Do You Practice this Entrepreneurial "Discipline"?

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Just a couple of weeks ago, a client came to my house for a one-on-one consultation. He had paid for a full day of my time (not cheap). He had paid for round trip airfare. Paid for a hotel. Given up a couple days from running his busy company. He had thorny business concerns that we needed to unpack, reframe, and hopefully solve.

This was serious business.

But before noon, he stopped me and said, “OK, I think we’re good. I got what I came for. I’m going to visit some people while I’m here in town.”

Um, ok…great.

After he left, I told my wife, Laura, what happened and she said, “So, what are you going to do with your afternoon off?”

I muttered, “Well, I’ve got a webinar tomorrow I could work on, and I guess I could bang out a few more pages in the book…”

She stopped me, “Perry, a client just told you that you gave him a full day’s value in just a couple of hours. Don’t go back to work. Celebrate. Take the afternoon off and do something FUN!”

She was right, of course. She’s always right about stuff like that.

Most of us entrepreneurs rush from task to task, fire to fire, crises to crises, project to project. I’m guilty too.

And when something good happens…when we finally GET what we’ve been working for…we land a big client or we pull off a great product launch or we hit a revenue goal or whatever…we just kinda mumble and move on to the next thing.

That must stop.

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We need to practice the discipline of celebration. Yes, it’s a discipline. It sounds funny to put it that way, but it is. The proof is my example above and the fact that you were probably nodding your head when I told it. I had to be reminded of it. We all do, it seems. We have to be reminded to have fun.

I need to be reminded even though it’s part of my own company’s “For/Against” manifesto, which I helped write a few years ago!

“We are FOR gratitude and celebration under every circumstance.”

Why are we for celebration? Because it’s part of an abundance mentality. A worldview that says, “If I take time to celebrate and give thanks, I’m not losing time. I’m not losing money. In fact, the very act of celebrating and giving thanks will bring me…and the world…even more blessing.”

So, I did take the afternoon off, went for a walk (it was a gorgeous day), hit my favorite music store, chatted with some good friends. In a very simple, but profound way, I celebrated.

And I returned to work the next day refreshed, peaceful, thankful, and, yes, more productive.

When is the last time you celebrated? Are you FOR celebration?

Like me, you might need a gentle reminder. So, I’m giving it to you.

What happened this week that you should celebrate?

Even if it’s something small, make sure you celebrate and give thanks this weekend. And give some thought to what you’re FOR and AGAINST.

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Perry Marshall has launched two revolutions in sales and marketing. In Pay-Per-Click advertising, he pioneered best practices and wrote the world's best selling book on Google advertising. And he's driven the 80/20 Principle deeper than any other author, creating a new movement in business.

He is referenced across the Internet and by Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, INC and Forbes Magazine.

10 Comments on “Do You Practice this Entrepreneurial "Discipline"?”

  1. Oh man Perry, this one is so close to home! My wife has been retraining me to celebrate. Birthdays, Holidays, Promotions, New Clients, vacations, dates, etc. It’s so hard for me to celebrate. I used to dread birthday parties and most get-togethers. I’m not even an introvert, I’m a full blown extrovert. Yet it always felt, and sometimes feels, like I’m ‘wasting’ time by not working. I’m slowly beginning to appreciate those opportunities to celebrate.

    My two older kids just gave me an excellent example of this recently. We got hit with a big winter blizzard yesterday, so I had to pick them up from school before it got worse. Kids were released from the school as their parents showed up, and most of them were making a mad dash to their parent’s car. Then I see these two kids flailing their arms wildly, running in zigzags with their tongues sticking out and I think to myself, “What is wrong with those kids, what are they doing!?” It turns out it was my kids, and they were so excited to see snow falling (it doesn’t snow often here) that they wanted to catch as much of it as possible, and they were trying to drink it at the same time! I went from embarrassment to overjoyed in .01 seconds flat!

    Why is it that as kids, as soon as we had any kind of free time we leveraged it to the hilt playing, having fun, and celebrating. Yet as adults, we can’t handle free time and rush to fill it up with work…?

    Thank you, and Laura, for the reminder :D


    1. The good news is: Celebration begets celebration! By the way, for what it’s worth, this is the Jewish year 5775, it’s the once-every-50-years Year of Jubliee. That’s cause for celebration too!

  2. “Why are we for celebration? Because it’s part of an abundance mentality.” Perry Marshall. Quotable quote my friend. FAB!

    I have noted, and not unchecked your default delivery of your “free mini course” to my email.

  3. Great article! Not celebrating and getting back into the grind is something that’s easy to fall into when you’re hustling for your dreams.

    My partner and I recently launched a successful e-course after pouring in countless hours and a straight week of sleepless nights.

    To celebrate we literally took 3 full days off.

    And went and did things we don’t normally do, to make it special.

    It felt really good, and like you said Perry, it made for a more productive week when we came back refreshed and excited again (rather than feeling burned out after an intense run)

  4. Perry that is such a tremendous reminder – thank you. The Abundance “Thankful” Worldview is one truly rooted in trust & grace. It is part of the DNA of the best Dark Horse companies. Peace to you.

  5. Your post on celebration reminds me of a little advice given to me by my father Herman. ” Have a little fun every day. Don’t save it up. Life is too short!”

    Happy New Year to the Marshall’s.

  6. Well, it wasn’t a huge celebration, but here’s what I posted on Facebook yesterday:

    “Just finished crunching some year end numbers. Business is good! :-D – feeling blessed with Helen Harder Krahn at Proven Results Marketing Agency”

    After the year end dust settles, my wife and I take a trip to Mexico to relax. That’s our annual celebration event. :-)

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