Facts about Drug Dealing for Fun and Profit … or Not

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image006Have you heard of Tim Ferris’ book The Four-Hour Work Week? The original title was Drug Dealing for Fun and Profit, a tongue-in-cheek name for what was essentially a book about outsourcing. His book publisher said, “No way, Jose, we’re not using that title.” I bet he thought it would make for poor brand marketing.

They bickered back and forth about titles. Finally, Tim went to the court of last resort—real-world testing on real people. He posted book titles as Google ads, and the phrase “Four-Hour Work Week” magically spiked the response. He renamed his book and organized it around that concept. It became a New York Times bestseller because of the brand marketing approach used for the title.

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Later, his bestsellers The Four-Hour Body and The Four-Hour Chef came, and now he’s the maestro of a hit series of books and much more. Thanks to the initial brand marketing of his first book.

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