The Virus that Shattered the Bureaucracy

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In the last 12 hours I’ve had a surprising number of conversations about how bureaucracy is being broken down by the coronavirus.

The FDA began relaxing medical regulations to speed detection and inoculation efforts for COVID-19.

Regulations in the mortgage industry are being relaxed to allow electronic loans to be processed; inspectors do not have to necessarily go inside of houses; and papers no longer always have to be signed In-person.

Huge insurance companies are adding coverage in the state of Illinois for remote medical checkups. This change was executed in less than 24 hours. A woman I talked to this morning said she thought this would take years.

One of the blindingly obvious things that has been on my mind in the last two months is the incredible burgeoning Titanic truck loads of bureaucracy that are choking everything. From the college education system, to cancer research, to public schools… to the election process, to the publication of scientific papers…

…even the famous TV series “Chernobyl” is a grand case study in wholesale failures of bureaucracy. (It’s an absolute barn-burner. Put it on your watch list. It had me in white-knuckle suspense for 5 hours straight – even though I “already know” how it turned out.)

A disaster like COVID-19 is turning out out to be the only way that the existing inadequate structures were ever going to crack and break.

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People had already been trying their level best for *many years* to change all these things, and in many cases gotten nowhere.

I am not asking you to break out champagne bottles and start celebrating the disasters people are experiencing right now. Not at a all. But what I AM saying is:

CRISIS is the only way that massive evolution happens on planet Earth.

We entrepreneurs are evolutionary creatures. We are THE evolution drivers of society. We are the ones that respond to crises and we are the ones who innovate.

We are quick starters… Sometimes we are low on follow-through :^) but we get our ass in gear when it’s time to get our ass in gear.

The world already in massive change. Hyper-Evolution. The process IS painful. It is also likely the ONLY way you will be able to receive some of the biggest things in your life and in the world that you have been long wishing for.

Embrace the bends in the road with equanimity.

NOW is the time to get your ass in gear. Now is the time to question ALL assumptions. Is also the time to let the chaos spin, stand back and begin asking yourself: What is *really* wrong here?

You may find that you are asking yourself that question for the very first time.

Here’s to fresh eyes and ears for all of us.


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