Is the Internet constantly changing, all the time?

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Just got off the phone with a guy who said, “It’s SO hard to keep up with the Internet, there’s new stuff happening every single day.”

It’s true… but it’s really a HALF truth.

If you’re paying attention, this 2 minute article will save you about a year of frustration.

"Squeeze" Pages & the Case for Conversion Optimizer

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If you use Google’s conversion code on your thank-you pages to track actions, leads, opt-ins or sales, Google Conversion Optimizer allows you to bid on the cost of the lead instead of the cost of the click.

You set your target Cost Per Action and Google’s bots go out and look for more traffic that converts at that price.

So let’s say you normally pay $1.00 per click…

Google knows more about you than your WIFE

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My tech-savvy next door neighbor Elizabeth sent me an article about Consumer Watchdog who is deeply concerned that “Google knows more about you than the FBI.”

Google knows every mental itch you’ve ever tried to scratch in the last 5 years. Heck yeah baby…

Dude, Google knows more about you than your WIFE.

Observations & Predictions about Google, as of late December 2008

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If Google lowers the quality threshold to get more exposures and clicks, they win and you lose – by getting lower quality traffic to your site. monitors millions of search engine results and they are noting a 54% growth in Google’s “first page advertisers”. Google very well may be poised for a record quarter for Q4 2008. That’s what I’m predicting.