This is how I know “Truth” is going to be a GREAT seminar

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The Truth Seminar, a.k.a. “Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction” is going to be a legendary seminar because… I’ve already been obsessing about it for two months. And it’s still four months away.

A year ago, when I was planning Rosetta Stone, I knew a few things:

-I needed to greatly expand on the Tactical Triangle
-I needed to fully flesh out a new framework for Network Effect
-I had a whole bunch of things that were inside my head which had never been properly explained to anybody before

So I made the announcement and went to work.

For months, I devoted many hours every single week to honing and polishing the material… and gave birth to a magical event.

One of the event’s major ideas – the “3D” tactical triangle, which many students now study every day – only started to come together 5 weeks before the seminar. We were still passing prototypes back and forth a couple weeks before.

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The Truth Seminar is the same. I am totally geeked about this. My mind wanders to it without effort. I’m daydreaming about it.

I’m in my mad scientist laboratory with my tubes and wires and instruments and apparatus, right now. (A fuse just blew, so I have to go to the electrical panel and reset the circuit breaker.)

If you’d like to wait until I can give you the exact blow by blow description of how everything’s going to go down, you can do that… but you get an extra generous price if you sign up now:


Perry Marshall

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