5-Days to Greater Consulting Success: Day 4

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Assert Your Authority

When you go to the doctor, what does he or she make you do?

  1. Fill out this form.
  2. Wait until you’re called
  3. Go to the little room down the hall
  4. Take off your clothes
  5. Wait some more

That’s an assertion of authority.

You will give me information. Then you will wait. Then you will sit in a posture of vulnerability. Then you will wait some more.

And, even though you might just be starting out in the consulting world, you can and should do the same thing.

Here’s how…

  1. Do not speak with a prospect until they have completed your intake form. (Don’t have an intake form? Guess what your homework for today will be?)
    Even if it’s just a form that asks for their name, address, and phone number, make them fill it out.

    Not sure what to ask on the form? Read blog post 2 again on the 5 Power Disqualifiers and you’ll have a great start!

  2. Then, after they’ve completed the form…and only if they meet all 5 criteria…have them schedule a consultation with you on your appointment software. (Don’t have an appointment scheduling software? More homework.)
  3. Automate this entire process with your website and email marketing software. For an example of how to do this, go to Johnfancher.com and request John’s pre-project survey. Fill it out and submit. You’ll see an example of this in action. (John’s assistant has been alerted, so if you say, “just testing” or something like that, she’ll delete your form.)

Also, Winning Through Intimidation by Robert Ringer is a book every consultant should read. The title is a bit unfortunate and, I believe, inaccurate. It’s more about positioning yourself as a respected authority than actual “intimidation.”

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I’m not saying you should inflate your expertise.

Never misrepresent yourself or your abilities.

But if you followed my advice to this point, you won’t be.

You’ll just be presenting yourself in as authoritative a way as possible.

Nothing wrong…and a lot right…with that.

Carpe diem,

Perry Marshall

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