Time Suck or Gravitational Slingshot?

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At my most recent 4-Man Intensive, there was a guy who reminded me a lot of me…a go-getter entrepreneur with lots of hobbies, ministries, and side projects he’s passionate about.

But, unlike me, he’s in a family business and he doesn’t have 100% final say about what he can do in the business…or even outside it.

He explained to me that if he pursues his outside passions too much, the other principals in his business, his family members, might see it as him shirking his responsibilities…they may even label it laziness.

So I told him a story about a space slingshot.

I told him how both Voyager 1 and 2 employed something physicists call a “gravitational assist” to increase the relative speed of a spacecraft.

It’s a complicated formula, but the simplified version is that the space craft, by interrupting it’s path to make a pass around a large planet, can greatly increase it’s relative speed, thus conserving fuel and reaching its destination faster.

So, a little detour around something with a massive gravitational pull actually speeds up your ship.

I told him to think of his side projects like that. To keep his brain, heart, eyes, and ears open for insights and ideas that will help him grow his business.

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Because, if he’s passionate enough about them, if the gravitational pull is deep enough, he will find those insights and ideas everywhere. Guaranteed.

I’ve noticed it again and again and again in my business. My passion for biology, electrical engineering, music, spirituality and family have always provided with me breakthrough insights that have powered my business forward like a “gravitational slingshot”.

On December 7th, I’m headed to China to adopt my son. I’ll come home with a child I get to cherish for the rest of my life…And I guarantee I’ll slingshot back to the US brimming with new energy, new insights, and new ideas for my business. It just always seems to work that way.

So, today I want to say ” Blessings on your passions. May they slingshot you to the stars!”

Oh, and after I gave him my space analogy, the 4-man guy told me he’s an avid astronomer and even builds telescopes in his spare time. So, I’m guessing he really got the message!

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9 Comments on “Time Suck or Gravitational Slingshot?”

  1. ThankYou for the powerful teaching & reminder Perry.

    Richard Eyre wrote a book titled Spiritual Serendipity. In it he writes:

    “While Serendipity is helped by goals and direction, it is hindered by the heavy, over-structured plans and highly detailed lists and schedules…sucking away from the opportunities and surprises of the present.”

    He talks about the Horace Walpole origin of the word serendipity – combining the story of the The Three Princes of Serendip and their accidental discoveries with the word sagacity – a heightened state of discernment.

    The primary point is that life’s greatest blessings are most often found through serendipitous means – love deeper than we could have even imagined, much less planned for. But, sagaciousness demands that you be actively moving forward in a state of confidence in pursuing worthwhile things.

    So, the true prize of life is reserved for those who create a vision & pursue it with passion, intelligence and grace, and then find that a whole new world opens for them – one that is far greater and more fulfilling than the one they had in mind.

    This post was a reminder for me to return to the present and be in a state of detached awareness, looking for opportunities and new horizons as I pursue my current ones.

    I really love the gravitational slingshot example. I’ll keep it with me.

    Thank You As Always,
    Nick Neilson

  2. I just received your email about adopting another child!

    What fantastic news, it does take a lot of determination and a lot of courage – and foresight – to make such a decision.

    Not to mention a strong family. So good luck to you all.

    Now I was adopted by a cat a few months ago, and believe me, it’s been a Bobsled Run!

  3. Yes Mr. Perry Marshal you have a gift, wonderful, a degree of civilization, to say so very seriously in the World Marketing, thank you very much for your review, in my situation .. all the best

  4. I absolutely agree. The hobbies keep me motivated, eggs me on even in times of stress and turmoil. I think your friend is doing the right thing and should be encouraged as you have done.

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