Rob Berkley, Compassionate Business Genius – Part 1

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My good friend Rob Berkley passed last night after a battle with cancer. Rob influenced YOU (whether you know it or not!) because he greatly shaped me. Plus if you’re at all plugged in to the entrepreneur / marketing community, Rob shaped you through many others as well.

Me and Rob Berkley

A few paragraphs down, I’d like to make his genius a little more obvious, and share with you some of his influence. So please keep reading.

But first I must say… I’m really sorrowful. I miss Rob. I’ve been missing him since his cancer treatments took him away from our 3x/year meetings. If you were going through a season of life that felt like shards of glass and razor wire, Rob was there too.

My friend Matt put it better than anybody:

“When the crap hit the fan for me with the recession, he never left my side. When I was dealing with a difficult partner and navigating a buy out, he never left my side. When I discovered a key team member was stealing from me, he never left my side, when my marriage fell apart, he never left my side. There has never been a man like this in my life…. ever…”

We all know people use poetic license in eulogies, but Matt’s not romancing the guy. Rob really was that good.

Rob was not “famous.” He did not have a public marketing or media persona. Rather, he was THE most empathic and warm-hearted individual in the entire marketing space (I’m not exaggerating). When you would sit down with him you would feel his warmth focusing on you like an infrared heat lamp.

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Because of that, he was highly paid and highly sought after as a business and personal coach by hundreds, maybe thousands of well-heeled, highly influential people.

In 2013 I joined Rob’s Entrepreneur-to-CEO mastermind group, co-led with Victor Cheng.

Victor+Rob was like getting Stephen Hawking+Oprah at the same time.

I really needed their help. Because it’s one thing to start a company and be the technical expert and wash the dishes and cook the food and be the waiter all at the same time… It’s quite another to assemble a team that gets the stuff done AND conveys your values AND adapts to constantly changing circumstances.

I was making that transition. Rob and Victor were hugely instrumental in transforming my company from keystone cops to, at least at times, well-oiled machine.

Unlike most business coaches, he spanned the entire range – from small scrapping entrepreneurs to Harvard Business School guys and Fortune 500 execs. He kept up with scientific literature and his knowledge reached into deep crevices.

Bryan and I would come back from meetings with individual marching orders: Perry, you’re CEO and your job is {specific instructions}. Bryan, you’re President and your job is {specific instructions}.

I’d like to share Rob’s magic with you today, and some more tomorrow.

Today: “Top Strategies from the World’s Top Rockstar Consultant Rob Berkley”

MP3 (To download, right-click and select Save Link As…)

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2 Comments on “Rob Berkley, Compassionate Business Genius – Part 1”

  1. Great post Perry. This was exactly what I needed to hear at this moment. I’m in the process of digesting transition myself. It has been quite a struggle to gain perspective in the midst of the fog. At times, it feels I’m painfully inching forward at collecting my mojo. The loss of energy comes and goes. But! I’m learning that pursuing curiosity, even when I don’t feel curious or creative, has lead to moments of insight and inspiration that keep me moving forward. What’s even more ironic…I’m in the process of creating a program for this very service. It’s a program to help others pursuit their purpose as a means of exiting addiction (at a time when we are deprived of motivation, experience depression, and/or the dream has died). Funny how life works like that. This post is evidence that Mr. Berkley’s spirit still lives on. He hasn’t stopped inspiring, motivating, and consulting others. Thanks for sharing.

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