Truth Seminar May 21-23 2019. You’re invited.

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On May 21-23 2019, in a gorgeous glass-walled space west of Chicago, nestled in forests and hiking trails, I’m hosting one of the most important seminars ever. It’s Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction. AKA the Truth Seminar.

In my career I have created not merely improvements… but total re-inventions that became movements. Not just in marketing, but across many industries:

  • Principles established my first Google book in 2003 are now the gold standard of a $100 billion industry. A movement that utterly transformed advertising.
  • I didn’t merely evangelize 80/20. I re-invented it. Transformed 80/20 into a verb. My fractal 80/20 equation was published in Harvard Business review in June 2018. 80/202 has become a movement that will continue long after I have left this earth.
  • “Building the Maze” became the industry standard for email and autoresponders. “Maze 2.0” is likewise becoming the gold standard for social media advertising.
  • My Evolution 2.0 Prize is an award for the most fundamental question in all of science that can be precisely defined. It’s the biggest prize on Peter Diamandis’ HeroX platform. If someone wins this prize, their discovery will transform the world in ways as unimaginable as E = mc2, the discovery of DNA or the invention of the transistor.
  • “Renaissance Time,” “Pre-Gutenberg,” “Memos from the Head Office” and my methods for eradicating Financial Head Trash are among the most transformative resources anywhere in the personal development space.
  • The Star Seminar (2014) laid new foundations for what entrepreneurs aspire to. A higher standard. Individuals worth millions and now tens of millions credit this event as pivotal to their success.
  • Rosetta Stone (2018) synthesized my most powerful discoveries over the last 20 years. Multiple clients already credit it for millions of dollars of increase in business. The 3D Tactical Triangle places everything in marketing into the most elegant framework in the history of selling.

What all these have in common is: Re-casting and rebuilding the foundations of entire professions. I said, “Everyone is obsessing about X. But X is not your problem. Your real problem is Y, and nobody is taking about Y.”

I ignored X. I fixed Y. And a new profession was born.

Why? Because the truth I discovered was more fundamental, more accurate, more foundational than any that came before, it enjoyed superior longevity and adroit results.

In ALL these discoveries, the rabbit hole runs deep. For example 80/20 Sales and Marketing has produced billions of dollars of new revenue and established thousands of successful careers – even though most of those same people grasped less than 20% of what I was really saying.

Behind ALL of this there is a map. A way of searching for and defining a truth so solid, no hammer can break it. Reaching the bottom of ANY swamp. Imagine traveling to the very center of the earth and finding the roots beneath the roots… that’s what I do. That’s how I re-invent professions and industries. And you can too.

And THAT is the formula I’m revealing at the Truth Seminar. How to locate the real truth deep in the bowels of the earth… a truth suddenly obvious to everyone once YOU have revealed it. This in turn enables you to re-invent your product, your industry, your profession. In many cases it makes YOU the founder of a NEW industry that did not exist before. It makes you the Star.

80/20 was a great concept until 2013. Today it’s an industry and a phenomenon. Everyone in marketing talks about 80/202 now. They talk about it the way I teach it in my book.

Pay Per Click was an unorthodox way of buying ad space in 2003. Today it’s a vast profession. Millions of birds nest in its branches.

What is "80" and what is "20" for your business right now? Take my 2-minute quiz and I'll show you where you'll get the highest compound interest on your time and money!

A few months ago I realized that MANY Planet Perry members have done precisely this: THEY have re-invented entire industries!

There is a formula behind this formula. Only in the last few months have I become conscious of it.

Example: One Planet Perry member, almost totally unknown (even to our insiders), has literally re-invented movie distribution (!!!) and now manages 1.2 Billion dollars (billion with a B) of assets.

Just two years ago he was the guy who came to a City Tour meeting and talked to me in the hotel lobby about an idea he hoped would work out – and that wasn’t even the business he’s in now!

The Truth Seminar will feature over a half dozen such phenoms.

This is not just “case studies” and power point presentations. You’ll get the REAL story. I will sit with them on stage (like Larry King or Charlie Rose) and interview them. I will pull their stories out of them, pinpointing the turning points, discoveries and their struggles.

Including incredibly vulnerable stories of my own that I’ve never told in public before now.

How many seminars credibly promise to show you how to literally topple empires and re-invent industries, professions and markets?

Once you do this, your competition is zero. You have no “rivals.” It’s Blue Ocean. You redefine the rules so all other players play by YOUR rules.

This isn’t about publicity stunts. This isn’t about “appointing yourself the expert”. This is about locating buried treasures that all others have missed.

The Truth Seminar will deliver all the exhilaration, brain food, community, numinous atmosphere, interpersonal voltage and stimulation you always expect from my events.

It will re-invent and re-invigorate your existing business, enabling you to escape the present limitations and discover new businesses within the enterprise you preside over now.

I haven’t finished the sales page. Haven’t commenced our sales promotion. So if you are willing to sign up early and trust me to deliver a kickass experience (I always prove trustworthy), you can sign up NOW and get a considerable discount.

If you sign up NOW you’ll get the most aggressive price possible, which is $1995 per primary registration.

Renaissance 12 and Jet Propulsion members get an additional $500 discount. $1495.

Roundtable, Advanced Mastery Network and Private Client group members get a $1000 discount. $995.

Additional spouse / partner / client: $1000.

WHERE: Danada Forest Preserve, 30 miles west of Chicago

40 minutes west of O’Hare or Midway Airports; directly accessible from any city in the world.

WHEN: May 21-23, 2019

COST: $1995 Super Early Bird special; $1495 for Renaissance 12 and Jet Propulsion. $995 for Roundtable, Private Client Group and Advanced Mastery members

(Price goes up as soon as we publish the sales page)

SUBJECT: A definitive process for getting to the truth about ANY business situation: The core of any problem. The bottom of the swamp. The roots. You will see clearly how to rebuild the foundations, re-define your profession and build something new – with YOU as the rock star.

You will absorb the acumen of some of the smartest Planet Perry members in all the earth. You will hear their struggles and stories. You will understand what made their business tick.

NOTE: At some points my speakers will ask us to turn off the video recording and live stream. YES, a livestream will be available, but “off camera” content will not be included.

Billion dollar businesses will sprout from this seminar. New industries will emerge. Professions will come into existence. Prosperity will abound.

You need to come.


See you May 21-23!

Perry Marshall

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