Letter of Desperation

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This week I received a desperate letter from a 27 year old guy, a long-time customer who’s “circling the drain,” pleading for help.

I took it to my Roundtable meeting yesterday and read everyone the letter, omitting his personal details.

This triggered a wide-ranging 25 minute conversation among my Roundtable members, spanning…

To Death’s Door and Back Again, in Auto Manufacturing

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A guy named John from Manitoba met me at a Ken McCarthy seminar in ’09, came to a 4-Man Intensive and joined Roundtable.

His company made aftermarket parts for trucks. He also supplied parts to specialty manufacturers who put them in their vehicles.

In the wake of the ’08 market crash, his customers’ businesses were melting down. John’s orders were falling precipitously.

He hooked up with me essentially out of desperation…