going to do that? Right? This is one of the things that fuels their passion to show the world that they can do something.

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So, I think that one of the things that you do, whoever you are and whatever you do, is you take these things in your past and these ingredients, failures, whatever and you channel that energy into, okay I am going to accomplish something, right? But I think as you go from, if you have been a successful entrepreneur, then you need to transition to being a successful business owner. Or maybe you need to be a serial entrepreneur and build a company, sell them or do something with them that is useful and then go into other things. But, at some point I think you need to stop operating from a healthy place rather than just a place of hurt and insecurity. I think that the ones that have done well over a long period of time have managed to make that transition and I think that transition more than anything just requires a level of self awareness.

Watch on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0OfYBVqp9U

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