How to Build the RIGHT Team Using the 80/20 Approach

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6 How to Build the RIGHT TeamIf you have 10 different projects going with all these subcontractors all over the world, you now have a full-time project management job on your hands, which is fine if you’re a great project manager. (I am not.)

Eventually, you need someone you can completely trust, and who is under your complete control, to do this for you. I believe that talent needs to be in-house. So how do you hire people?

I’ve done a lot of it lately, and I applied 80/20 in the hiring process all the way. It began when I decided to contract an Affiliate Manager and a Content Czar.

I told my customer service manager, Jeremy, to do all the frontline screening. So he wouldn’t get deluged with junk, we added a disqualifier in the hiring process: a $25 application fee.

A bunch of people complained loudly and . . . immediately disqualified themselves.

I got 12 Affiliate applications and 19 Content Czar applications. Almost all of them were at least, respectable. The $25 fee weeded out everyone who didn’t think they could scale through the hiring process. I eliminated all but five Affiliate apps and nine CZ apps and then gave them an assignment. To the Affiliate applicants, I created a sales audition. I told them, “You’ve got a week. Put together some deals, and show me what you can do.” Two produced results, three did not. One produced far more than the others and that was Jack Born.

I told the nine CZ applicants to take the MP3s, transcripts, handouts, and supplemental material for one of my training programs plus detailed results of a customer survey and create a mini-product that I can sell for 20 to 40 bucks. They had to package the product and write the sales promotion, and I’d pay them a commission on any sales.

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I got four products I deemed worthy. Joshua won and became the new Content Czar. There was no way anybody could fake their way through this hiring process. Jack was both a salesman and a talented programmer—a rare blend of talents. Joshua, a copywriter, a speaker, and a salesman with ambition to burn. Both high-integrity, A-player guys.

It takes a team, and there’s nothing like having a great one. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Stop doing interviews; get to the truth quickly with auditions; judge people by what they do and not what they say; and build yourself a world-class team.

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