At the bottom of the mountain, nobody can hear you scream. 3pm ET today

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Nobody voyages across land and sea to seek the guru at the bottom of a mountain.

You make “innocent” phone calls: “Hi Bob, I’m just checking up
to see how things are going.”

Which translated means, “I’m even more pathetic and desperate this week than I
was last week, so just call me anytime you want, day or night, and I’ll be here
for ya, you just let… me… know!”

Biggest problem most consultants have is:

Wednesday: The Stinky Economy Combat Teleseminar

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The current economic climate is no bowl of cherries…. plus the thinning of the herds is not over. The weak will struggle to survive or perish. The strongest businesses and entrepreneurs will still thrive and PROSPER.

Which category are you in? You have a remarkable degree of control over that.

Dan Kennedy invited me to be a guest on his Wednesday Wealth Attraction teleseminar. We’re going to talk about…