COVID-19: Not a Sprint. It is a Marathon.

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The world you knew is gone. And it is not coming back.

You can take one of two stances:

1) Try to cling to what was before

2) Eagerly welcome the revolution and embrace the future unknown.

Those are your choices. What was before is now flotsam and jetsam. And we do not know what follows.

Even if a vaccine is produced tomorrow, the windshield is already cracked and the cracks have streaked from one end to the other.

It is not at all obvious what these cracks have revealed. But this was the only way that necessary changes could be effected.

So what you are to do now is not run AWAY from chaos… but INTO it.

What you are to do now is not to gravitate towards certainty… but to plunge yourself into the void.

I have plunged into the terrifying black void many times in my life. Quitting my job, borrowing money from my brother and best amigo in 2001, and hanging out my shingle. A month and a day after 9/11.

Deciding after a religious argument with my brother in 2004 that I was going to go home, start reading books and “let science make this decision for me.”

Being severely outnumbered 30:1 or maybe 50:1 in the world’s largest atheist discussion board, defending my thesis that DNA is code and codes are always designed. And watching as the insults and derision and “Perry Marshall is an idiot” mushroomed to 2000+ websites.

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Adoption #1, 2011.

Adoption #2, 2014.

And now this.

There’s an ancient story about Lot and his wife fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah after the two cities had been nuked into oblivion. “DO NOT look back” were the instructions.

She looked back. She was turned into a pillar of salt.

If your logical brain is rationalizing “Awwww that’s stupid!!! Nobody gets turned into a pillar of salt for looking at a burning town!!!” – then you don’t GET what the story really means.

It means turning back – pursuing “certainty” – is actually doming yourself to chaos. It means plunging forward – “plunging into the chaos” is the only vector where safety and certainty can ever be found.

It means her comfortable Sodom recliner and Gomorrah garden view have vanished forever.

It means if you make any attempt to save a sinking ship, you’re going to a watery grave.

Wisdom is needed in this time like no other. With discernment.

Plunge into the future. Don’t look back.

Join me this afternoon (Friday, March 27) for Module 3 of “Slingshot Recovery.” 5pm US Eastern.

Do not look over your shoulder. For the city is gone.

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