Husband has COVID; Ex-Husband Living in Basement

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You CANNOT make this stuff up. What follows is 100% REAL.

I’ve got this dear friend. Let’s call her “Lisa.”

Lisa has an ex-husband named “Bob.” Bob walked out on her while she was nursing their third child a dozen years ago. Bob left her in the lurch.

Their relationship as “woman and her ex” has hardly been rosy, shall we say. Numerous wrangles and tangles in the courts over custody and visitation.

I’ve got this other friend named “Ned.”

Ned’s wife left him not long after Bob left Lisa. Ned and Lisa made a great pair.

Lisa and Ned got married 10 years ago. Lisa and Ned are doing well together.

A month ago, Ned’s co-worker came back from Milan Italy… and so far as anyone can tell, Ned got COVID-19. The hospital test came back negative… it was never officially confirmed. Ned is normally as healthy and athletic as they come.

But whatever virus Ned had, totally KICKED HIS ASS for 2 weeks.

In fact his employer had to put him on disability for a week or two because it got so bad.

Ned has now returned to work and he’s recovering. He comes home from work totally WIPED OUT every day, but he’s returning to health.

I say chances are 80% that Ned DID have COVID-19.

Oh, and by the way… Ned works for a “mission critical” business… so he’s the only one who DOES leave the house each day.

Bob (Lisa’s ex husband, remember) is now married to Myra. Myra is super paranoid about COVID. So she won’t let Bob’s biological kids come over because those kids live with Lisa and Ned and Ned is recovering from COVID.

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Bob’s bio kids really like Bob. They miss Bob terribly. They’ve been pining for Bob during quarantine.

So… you know what’s happened?

Bob moved in with Lisa and Ned. Bob is living in their basement now.

And remember…. it’s not like Bob leaves the house and goes to work every day. Bob does not work for a “mission critical business.” So Bob is living AND working in Lisa’s basement.

So Lisa, Bob, the Lisa + Bob kids… AND the Lisa + Ned kids… are all in quarantine together 24/7.

As weird as this story is, it’s only the weirdest one I’ve heard. I’m sure far stranger situations are afoot.


OK. So… why am I telling you this nutty story?

I’m telling you this story because the most unpredictable of circumstances is stir-frying the human race together in utterly foreign ways. AND…

You are going to have to take full advantage of this, however best makes sense.

Think of COVID-19 as a gigantic, “100X bigger than 9/11” Rack The Shotgun for every imaginable weirdness of human existence.

Some people are going to vegetate and drink and wreck their lives.

And others are going to take what God, the Universe or COVID is giving them… and make lemons into lemonade.

How about YOU?

Perry Marshall

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  1. Danny Welsh here, Perry. I enjoyed reading about each of your hypothetical friends (names changed to protect the innocent). The pandemic indeed has made for some strange accommodations in life and business both. I kinda wish they were my friends, because a story like that would go a long way towards helping some of our subscribers really get it that their relationship issues are minor compared to some of the possibilities out there that might drive someone bonkers from stress, uncertainty or the vagaries of necessary sacrifice.

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