Why Simplification is the Key to Dominating (and Transforming) Entire Industries

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Perry Marshall continues his deep dive into the Tactical Triangle and reveals a key strategy every marketer needs to understand.

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As Richard Koch has shown, Simplify is THE strategy used by Apple, Google, Uber and others to not only dominate their industries…but completely transform them.

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3 Comments on “Why Simplification is the Key to Dominating (and Transforming) Entire Industries”

  1. Could you please help me understand this, Perry? With the unlimited traffic principle, will a company who can convert their customers for 20 cents more, have much more traffic than their competitors, because they can reinvest their profit in paid ads and by paying just a few cents more per keyword, they can dominate the rankings and keep reinvesting even more money into their ads? Or is there another reason too?

    And isn’t the Star Company principle the exact same thing as Unlimited Traffic, that the more profitable you are, the more you’ll be able to dominate the market?

    Thanks for the eye-opening video!

    1. Answer to first is yes. Star Principle is not the same b/c Star Principle isn’t about profit margin, it’s about market positioning.

  2. Super helpful, Perry. A friend asked me to analyze his conversion strategy, and I told him to simplify. But I didn’t have the words to fully explain what I meant.

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