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If you’ve read my book 80/20 Sales & Marketing, you may remember the epilogue titled “The Story Behind the Story.”

I was at a church service. My mind was obsessed with the “80/20 skew curve.” I was trying to figure out the calculus behind it.

Suddenly, a woman I had never met approached me and delivered a few sentences that changed my life…and my business…forever.

From that day forward, I understood two things…

  1. If you take care of the poorest of the poor, He takes care of you.
  2. If you need wisdom…just ask.

Since then, I’ve promoted and hosted many events and programs around the theme of “Memos from the Head Office.”

I gather my merry team of “listeners” and they deliver words of wisdom. Memos from the head office. It’s always powerful and profound. Lives and businesses have been transformed with just a few words.

Come to Chicago Wednesday, December 4 (easy to get to…fly into O’Hare (ORD) or Midway (MDW)) and receive your own, personal memo from the head office.

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This is not a religious event. You don’t need to be of any particular spiritual “persuasion.” This is a safe space for everybody.

And if you’re willing to open your mind and heart a bit…and just ask for wisdom…I’ll bet you’ll leave having found one or your missing puzzle pieces.

It might just change your business and your life forever.


8AM to 5PM, December 4.

Fee is $100 (non-refundable).

We’ve hit our registration max and registration is now closed for this event.

NOTE: This event is only open to members of New Renaissance or above. (So if you’re not a member of New Renaissance or some higher membership program I offer, you’ll need to join. New Renaissance is just $99/mo and you can cancel at any time.)

Attendance is limited to 30.

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