Why 1000s of corpses washed up on shore… but nobody got mad at ME

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Not long after the massive, heady, exhilarating gold rush of Google Ads… armed guards in Google’s vaunted security towers machine-gunned THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of advertisers.

One August morning, countless entrepreneurs woke up with Quality Scores of 1 and minimum bids of $5.00 (when going price for clicks might have been 50 cents or a buck the day before).

Recess was OVER.

You could call, you could email, you could beg, you could plead, you could send chocolate chip cookies or crisp $100 bills to the Google rep, but they could not be dissuaded.

They would not talk to you. They would not explain. They would only send you template emails explaining that you were in violation of policy.

Some folks went from $70,000 a month to ZERO overnight. With no recourse.

Many scrambled to re-trench. Some successfully. But most bodies were shipped to the coroner’s office and readied for burial.

And here I was, THE Google Ads guru. King of this motley tribe.

The miracle is:

I did not get a single email or phone call saying “[email protected]#$% you Perry you [email protected]#$ed me over you [email protected]#$% – I relied on your advice and I got SCREWED!!!”

NOBODY came after me with a pitchfork. Nobody.


Because I had warned them:

“If one year from today your only source of traffic is Google, then I have failed to do my job. The most dangerous number in any business is ONE – one traffic source, one product, one client. Your job is to use Google as your Wright Brothers wind tunnel and perfect your glider so it works on ANY kind of traffic…

“…Before something goes wrong. Before click prices go up. Before something breaks.


I did not merely sell them picks and shovels and rose-colored sunglasses. I used Google Ads as a way to teach deeper principles of direct marketing.

Some of those customers have not bought ads from Google since that day… yet they have gone on to apply the same principles to Facebook, LinkedIn, banner ads, affiliate traffic, what have you.

As a celebrated rabbi said: “The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.”

In all I’ve done and taught, I’ve insisted: “Get to the bottom of the swamp. Build your business on bedrock. Because… if you set what you do on correct foundations, the benefits will proliferate for years. In ways you cannot imagine. If you don’t… I pity the fool.”

In May for the first time ever, I’m issuing a complete formula for this.

    • Finding bedrock


    • Using your X-Ray machine to find FAULTY bedrock and splitting it apart


    • Going deeper to found your product, your project, your market, or even your entire profession on firmer foundations


    • How to solve problems that people assumed were unsolvable for decades… even centuries (I’m dead serious about this, you’ll see when you get there.)


And I will showcase – in DEEP DIVE fashion – more than a half dozen Planet Perry members who have done this.

What is "80" and what is "20" for your business right now? Take my 2-minute quiz and I'll show you where you'll get the highest compound interest on your time and money!

May 21-23 west of Chicago in a gorgeous forest preserve.

One guy, for example, was literally making $50 an hour as a freelancer when he came to a seminar. He asked himself some very hard questions and the result is a business that is now transforming an entire industry.

He’s out of debt.

He’s profitable.

He’s got cash in the bank.

He’s got customers who are insanely happy. As in, over the moon.

He’s got substantial regular recurring income.

He’s got customers in adjacent niches begging him to expand his business into a related space.

He hasn’t been “hands on” in the business in almost two years. Everything is management-level supervision and systems.

I predict that in five years, IF he wants to, he’ll be able to sell his enterprise for $10 million.

IF he wants to.

(But it’s a great business NOW.)

The reason it’s working is, it’s like a skyscraper with steel beams anchored in bedrock 500 feet below the earth’s surface.

It’s built on rock not sand.

I’m creating an entire entrepreneurial CULTURE of people who think and work and act like this. It’s the only one of its kind. You can find this nowhere else.

You’re invited to the Truth Seminar May 21-23.

I haven’t written the sales page for this yet. I’m feverishly putting together concepts and training materials and speakers. The Truth Seminar will be as legendary my other signature seminars… and it will only happen once.

Get the super-early bird discount by registering today. (NOTE: Price increases as soon as the sales letter goes live.)

If you sign up NOW you’ll get the most aggressive price possible, which is $1995 per primary registration.

Renaissance 12 and Jet Propulsion members get an additional $500 discount. $1495.

Roundtable, Advanced Mastery Network and Private Client group members get a $1000 discount. $995.

Additional spouse / partner / client: $1000.

WHERE: Danada Forest Preserve, 30 miles west of Chicago

40 minutes west of O’Hare or Midway Airports; directly accessible from any city in the world.

WHEN: May 21-23, 2019

COST: $1995 Super Early Bird special; $1495 for Renaissance 12 and Jet Propulsion. $995 for Roundtable, Private Client Group and Advanced Mastery members

(Price goes up as soon as we publish the sales page)

SUBJECT: A definitive process for getting to the truth about ANY business situation: The core of any problem. The bottom of the swamp. The roots. You will see clearly how to rebuild the foundations, re-define your profession and build something new – with YOU as the rock star.

You will absorb the acumen of some of the smartest Planet Perry members in all the earth. You will hear their struggles and stories. You will understand what made their business tick.

NOTE: At some points my speakers will ask us to turn off the video recording and live stream. YES, a livestream will be available, but “off camera” content will not be included.

Billion dollar businesses will sprout from this seminar. New industries will emerge. Professions will come into existence. Prosperity will abound.

You need to come.


See you May 21-23!

Perry Marshall

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