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I sent some clients an email *cautiously* recommending they investigate the book The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., as it raises issues concerning the US government that need to be discussed.

My copy arrived 2 days ago. I had a chance to look at it closely last night.

Yes… is presents issues that need to be discussed – yet I have major reservations about this book. Please watch:

ADDENDUM March 5, 2022: In response to Gavin de Becker’s comments below, I have added the following remarks:


Thank you for your cordial and respectful pushback. I dug a little deeper into the data, which is quite easy because you can type “ireland covid stats” or “portugal covid stats” etc into Google and not only get positive test curves but also deaths, and if you scroll down further, it shows you vaccination adoption curves as well.

So without much difficulty I overlaid the Ireland vaccination curves on top of the Ireland COVID stats and got this graphic:

Ireland COVID cases + vaccination adoption curve

The aspect ratios are distorted, but the most important part is that the dates of each are aligned and you can compare the December 2020 – January 2021 COVID spike with the vaccine data.

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And now what about other countries besides Ireland?

I went to page 84 of the “Real Anthony Fauci” book and photographed the page. Then I hand drew vaccination curves taken from Google (as best I could anyway, see below) that I found for these countries.

My “50%” mark does not mean 50% vaccination, but rather means 50% of where it is now. So in other words if Thailand is at 80% vaccination today and they were at 40% July 2021, then the 50% mark is set at July. “50% of all the people vaccinated today were vaccinated by X point in time.”

Vaccination acceptance curves hand-drawn over Robert Kennedy's page 84 graphs

When I look at all 8 countries on this page, I find it hard to make an argument that the vaccine was responsible for increasing COVID deaths. (Malaysia being a possible exception.) If anything it supports the hypothesis that it reduced COVID deaths.

My personal impression is that the vaccines did reduce the likelihood of getting COVID by perhaps 60%, but not the 90% people hoped; and most certainly NOT the 99% that was plastered all over CDC- and state-sponsored propaganda billboards around my home city of Chicago.

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18 Comments on “The Real Anthony Fauci Book Review”

  1. One very quick additional note: Your well-expressed criticism is that you were in Ireland in late December and early January, and you experienced that vaccines were not available. That is the basis for your assertion that the data in the book is wrong or even dishonest. But vaccination did begin at the end of December and reached many at-risk people through January. I’m sure your personal experience is accurately reflected in your video and review of the book – but being personal, you couldn’t easily know, and didn’t know, that vaccination had commenced in Ireland at that time – and specifically among those most likely to die (residents of long-term care facilities).

    In your video, you assert that “Most of these spikes were caused by winter in Northern countries.” However, a closer look at the charts and data reveals that most death spikes following mass vaccination were *not* in winter and were *not* in Northern countries. Many were in spring and summer – and the spikes in deaths following the commencement of mass vaccination happened all over the planet.

    We might not know or understand the cause of all those deaths, though we can speculate that most counties vaccinated the most vulnerable people first – and many died soon after. We can speculate on any number of reasons for the death spikes after mass vaccination – but the fact is there were dramatic spikes in deaths following mass vaccination – and the information presented on those charts in the RFK Jr book is accurate.

    It’s understandable that your personal experience of listening to media reports while you were in Ireland led you to conclude that the Ireland chart was wrong… you now have better information, including from news media reports I linked – describing the commencement of vaccination in Ireland. Given that, if you conclude that your personal experience in Ireland was limited to… well, your personal experience – and if you find no reason to doubt the accuracy of the data for all those other country, then it would be great to discuss how that new insight affects your view of the RFK Jr book, and more importantly, how the data for all those countries influences your thinking on the big question: Why those spikes in death?

    With much respect –


  2. I found your Amazon review of The Real Anthony Fauci to be thoughtful and open-minded and intelligent, and decided to connect with you to share some information, and provide a response.

    You wrote, in part:
    “There is a LOT of heavily footnoted information here. If only 25% of the accusations are true, one should be pretty concerned. I suspect there’s a decent chance that 25% of these accusations are in fact true.”

    “But I quickly encountered an insurmountable problem with this book, and it was the graphs on page 84, 85 and 86 correlating vaccine injections with COVID deaths.”

    “The book asserts that as soon as the vaccine programs were initiated, death rates from COVID-19 started going up. It illustrates this with graphs of various countries, showing the point at which vaccines kicked in, consistently followed by a steep rise in deaths.”

    “This is all clearly spelled out and illustrated in 24 graphs which appear to tell a very consistent and frightening story. But there are some problems.”

    The print is very blurry so you can’t see the dates – either in the printed book or the Kindle version.

    >> Response: I have emailed you full-size, clearer color images of those countries and others.

    “The first graph is Ireland. Ireland shows a steep upward spike in deaths right at the beginning of January 2021. The arrow on the chart in this book indicates the vaccine program started just a few weeks before that. But… that’s not what happened.”

    “I was IN Ireland December 27 2020 to January 4 2021! I managed to get into the country and spend a week hiking. It was right in the middle of my week there that Ireland’s COVID cases started spiking. They moved the country from Level 3 to Level 5 lockdown while I was there. The hospitals started filling up and that was all they were talking about on the radio as I drove back to Dublin to fly home.”

    “THIS HAD *NOTHING WHATSOEVER* TO DO WITH VACCINES. Vaccines did not cause this spike in COVID cases because nobody could get vaccines in Ireland in January 2021. They were not available.”

    >> Response: Actually, though it might not have been something you perceived during your time in Ireland, Ireland started vaccinating residents of care facilities on December 29, 2020.

    From Wikipedia article on COVID in Ireland:

    “COVID-19 vaccination in the Republic of Ireland began on 29 December 2020.”

    Deaths began going up the following week.

    The first vaccines arrived in Ireland on December 26, 2020, and the first injection was administered to a 79-year-old woman on December 29, 2020.

    You wrote: “Vaccines did not cause this spike in COVID cases because nobody could get vaccines in Ireland in January 2021. They were not available.”

    >> Response: Actually, vaccines were available and being widely administered through January 2021. From that same Wikipedia article on COVID in Ireland:

    “By the end of January, three effective vaccines of Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Oxford-AstraZeneca were in use in Ireland.”

    By Jan 8, Ireland had vaccinated more than 1,000 residents of long-term care facilities, and 95,000 people in Ireland were vaccinated by the end of January. To your main point: Data derived from the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center shows that for weeks thereafter, deaths continued to rise sharply. The same trend occurred in the UK and many other countries. (

    I emailed you a clear graph entitled COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination in Ireland, and a graph entitled COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination in the United Kingdom.

    Here, Perry, is an interesting related area to explore: Rather than guess at the range of possible explanations for the sharp increase in deaths in Ireland and the UK following mass vaccination, it is more instructive to look at the data for countries that did *not* have high numbers of COVID deaths prior to mass vaccination.

    • The following countries had very low rates of COVID death (in some instances none)
    • They commenced mass vaccination programs
    • They soon experienced huge increases in COVID deaths

    I emailed you graphs for all of these:

    THAILAND: COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination
    UGANDA: COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination
    VIETNAM: COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination
    MALAYSIA: COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination
    URUGUAY: COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination
    PARAGUAY: COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination
    SRI LANKA: COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination
    BAHRAIN: COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination
    NEPAL: COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination
    ZAMBIA: COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination
    MONGOLIA: COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination
    BURMA: COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination
    FIJI: COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination
    CAMBODIA: COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination
    TAIWAN: COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination

    A question worth exploring: Why would so many countries big and small, in different parts of the world, some with congested cities, some sparsely populated, cold weather or hot weather, tropical or desert, developing or undeveloped, high altitude or low altitude, islands or landlocked – why would they all see huge increases in COVID deaths following commencement of their mass vaccination programs?

    One assumes public health officials and vaccine-makers have already carefully analyzed the spikes in death around the world, and reached a conclusion as to why they occurred. They have not shared their conclusions with the public.

    One possible explanation is revealed through extensive pre-COVID research establishing that people’s immune systems are weakened by some vaccines. A few examples among many:

    2011: study confirmed that annual influenza vaccination hampers the development of a robust immunity. Annual vaccination for influenza “may render young children who have not previously been infected with an influenza virus more susceptible to infection with a pandemic influenza virus of a novel subtype.”

    2013: study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine found that vaccination may make flu worse if exposed to a second strain.

    2018: study found increase of acute respiratory infections caused by non-influenza respiratory pathogens following influenza vaccination. This study compared vaccinated people to un-vaccinated people.

    More recently, a Danish cohort study of healthcare workers showed a massive increase in COVID infection in the first two weeks after the first shot.

    After this 2021 Danish study, the British Medical Journal published a letter calling for an urgent investigation:

    “Given the evidence of white cell depletion after COVID vaccination and the evidence of increased COVID infection rates shortly after vaccination, the possibility that the two are causally related needs urgent investigation.”

    You’ll see here two additional and clear indications that the vaccines do, in fact, cause a spike in infections:

    1. The Danish study “showed a 40% increase in infections in the first two weeks after Pfizer-BioNTech vaccination, despite not vaccinating in homes with recent outbreaks,” meaning it wasn’t merely that people happened to be already infected at the time they were vaccinated.
    2. The letter in the BMJ also notes that “the original Pfizer trial demonstrated a statistically significant 40% increase in ‘suspected COVID’ with 409 cases in the vaccination arm in the first week of the trial, compared with 287 in the placebo arm.”

    Mass administration of COVID vaccines leaves some people, at least for a time, more vulnerable to infection, and more likely to die. Why?

    Some people might speculate that the deaths you’ve seen on all those graphs occurred because people became less cautious after vaccination. However, citing several studies showing increased infections in the weeks after vaccination, the British Medical Journal points out the example of care home residents, who actually shielded more after vaccination:

    “No one is suggesting there was a change of behaviour within care homes, except for inviting people in to carry out the vaccinations. However, care homes in every corner of the country saw outbreaks from December. What changed?”

    This whole topic is worthy of attention now in light of today’s increased COVID cases and hospitalizations in the very countries with the highest vaccination rates (e.g. Israel, Malta, Spain).

    I emailed you graphs and media stories showing the current moment in Israel, Spain and Malta.

    I’ve also emailed you graphs on the following:

    PORTUGAL: COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination
    TRINIDAD / TOBAGO: COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination
    ISRAEL: COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination
    TUNISIA: COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination
    BAHAMAS: COVID-19 Deaths Before and After Mass Vaccination
    IRELAND: COVID Cases and Vaccinations among ages 20 – 59, January 2021

  3. @Christian Linhart

    That is pretty much true for any group and true for the pro-establishment narrative as well. The trick I guess is always to pick out what is interesting / makes sense / data supported and disregard the rest regardless of who tells the story ;)

  4. Open the book to any random page and you find that every sentence exposes unimaginable corruption beyond what any of us imagined. It is also killing us. The book is over 500 pages long. You found two pages that were not “fact checked” perfectly? Or someone found them for you and asked you to write a fake critical review?

    1. Deb,

      I agree that there is a huge amount of corruption around this topic. No question about that.

      But that was not the question.

      The question at hand was: I was asked by someone close to Robert Kennedy to recommend this book to my audience. Should I recommend it or not?

      I received the book and began reading it. I said, “There is a ton of data in this book. I can’t check it all. What is the easiest thing that I can personally verify and fact check?”

      I flipped through it and without much difficulty found this section.

      This section isn’t merely “not fact checked perfectly.” It is egregiously misleading. No one with any sense of propriety could possibly endorse these pages as true.

      I have written 8 books. I am a peer reviewed and published scientific author. I am very trusted in important circles. I have a reputation to uphold.

      You are an MD. Do you care about facts? Does this bother you, or not?

      Are you suggesting I should turn a blind eye?

  5. These are a host of entry level question about how government — or any large institution where money is involved — works. I would like to add a word about the non-governmental advocacy structure which is a central part of our democracy. It is composed of both other large organizations (such as AARP) focused on their own commercial/membership interests. FDA). And there are individual advocates, people who lay bare all these conflicts and bring things back to doing right are often labeled radicals. This complex stew is world of people looking to find the practical openings for reform. Some people get down into the sewage and find the light and share it, and get used to always being criticized. Politics — small p and large P.

    100 years ago, as Richard Koch reminds us in his book The Third Revolution, people thought large organizations would be our salvation. Not quite so. Nonetheless — with all this world’s imperfections, we have managed to avoid a global catastrophe and to keep us from another Great Depression. Koch also points out, in Power Laws, that we still seem genetically predisposed to overly emphasize the dangerous and not appreciate more subtle victories we win every day.

    The American Way is that when issues such as you have identified emerge, leaders organize advocacy groups to press for changes in policy. That is where citizen voices need to be heard. Things do change and have changed. It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness, advocacy groups curse to get awareness but make their mark through lighting candles (didn’t someone once say I Have A Dream?

    Why not go the next step and either find or discover groups who are working against big Pharma and are knowledgeable about how to influence governmental change, if that is your thing, or at least donate to them.

  6. I read your review of the new Kissinger book, The Age of AI, and thought “this guy knows what he’s talking about.” As I am involved in deployment of quality control related deep learning in a major industry group I was pleased to see someone discussing the difficulties of training AI to perform normal human tasks and why accurate AI inference without periodic human input is not possible.

    As for your review of The Real Anthony Fauci book, I’m can’t agree with your analysis. I purchased it a few weeks ago and what you said at first caused me to wonder if I had wasted my money, so I went to the COVID-19 death plots and read the section around them to understand the issue.

    It is clear to me that Kennedy Jr. is not saying what you said he was saying. His main point is that the vaccines didn’t flatten the second or third peaks, and in many cases they were worse. Some plots didn’t show a large first peak due to isolation or false reporting (such as China), but in most cases if the vaccine worked we would expect the second and third peaks to be smaller, which they weren’t in most cases. I think most anyone with at least two brain cells to rub together can see that the vaccines don’t work.

    He did not discuss the Ireland graph from what I saw, but for England he did say “there were more per capita deaths among the fully vaccinated than the unvaccinated” in the last 7 months. I have looked at the linked data for that statement and find that in reality it doesn’t seem to provide the data “per capita” but instead by cases, deaths and emergency care visits and admissions, which prevents a per capita conclusion without reference to other demographics. But of what is shown (visiting emergency care), the results for the few (total n=204) who died under the age of 50, the unvaccinated were higher (n=132=65%), while for those 50 and older (total n=2336), the results for the vaccinated death count was worse (n=1820=78%). This is not what we would expect if the vaccines really worked.

    1. Respectfully, if you read that chapter carefully he is in fact saying that the vaccines caused the death rate to spike. Quoting from the book:

      “Virtually all the countries that implemented rapid and aggressive COVID-19 vaccine campaigns experienced dramatic spikes in COVID infections. This documentation of increased susceptibility to COVID among highly vaccinated populations hints at the onset of the dreaded pathogenic priming in the months following mass vaccination.” PAGE 80

      You can search “ireland COVID stats” on Google and see virtually identical graphs to the ones in the book, as well as all those other countries. The little vaccine icon tells a very clear story and we all know when vaccines actually became available. I got vaccinated in February which was way ahead of the curve. Average was probably April in Chicago where I live.

  7. Hello Mr. Marshall,
    I recently read your critical review of pages 84 thru 86 of The Real Anthony Fauci. This led me to try to check your fact checking. Unfortunately for my biases, my fact checking found further problems with PANDA’s (page 87) graphs. A magnifier reveals that the graphs are purportedly from John Hopkins (not Johns Hopkins) website. A trip then to Johns Hopkins website doesn’t yield any such graphs at all. OOPS! It gets worse. At PANDA’s website, a similar graph for Albania is attributed to Meow Akbar- and one for Afghanistan to Joseph Pickleskin. I wasn’t successful in finding Ireland at all, but I was tiring of the whole enterprise. I think you are probably right–someone who was supposed to fact check failed miserably. However, I don’t agree with your contention that the problem necessarily entails either ideological obsession or that outright lying is thought justified by someone in Kennedy’s camp. Possible, of course. But not necessary.

    1. I found nearly exact data on these graphs simply by searching “ireland covid stats” on Google etc.

      I can’t think of any reason other than some sort of political bias for making the statements found around page 80-something of this book. I don’t see any way to construe this data as honest.

  8. I don’t know who payed for this “Review”, but it’s certainly not coming from an honest person that has read it. Kennedy points out in a million way with a billion legit sources, that the medical-industrial-complex, Pharma and the Military, have produced trillions of profitable pills, and tested them on the popullation without any concerns about “safety and efficacy” – it describes perfevtly how the world’s popullation got fooled from the US Gov in the name of Vaccine profits – and this guy points out, that one of the many many graphs in the book could maybe lead to a flawed assumption, concerning 1 minor, rather unimportant detail – and that’s why you should not read it or believe any word in it… “Perry”‘s “Book Review” is also the only one that you can find on the CIA-Google, sorry, CIA-YouTube plattform. Can you guess why? This book is a highly explosive masterpiece – with a huge amount of confirmed source material.

    1. It may be true that NIH is in the back pocket of Big Pharma but it doesn’t make page 84 of the book true. You can verify everything I said by looking up the data on Google. Type “ireland covid stats” into Google then compare it to the graph in the book, like I show in the video.

  9. Hi,

    I watched Robert Kennedy Jr’s interview with Tucker Carlson and went to amazon to take a look at the book. I read your review and thought that it would have been nice if amazon kept the comments section open, as that was the best part about reviews. I wanted to reply to your review… and what do you know, here you are!

    The FDA had to be sued to release under FOIA the safety and trial data from Pfizer’s vaccine. The FDA has been refusing to release the data for a year now, which is clearly dubious. Recently, the FDA asked a federal judge to grant it until 2076 to fully release the data which the FDA had supposedly reviewed in order to authorize Pfizer’s vaccine. Doesn’t that raise a lot of red flags? Who is the FDA working for, the American public or Pfizer? Why does it need until 2076 to disclose the info? We’ve been repeatedly told the vaccines are “safe and effective.”

    You can download the data and it looks pretty damning when you realize that according to Pfizer’s papers already by the end of Feb 2021 there had been a lot of injuries reported. Now months later, things are not looking good at all especially with vaccine mandates, our kids being vaccinated, and now boosters. We need the truth.

    Just my thoughts.

    Starts at min 30.

  10. Admittedly, you did no “hard” research on this book. There is obviously a pattern of spikes In deaths once vaccinations are administered. It’s happening all over the world. Unfortunately, more so in America because we are using none of the pretreatment drugs that could save lives. That’s a fact!!!

    1. I agree. There’s no reason not to try other treatment options if they’ve been used successfully to safe lives. Dr Kory testified and advised back in Dec 2020 in a Senate committee about the success he’s had with corticosteroids and ivermectin in his clinical patients. Why didn’t our government and health agencies follow his recommendations? Are we not trying to save lives?

  11. OMG, that’s really bad.
    And, according to my observations of the anti-Covid-measures movement, it seems to a general pattern: They hook people with plausible or even correct statements about problems, and then put people on a slippery slope where they gradually shift the narrative to nonsense and lies. So, it is not just Robert Kennedy, it’s many people in that movement.

    Maybe the process is even semi-conscious or unconscious: They gradually hype each other up and confirm each other’s lies until they believe them themselves. That’s especially possible with people who don’t have the necessary education in math and statistics and a willingness to question and scrutinize everything. Of course, people with that education and willingness to question and scrutinize everything are a tiny minority…

    And some people in that movement get more and more radicalized. E.g. this weekend in my country, some of them put a police car on fire and then told the investigators that they intended to kill the policemen who were in the car at this time. So this movement becomes more and more dangerous.

    Which also means, as you pointed out, that any reasonable criticism will not be noticed or not be taken seriously.

  12. Thank you, Perry, for sending out the original book recommendation along with the follow up video. You are one of a select few people I trust to give insightful intelligent balanced information.

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